Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Wolf Moon foretold snow this year, as it did last year.

In 48 hours we went from sunny skies, apricot blossoms, and honeybees to this:

Looks rather grim, doesn't it?

I ended up putting a second blanket overtop of Prince's icy one, because with the wind and sleet and icicles he just couldn't stay warm. In fact he was shaking like a leaf in the single blanket. It didn't help that he stood out all night in the weather -- and it's not as though he doesn't have a stall, which he makes frequent use of when it rains.

The birds were looking so frantically for food that I threw oats out under the shrubs in the garden.

Tommy spent the entire snowstorm inside, where it's warm and dry.

We picked Prunus mume blossoms in case the hard freeze expected Saturday night did them all in.

They were beautiful in the morning light on Sunday.

So was the snow-covered landscape. Snow is magical in the same way the ocean is magical. Especially if you live in the South and snow is a novelty.

"Lady, where are the oats?"

"I'm looking

and I don't see any."

They got some more oats.

The horses were happy that the sleet was done and the sun was out too.

After running around a bit Prince set to pawing for grass. This pasture is still quite rich and in the best shape of our 3 pastures at the moment.

The horses spent most of the day working for their food, taking breaks every now and then to eat hay.


  1. Your snow does look lovely and there is a sense of serenity. Your horses are beautiful creatures.

    Love the sunlit blooms. I took some pictures of some of my blooms lit by the sun too this morning. It was just a lovely sight to see.

    The sky is getting darker as heavy rains are predicted for us and down into the 50's again tonight.

    Keep warm and enjoy your snow while it lasts.


  2. Such a shame on your Japanese apricot flowers and poor freezing horses, but snow makes it all so much brighter, don't you think? Never expected to see your garden covered in white :)

  3. Hi SweetBay,
    When my neighbor's horses wear their blankets, my kids used to call them "nightgowns" when they were little.
    Prince looks espcially unfazed by the snow. Your place is even beautiful with snow covering. We have had very little snow but I expect a change in March.
    I could just feel the energy of the horses with those action shots.

  4. I guess this would be like if we got a snowfall in May... we're so frozen in now I can't imagine having blossoms and honeybees and then snow! Tom is smart! Hope the horses are keeping warm enough. (and, OH!, so that's what horse blankets are--DUH!)

  5. Tommy is one smart cat!

    Your countryside looks beautiful decorated in snow.

    Your horses remind of the kids in our neighborhood after a fresh snowfall. They can't wait to get out there and run around in it. I swear that I can see smiles on the faces of your horses.

  6. What a fancy blanket Prince has! Well, he is a prince... Thank you for throwing some oats to the birds. I said already many times that I feel like a black ship since it looks like I am the only one who didn't have any snow. Yet. You live in such beautiful area, everything looks peaceful and calm. Blooms are lovely! All in all, I enjoyed your post, Sweet Bay!

  7. We just got another 3 of 4 inches dumped on us. It made the old snow look clean and white again but the roads were bad this morning. I've had enough!

  8. Beautiful pictures of the snow and your horses! Love that white horse! I'm down in Mississippi so I guess snow is out of the question for us, or maybe not. It's beautiful before anything messes it up!

  9. Your snow looks lovely. We get lots of it, and I still get excited whenever we have a fresh snow.
    Your horses were having fun frolicking. I hope that kept them warm.

  10. Beautiful shots, but let's hope snow remains a novelty.

  11. I love the shots of the horses in the snow!

  12. sweet bay, the horses are so beautiful! We awoke to a clear day, sunny blue sky, and by noon the rain and fog rolled in with more of the same forecast the rest of our week. Snow or rain? not sure.
    I wanted you to know the mystery bird at our place has been solved: a juvenile Golden-crowned Sparrow... have never seen a sparrow that large. Thank you for helping out!

  13. Les took the words out of my mouth...I have enjoyed it and now it can go.

  14. I wholeheartedly agree that snow is more magical when you don't get it very often. When it's a frequent occurrence it gets quite OLD!!! :-)
    or maybe that's just me ~ who isn't a winter person speaking...
    I'm feeling sorry for the prunus flowers tho. Did they all bite the dust? They were so gorgeous, I hope not. You are so in touch with nature SB. I couldn't have foretold snow from the moon!

  15. Hello SweetBay,

    Isn't it amazing how quickly the weather can change? The snow is beautiful and I smiled at how your horse likes to stay outdoors even though he has a stable.

  16. The snow looks lovely in your softly treed setting.

    And your sweet horses look like they are making the best of it :)

  17. I love seeing your Prince and his companion, who looks so beautiful surround in white... Striking white on white. I hope all your blossoms are OK!!

  18. Terrible, but for me a every day life!

  19. Thank you everyone for your comments!

    Lillabeth, what's really terrible is the cold rain that's following the snow. Rain in the mid-30's yesterday, resulting in ice slicks everywhere.

    Kathleen, looking at the moon is about as good as slipping a coin or watching the weather forecast, especially with the mountains west of us like they are. All of the P. mume flowers did not bite the dust. They're pretty tough and we didn't get the low of 10 as was forecast.

  20. Sweetbay, Another wonderful post! I love seeing the snow, it is as you day magical...but the horses in the pasture are magnificent to behold! I am so hoping we return to warmer and sunnier weather and soon. gail

  21. I love seeing pictures of your horses, they look so happy running.
    The Prunus blossoms are so pretty, a great idea to bring some inside to enjoy. Hope the snow didn't damage the rest.

  22. The horses are beautiful! They look like they are enjoying the wet white stuff. Unusual for you to get it so I hope they had fun and you too!

  23. I've read about the snow that blanketed the Eastern seaboard, but your photos show a beautiful side to it that no newscast ever does. I love the horses frolicking in the snow! More snow is expected here tonight, and the novelty of it has worn off for me. But your photos are picture-postcard perfect examples of the magic of winter!

  24. I love to watch my neighbor’s horse's when they frolic! I would love to see them in the snow but we just dont get any down here, sigh... What is your white horse's name. Our neighbors had to say goodbye to their white horse "Silver" last year. She was a good horse for many years but it was time for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I find it funny how we put coats on them when they have survived for years without human assistance. But if Prince were shivering, I would have him in the house or be sitting by his side with a hair dryer keeping him warm as I am such a worry wart. I can see it now, my hubby shaking his head as I keep him dry. LOL I worry about the deer in our yard and other critters during cold nights too. Just my worrying nature…

    Your Prunus Mume reminds us that spring is near! Not here yet, but oh so near....

    Your Rainbow of colors is wonderful and of course my favorite is the Orange in the name of Tommy...

  25. Hi Skeeter,

    The pony's name is Endeavor, Devor for short, otherwise known as Pony. (A cute horse needs a name that ends with an e sound, I think.) She's half Arabian and half Shetland and 13 1/2 hands high. She gets a good coat but not as extravagant as some ponies. A horse like Prince would probably not make it on the range -- horses like him evolved in warmer climes, and even if TBs and TB types are cold natured and higher maintenance, they're worth it for the running and jumping talent and generosity. So, he gets blanketed... otherwise he wouldn't be able to keep up his weight. I had to blanket his mother too. I've even had to blanket the pony this winter... 2 of the fields don't have hardly any grass -- the horses have eaten it all -- and she'd actually gotten ribby and was getting cold too.

    I had to include Tommy in the rainbow!

  26. Thanks for the explanation and they all are beauties. Up the street from us is a miniature horse farm. They are adorable to say the least. One day I need to stop and snap pictures of them...

  27. Wonderful pictures ... wonder if you've had more snow in the latest blizzard?? The pergola pic is at Hever Castle in England, but seen some great ones here in the last few days which I'll be writing about.

  28. Thank you GG, I'll be looking forward to hearing about those.

    No snow this time, just lots of cold rain.


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