Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Daylilies

'Beautiful Edgings'

'Lavender Deal'

'Lavender Stardust'

'Ada May Musick'


'Pandora's Box'

My trade tag says looks like is says 'Choo Choo Fantasy', but that one's a bicolor
and this one obviously isn't. I like the pink color though, name or no name!

A yellow noid that is absolutely wonderful: beautiful, refined and fragrant.


  1. Ada May is such a lovely lady! All of your blooms are just gorgeous. Even our Stellas have almost completely stopped blooming. --Randy

  2. Always Barogue is so awesome! I like those daylilies with the trim color a bit different. Hyperion is also a favorite for the lovely scent. You have so many they must be very enjoyable this time of year.

  3. Love the first one. Almost white with just a hint of pink. Also love the edges on Baroque. My first daylily (Stella not included) bloomed yesterday. Silaome Double Classic only the first bloom wasn't double.

  4. I'm amazed at just how many varieties of daylily there is.

    That Always Baroque is quite something, but in all honesty I like them all.

  5. think Pandora's Box is my favorite! Nice variety of blooms!

  6. They are delicious Sweetbay...I love them all. What is your latest daylily? Mine stop pretty much in July. Gail

  7. I love seeing your variety of daylilies since I just have one. They are so pretty. Always Baroque is a really nice one!

  8. I am so impressed with your collection of daylilies that seem to go on and on Sweet bay. I love the simple lovely yellows like Easy Ned, Hyperion and the last yellow one that you describe as "refined and fragrant". Beautiful portraits! I hear it is pretty hot down your way... hope it is not too bad.

  9. Sweetbay,
    wow on the Ada May Musick very cool. Our lipsticks are looking incredible too! Just back from Yosemite, I do not even know where to start with all the stuff we saw.

  10. It's interesting to see how everyone's favorite is different. :)

    Gail, I'm not sure what my latest daylily is. I acquired most of these daylilies in the last 2-3 years, many in trades, the others from the Lily Auction and Ladybug Daylilies. They are going full throttle right now and they probably have a couple more weeks. I have some repeat bloomers too.

    Carol, it is rather miserable today. But it is late June in central NC, so some hot muggy days are par for the course. As long as there is some breeze and I stay in the shade it's bareable.

  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm always amazed at how many different cultivars of day lilies there are!

  12. Can't imagine having all those lovely daylilies blooming at the same time. You're a lucky duck, I'd say. Easy Ned is unique looking and the name made me smile. And I agree that a lipstick red daylily adds a little something to a garden.

  13. I love daylilies, and I watch your beautiful photos with my mouth open.... They are so gorgeous!
    My favorite is 'Pandoras Box' - love the color combination!


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