Monday, November 17, 2008

The Garden in November

A view of the big perennial bed through the trellis, taken on Election Day.
The dahlia sprawling on the ground behind 'Cl. Old Blush' is 'Rothsay Reveller'.

'Miss Bessie' with 'Foxi Pavement' on left and Muhlenbergia filipes on the right.

A different view of the same part of the bed. The lavender flowers in the foreground belong to an aromatic aster. The brown stalks are the skeletons of Brazilian blue sage turned brown by frost, and the grass on the left is Lindheimer's Muhly.

The seedheads of Joe Pye Weed have a surprising sort of beauty. This is not a cultivar, but divisions of JPW that grow wild here. It comes in 2 colors, a light mauve and a darker mauve/ purple. In the background to the left are the roses 'Rosette Delizzy' and 'Foxi Pavement', and in the background aster 'Miss Bessie'.

Aster 'Miss Bessie' by hay shelter. 'Miss Bessie' can be a bit
gawky, but makes up for it by the lateness and color of the flowers.


  1. Miss Bessie is a lovely presence in your garden. I like you trellis!

  2. Thank you Marnie. Miss Bessie has put on a nice long show. I love seeing her every fall. This has been a last hurrah of sorts -- it's supposed to get below 25 tomorrow night.

  3. Hi Sweet Bay! I am behind in my blogging because I am trying to read all the bloom day blogs! I clicked on your pics to see them larger. I was glad I was able to use the back button. On some blogs, when I clicked to see a pic larger, the black button disappeared.

    I really like that muhly grass. I'll have to see what zones that grows in. The aster is awesome, too. My Joe pye weed dies back after it blooms. I don't think it's in a spot that gets enough water. I just love it, but it leaves a big hole when it dies back.

  4. Good morning Sue. I'm glad the picture enlargement worked OK. I think I'm only going to use that for some pictures, as I'm used to using photobucket, but that's a nice feature that Picasa has. I wish Photobucket had it too, but currently they just have thumbnails.

    Muhlenbergia is only hardy to zone 7, unfortunately, but Aster "Miss Bessie" may be hardy in zone 5.

    My Joe Pye Weed starts going dormant after it blooms too. In fact I have to move divisions by August or they won't come back the next year. JPW does like a lot of moisture -- it frequently grows wild on my farm in places that have standing water at least a third of the year.

  5. I don't think we have anything that grows wild here in NJ.
    Your asters are beautiful. Never had them. Amazing all the plants I've never grown.:(
    Then there's muhlenbergia which I never heard of. So much to learn from this wonderful world of garden blogging.
    Thanks for sharing.


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