Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Apple Tree Blossoms

Like the pawpaw, our apple tree likely won't fruit either, as it is the only apple tree we have left. It's never had this many blossoms before though and was really lovely this year. It just finished flowering.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Serviceberry and Pawpaw Trees

Remember the serviceberry I posted about for Wildflower Wednesday? It opened up all of the way, looking at a distance like a froth of white wedding lace. None of the other serviceberries bloomed as long as this one; the rest opened up when temps were in the mid 80's and the flowers blew quickly.

March 30, 2014

I moved this tree into its current location about 7 years ago and unfortunately didn't notice how crooked the tree is until this year. Oh well. I staked it with three stakes but it's probably too little, too late. Another nearby wild serviceberry that wasn't ever moved is also crooked.

April 9th

I love the fuzzy leaves, bright spring green on top and silver on the bottom. Looks like there could be a lot of fruit this year. I don't know if this is true of our trees, but Michael Dirr writes that "ripe fruits are better than highbush blueberries; I have had serviceberry pie and it ranks in the first order of desserts".

I don't think there will be any pawpaw fruit this year, since only one of our trees is big enough to flower. This one has never had nearly this many flowers before. They make nice photographic subjects, with the bell shape and brushed velvet texture and rich colors, lime green and wine.

This tree is a wild type purchased from the NC Botanical Garden; in March DH planted 2 other pawpaws nearby, a Pennsylvanian Gold and another wild one, both from Stark Brothers. I have never actually tasted a pawpaw, but they sound intriguing, and quite good. Allison Aubrey from NPR describes a pawpaw is "sort of mango-meets-the-banana, with a little hint of melon". Dirr says that the fruit "has a taste similar to a banana with a custard consistency".

I also just like the look of this tree, with its long nodding leaves and golden fall color.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Starting Small

Spring is such a beautiful and exciting time, a gardener wants to see and experience and photograph ALL THE THINGS.

Maybe it's best to start small, at ground level.

I love the color of lamium and clover in the spring. By the end of the week it'll probably be time to
mow. The lamium will be starting to go to go to seed and the bees will have moved onto other things.

Mazus has lovely funny little lavender flowers and is a water
lover. The path between the beds gets the runoff from the house.

No mowing until the Mazus is done. I may have to weed by hand, but
it's not much grass and worth it to see the Mazus as long as possible.

The blue violets have actually done what I hoped and spead to
form a carpet under the roses and mockorange and beautyberries.

Tommy "helping" me clear out the deadwood.

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