Monday, November 10, 2008


I kind of like this shot, even though Tommy's head isn't completely in focus, because it shows him in a characteristic pose -- sticking like velcro. That's my pant leg in the left part of the picture.

Ten years ago Tommy showed up on our farm with his mother and sisters when he was about 4 weeks old. His mother and his sister Prissy were very friendly with people but 2 of his sisters -- who looked to have a different father from Tommy and Prissy -- we could not socialize at all. When they were old enough they were spayed and given to a friend who wanted barn cats.

His (adorable) little sister Prissy:

Here Tommy is stalking something, probably a grasshopper.

It's too bad the last two aren't in very good focus. Here he
reminds me of a horse about to take off before a big fence.

Here he is launching himself into the ditch. Only an animal as athletic as a cat could recover from a pose like this and not land on its head. lol He didn't catch whatever it was he was after. His sister is much smaller than he but quite the huntress. She catches a lot of voles and rats.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing Tommy. When I bought my current home, it came with a number of barn cats that had to be trapped and neutered. I still have 3 cats from the last litter of these feral cats.

  2. I'm sure Tommy would like the idea of being seen! lol Although he's scared of strangers, he's a ham and a half.

    We have had a number of toms rotate through but we're not overrun with cats here, which is a bit of a relief. We have 3 already, with Tommy, his sister, and an indoor cat that was a rescue from a park when we lived in PA.


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