Friday, February 25, 2011

Blooming Friday ~ A Pinch of Green

When this iris was created a pinch of green must have been added to the ink. :) Just enough to enhance the pale yellow color.

Yellows cooled by a touch of green can go with anything.

'Easy Ned'

Noid yellow daylily

Purple Coneflowers start with a large pinch of vivid green in the center of the flowers.

As the florets in the center opens the touch of green diminishes

until it disappears.

A touch of green can add to the beauty of flowers, complementing and enhancing the base colors.

'Ada May Musick'

'Jedi Blue Note'

'Lavender Stardust'

'Lavender Deal'

'Bali Watercolor'

'My Melinda'

Happy Friday, and join Katarina at roses and stuff for Blooming Friday, where the theme this week is "a pinch of green".

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Iris Fever

I have a bad case of the "I want"s. This is usually ameliorated by making a list of the iris that catch my eye. :) Just the act of writing out a list by hand helps. It's been a couple of years since I ordered any new iris, so I was looking through the 2011 Superstition Iris Gardens catalog, as well as some pictures from an iris garden across the street from the sisters' garden on Gimghoul Road in Chapel Hill. The iris collection is right beside the sandstone grit sidewalk, behind a low stone wall, and they looked lovely all grouped together.

The names I have listed are guesses, even Rare Treat, which I grow but can't find a picture of right now. Please feel free to correct if you think the iris is something else.

Clarence ~ a beautiful combination of blue-tinged white and blue-violet.

Smiling Gold with Autumn Circus in background

Gnus Flash

Thornbird ~ which is what I think this is ~ is not an iris I'd ever pick from a catalog description or picture, but it's amazing in person.

I wouldn't pick Champagne Elegance from a catalog either but look how beautiful!

Aggressively Forward

Secret Melody

Rare Treat

Typically iris that have brown tones are not my favorite, but this is the third one in this post. lol I don't know which one this might be ~ any ideas? I love the form as well as the colors.

It looks like it should have both cinammon and butter in the name.

Edited to add: Darla I love the names Buttery Cinnamon and French Toast! I put a picture up on the Gardenweb Iris Forums and a member thought that it might be 'Smoke Rings'. I'm going to order that one this year, so in a couple of years I hope to have a flower to compare.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blooming Friday ~ Fanciful

This time of year I think everyone has flights of fancy that take them to springtime.

Where there's not just one iris in bloom

or two or three

but dozens.

There are lots of flowers that look like they should be in some sort of fairyland. Foxglove would have to be there

as well as Columbine, especially these double ruffly ones.

Do Beardtongues not look like they should be homes to
tiny magical creatures ~ although, they already are!

Eastern Gray Beardtongue (Penstemon canescens )

Gulf Coast Beardtongue (Penstemon tenuis )

Penstemon 'Midnight'

I don't think it's possible for anyone to dream up the magical shimmering colors on larkspur to be any more beautiful than they already are.

No flight of fancy would be complete without roses!

Clotilde Soupert



Crepuscule on arbor and Hansa in background

There are roses in the vegetable garden, and in my imagination the Black Russian tomatoes thrive.

The white climbing rose is Sombreuil, with Hansa and Rosa rugosa rubra on the left.

Veilchenblau and Rosa palustris scandens

Isn't it wonderful that there are roses and daylilies that are actually purple?

'Tupac Amaru'

Pink daylilies that look like confectionary

Strawberry Candy x Larger Than Life

and daylilies and roses the color of wine?


Hybrid China

Happy Friday, and join Katarina at roses and stuff for Blooming Friday, where the theme this week is "fanciful".

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