Monday, June 1, 2009

Wonderful Once Bloomers

What do Rosa palustris scandens and 'Veilchenblau' have in common? They are
both very big and robust, fragrant, once bloomers and two of my very favorite roses.

'Veilchenblau' -- so unique in both color and fragrance. The flowers end up almost grape purple.
All of the flowers must be open to detect the fragrance, which to me is like that of American snowbell.

Rosa palustris scandens has a special place in my heart, because it is so tough and so beautiful. The roses pictured below were purchased from Antique Roses Emporium. This is not the native species but a hybrid. It's lovely, and big, with a lovely fountain-like habit and willowy disease resistant foliage. The semi-double flowers are very strongly fragrant after opening, but the fragrance burns off quickly in hot weather.

I planted the rose pictured below in 2000. It's now at least 7' tall and
wide. There is another rose planted behind the little section of fence.

The second rosebush in its entirety.

Both roses from the other side of the garden bed.

This one is at the end of the big perennial bed, with Carolina bush pea and rugosa alba behind. I have several youngsters from layering that I have planted throughout the garden, as this rose is extremely tough and versatile, growing well in wet and dry conditions.


  1. I'm going with once bloomers. Don't plan to rip out my HT's and Austins but if they die I won't replace them. The Japanese beetles are so bad here it is pointless to grow rebloomers. Better to have that big show in June and not feed the beetles in July and August summer.

  2. Sweetbay, Your roses are fantastic! The only thing missing in this post is their delightful fragrance wafting about the room...wouldn't that be wonderful. gail

  3. I love seeing the roses you have. I wish I could smell them. Can't wait to see more!

  4. I would have to list Veilchenblau in my top 5 roses. I just think it is beautiful.

  5. Sweet bay your photos are lovely! The volume of your roses is amazing and most likely due to their horse manure treats? Stunners! Love the Veilchenblau rambler! Rosa palustris scandens is also so lovely and so many blooms... does it need support? I see a fence but not sure if it is going under the rose.

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone! Yes, snellavision would be nice... :) Carol, R. palustris scandens is a free-standing shrub and doesn't need support.

  7. Hi Sweetbay

    Just stunning.

    Both roses are just stars.

    Veilchenblau is popular over here. It is such a lovely unique colour. I should grow it, along with ten thousand other varieties.

  8. I still love the Veilchenblau. I'm going to have to check if it's hardy in my zone. I've decided it might be time to plant a rose... something I've never grown.

  9. Your roses are beautiful. I've had my eye on Veilchenblau for years. It sure is a beauty.



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