Thursday, May 1, 2014

Postcards from April

There's only a few 'Hillstar' daffs blooming now, but there's been narcissus blooming for about 6 weeks now.

These early daffs were finished by the end of the first week of April, and I miss them. Every year I think I need more, hundreds more. I wish I could order more of these, but these are passalongs. I can always divide them though and there are so many beautiful narcissus to choose from.

Very early April

My latest-blooming daffodils are Thalia, Curlew, and Hillstar.


I want to get some very late-blooming daffs to go with the Baptisia.


Winter Honeysuckle bloomed a very long time, from December or January through early April. Even when there were just a few flowers the shrub was as fragrant as ever on a warm day.

So many shades of green.


Iris leaves

Neighbor's pasture and horse. I am particularly enamoured with this horses color. He's a seal brown and white paint and about Prince's age.

Looking across old house site

April 9th

New leaves on trees edging the neighbor's field.

Woodland Phlox

Florida azalea buds

FINALLY. This is the first time in 7 years that this azalea has had this many flowers.

April 13th

Not sure which year this picture was taken, as the date isn't printed on the back, but
here are the Florida Azaleas before in the house was moved out of the floodplain in 2007.

Native Jacob's Ladder



Pink Piedmont azaleas in bud

White piedmont azalea

The wisteria managed a few blooms. I cut it back last May or June, too far apparently.

This common lilac has continued to surprise me with how well it has done here. I expected a one cane wonder, maybe 3 feet, with lots of dead twigs. Instead it's about 5 feet tall and covered in flowers (although I never did get a good picture of the whole bush). I love the fragrance.

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