Friday, May 29, 2009

Blooming Friday

Katarine at roses and stuff asked what we are enjoying most in our gardens. Hard to say -- at this time of year there's a lot to enjoy.

I didn't get nearly as many Shirley poppies as I wanted -- I sowed 'Cedric Morris' and 'Choir of Angels' and didn't get very many plants -- but this one has formed a huge bouquet that's been blooming for weeks.

The last of the Louisana iris

'Foxi Pavement' -- love the fragrance. It's a wafter.


Eastern gray beardtongue


Iris virginica

Oakleaf hydrangea with 'Devoniensis' and foxglove

I love the long spurs on this yellow columbine (Aquilegia chrysantha)

Doesn't he look rotten?

Verbena bonariensis


For more Blooming Friday posts, visit Katarina at roses and stuff .


  1. Well, as always your gardens look fabulous. I cannot get over your Verbena bonariensis... and love your roses and oak leaf hydrangea... love all the photos of your flowers. The first three of iris, rose and poppy are stunning. Lovely to see the wood as a backdrop to your gardens.

  2. If I had all those lovely flowers, I wouldn't be able to choose a favourite, either!
    Enjoy your weekend - and your flowers!

  3. Everything is beautiful. You have a lot of the plants I'm waiting for already in bloom. I planted Shirley poppies this year, but I don't think any came up. They sure are cute flowers.

  4. I am so envious of your foxgloves. All I ever get is leaves. It must be the timing. There is just something magic about the flowers.

  5. Sweetbay! You really have a green thumb if you can grow kitties in your garden! LOL Beautiful photos. :-)--Randy

  6. I am a fellow Shirley Poppy lover...currently growing a variety called 'Falling in Love' from Parks.

    Is that Eastern Gray Beardtongue a native plant? It is very pretty.

  7. Beautiful flowers sweet bay. Love your Foxi Pavement and the Verbena. Verbenas just don't seem to make it here and I love them.
    Did you see my comment back to you about my mystery Iris that showed up here? I believe you are right that it is a Dutch Iris after looking at pictures. Thank you for letting me know!

  8. As always you offer beautiful images. I understand you have problem to choose a favorite among all of the beauties. Oops, a cat among the pidgeons ;)Cute little guy (or girl)

  9. I enjoyed your lovely blooms. I have a yellow columbine like yours. It's been around longer than any other columbine I've grown.

    The iris with drops on it is beautiful, but I can't pick a favorite.

  10. I just want to pick up your "rotten" kitty and snuggle with him. Your blooms are great. NC must be a good place to garden.

  11. you have lots of lovely flowers. Would be easy to lose oneself in that garden. :)

  12. So many thnings in blossom - it is lovely to look araound in the garden i can almost feel the smell!

    Geraniums! - so many diffrent but most of them are white pink or purpel.

    I also have the yellow Aguliga I saw here,

  13. It seems to me that yoy have a lovely garden with a lot of lovely flowers. I think it`s a great season now with a lot of flowering plants and I can`t say which I prefer most....

  14. So many beautiful pictures. Thank you!

  15. When I look at flowers, I am reminded of the stillness they represent. Great flower photos!


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