Friday, June 5, 2009

Blooming Friday June 5, 2009

Here's what's in bloom this week for Blooming Friday:

Carolina Bush Pea (Thermopsis villosa)

with Carolina rose

and 'Hansa'.

Every year I always find new places in the garden for this regal beauty. It's easy to grow from seed.

This Penstemon from seed came as a bit of a surprise. Either a Smooth/ Gulf Coast or Smooth/ Small's hybrid.


'Concord Grape' Spiderwort

St. John's Wort (Hypericum frondosum)

Hardy Amaryllis

Verbena bonariensis


Oakleaf hydrangea

Iris virginica

What was given to me as 'Seven Sisters' but is probably 'Dorothy Perkins'.


'Caldwell Pink'

Thank you to Katarina at roses and stuff for hosting Blooming Friday.


  1. You've a beautiful garden! So many lovely flowers and some "strangers" which I've never seen here. /Anette

  2. Too many blooms to mention, but I like them all.

    Some are sniffy about hypericum, I have it and can't think of a better plant for a difficult area.

  3. Wow sweetbay you really mada a lovely flower parade. The Carolina Bush Pea and the Hansa made a smashing combination.


  4. Thank you for beautiful pictures. It´s exiting to se so many different flowers that doesn´t grow here.

  5. Wow, you are smothered with flowers. Of all the beauties, I think the Verbena became my fav! Lovely colour.

  6. My larkspur and Siberian iris are also blooming, and my spiderwort isn't far behind. A lot of my viburnums and all three ninebarks are blooming, too, and my purple smoke bush is budded up like crazy. Yay!

  7. How large is your garden? You show so many amazing pictures of different flowers from week to week. This week I fell in love with Verbena bonariensis, such luck my fiance loves flowers as well otherwise he might have gotten envious.

  8. The thermopsis has bloomed here but not the hypericum! Isn't it fascinating how different microclimates effect our plants bloom time! Sweetbay, your roses are lovely..I can almost catch their fragrance...thank goodness for a good imagination! gail

  9. Just gorgeous! I had NO idea there was a purple yarrow. Jamie is going to have a fit when he sees it!--Randy

  10. You have got a lot of flowers that I just love. I told someone yesterday the first time I saw Penstemon was taking family up to Mt. St. Helens to see the devastation and things were starting to grow back. The mountain was covered with Penstemons. Mine have died over the years though - need to get more.
    That Yarrow is gorgeous - is it really that bright? Does it bloom long? I had a Yarrow once. Wonder what happened to it.
    I have and love Spiderwort and that little St. John's Wort is so delicate and beautiful. All of your flowers are.

  11. Your home must be magical right now with everything blooming. I've never seen yarrow that color. I wish I could smell those roses. I'm not sure if my gallicas will bloom this year. They are doing better since I moved them but they still my not get enough sun.

  12. Sweet bay love your profusion! Your spray roses are gorgeous and I must get that Oak-leaf Hydrangea. What a surprise to see the Hardy Amaryllis! Wonderful bright color along with your red Knockout roses. Love your close up of St. John's Wort! The Carolina Bush Pea is so lovely! Fabulous post!

  13. P.S. I keep eyeing your overview shots for a glimpse of those beautiful horses of yours! A part of actually being in your garden we can only imagine... to see you trotting down the drive or Prince and his pal jumping about behind their fence... their voices! Looking forward to the update! No pressure though.

  14. Mange vakre blomsterbilder!
    Many amazing pictures of flowers!

    Du har en vakker have. You have a beautyful garden.

  15. You always have so many pretty and interesting flowers. The bush pea reminds me of lupine. I've never seen it before, it really is regal!
    Your roses are beautiful! I just love the verbena picture! Mine are growing really well, but it'll be awhile before I see the flowers.

  16. Love, love, love Bayse's Purple! I wish I could find it here...
    I didn't even know there was a hardy amaryllis - do you leave it outside during winter?
    I've enjoyed your photos a lot - have a joyous weekend!

  17. Thank you for your comments everyone. :)

    Maria, I do have a lot of room to garden, as we want less and less space to mow. I don't know how much area the garden actually encompasses, but I do have many beds.

    Randy, the yarrow is more pink than purple, but does take on a purplish hue as it ages and especially at dusk.

    Raingardener, the yarrow really is that bright. :) I don't know the cultivar name, as it's a passalong from DH's grandmother's garden. It blooms for over a month in the spring, and then sporadically thereafter.

    Carol, I will be doing a horse update soon. :)

    Katarine, the Amaryllis is a hybrid, Hippeastrum x johnsonii, which is hardy to -23.3 °C.

  18. It's all so beautiful! I too have that penstemon and I think it is the one Gail has been trying to identify. Too cool! Your garden must be heavenly with all that glorious color.

  19. a lot of lovely flowers you present. That amaryllis is gorgeous. :)

  20. To use your word, I "lurve" the color of your yarrow. And you gotta love a pink flower named Ballerina. It all looks lovely there in NC.

  21. I sure enjoyed that little tour of your lovely bloomers. I am in awe of your gardens and would love to have all of what you have growing down here in my gardens.

    Oh well. It's a lovely dream. Your gardens are an inspiration.


  22. I've never seen a Thermopsis that big before Sweet Bay! I've got a teeny, tiny one started in my garden right now but yours is incredible. Love the penstemons and the amaryllis. I've been searching high and low (at all my local nurseries) for verbena bonariensis and can't find it anywhere. arrggg. I want to add it to the garden so bad. Your photo just reinforced that! I might have to mail order it....

  23. Beautiful! It's a bit odd to me that some of your flowers are ahead, some behind, and some, current with what I have blooming. Well, maybe my yellow flower that's finished isn't the bush pea. Mostly, I'm behind you.

    The penstemons are almost finished, though, and the spiderworts are at their peak, or are about to be.

    I am having trouble keeping up! I am glad I made it here. Have fun gardening!

  24. Tina, Gail told me she has a Penstemon that she thinks is Pike's Peak Purple, I think. Wonder how different it is from Midnight. Can't have too many purple Penstemons!

    NatureFootstep, the Amaryllis is a bigtime passalong plant here in the Southeastern US. Hardy to zone 6 and very carefree and vigorous.

    Donna, the color on the yarrow is great, isn't it? DH's grandmother had it all over her garden. We've had Ballerina for 12 years now. I always like seeing her bloom in the spring.

    Thank you Flowerlady, for your very kind words.

    Kathleen, when my Verbena bonariensis sets seed I can try to collect some and send it.

    Sue, I think the differences are the result of microclimate and planting depth. I have some Baptisia alba that ended up planted so deep (result of trying to mulch out native bamboo), that they usually don't bloom until the middle of June. And it never fails to surprise me to drive an hour west to find the plants 2 weeks ahead of ours! The result of living in a low-lying place I think.


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