Sunday, November 23, 2008

Butterflies and 'Miss Bessie'

I keep 'Miss Bessie' off to the side in the garden, since she does wait
until so late in the year to bloom and has a bit of a wild look about her.

'Miss Bessie' with Rosa rugosa rubra, Muhlenbergia lindheimerii and red maples in the background.

Most of the butterflies are gone, but there's a few hardy souls left.

Common Buckeye

American ladies, skippers and variegated fritillaries too.


  1. Love your asters! I love bee, too! Do you know Cheryl...she is another bee fan...she would love to see your photos! You can find a link at my comments section...she commented above you! Thanks for the visit! gail

  2. Those are lovely photos. I'll bet walking thru that area, bees and butterflies are flitting all around.

    I'd like to try Miss Bessie, but I think she blooms to late for my cold climate.

  3. I enjoyed clicking on the pics to see them larger. That one you like with the house not as in focus looks 3-D when enlarged. How cool!

    I really miss the butterflies and bees. I'm glad I got to see yours.

  4. Hi Gail, and welcome! I will check out Cheryl's site.

    Marnie, thank you and yes, those asters are all a-buzz when they are blooming. All of the insects really seize on that opportunity. Miss Bessie does bloom late -- starting around Halloween here -- and can handle frosts but typically the flowers are done here before it gets below 25.

    Hi Sue! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. It's nice that fall lasts so long here -- makes up for sweating all summer. lol


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