Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mystery Purple Penstemon is actually 'Midnight'!

I got this Mystery Purple Penstemon from a gardening friend and I absolutely *lurve* it!

How can anyone not love something this purple? It looks good
enough to eat! Here it is, setting off a doublefile viburnum.

Harmonizing with Iris virginica

With oakleaf hydrangea

It may simply be 'Sour Grapes', although it doesn't quite fit the profile, according to those who grow 'Sour Grapes'. The plant was originally purchased at Plant Delights, and PD has sold a lot of purple penstemons over the years... what do you think it is?

(PS I think I will send Plant Delights an email -- can't hurt to ask, right?)

I heard back from Plant Delights and Tony Avent IDed the plant as 'Midnight', last offered in 2000. Annie's Annuals is one vendor that still offers 'Midnight'.


  1. I saw a purple penstemon a few days ago but it wasn't nearly that dark. Yours is really pretty. Hummingbirds? I would love to add one if the hummers like it.

  2. It is a wonderful,stately flower your purple Penstemon teamed up with your choice of white Viburnum and softer purple Iris. it enhances but does not steal the show. The pictures show well the intricacies of the bells of these handsome flowers.

  3. I love it too and it does look great with the plants around it. I just bought a lavender one this weekend called 'Sweet Joanne', I wish I could've found one that purple. If you do learn the name I hope you'll tell us so I can look for it too.

  4. Marnie,
    The bees certainly love the flowers; I will have to keep a watch out for the hummers.

    Hi Titania,
    Thank you, I love photographing this Penstemon. So many shades of blue and purple in one flower.

    If I do get a definite ID I will post it for sure.

  5. adorable! I'd like such flower in my garden too!

  6. Hmmmmmm! Purple! When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple. Seeing all your gorgeous purple Penstemon photos made this pop into my head. That deep purple along with the white is delicious looking.

  7. Hi Sweetbay, I love penstemons! This one looks very like my P mexicali
    a hybrid...maybe even named Pikes Peak Purple? But, they are gorgeous no matter their name. gail

  8. Purple is one of my favorite colors in the gardens. Love the pics you posted! -Jackie

  9. You've really sold me on the Penstemon. I'll be looking for some. Thanks for the ID on them both.
    Your roses are glorious! I've been trying to get vebena bonariensis seeds to grow (sent to me by a blog friend), but no luck yet.
    I also sewed some saved seeds from last year's larkspur but they're not up yet. I've only found 2 self-sown volunteers so far. Last year I had loads of them.
    I just bought 2 Knockouts..Red Radrazz. Aren't they gorgeous? Love that bright color!


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