Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day June 2009

It's time once again for Bloom Day, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

Summer is really getting into swing here in NC, and with the hot weather comes the summer flowers.

Purple coneflower

Achillea millefolium

Oak-Leaved hydrangea

Perennial sweet pea, tomatoes, and rugosa rubra

Dianthus 'Siberian Blues' and Skipper

We've gotten an excellent crop of black raspberries this year.



Japanese Iris

Transylvania sage with Phlox pilosa, still in
bloom after all this time. PP is indeed practically perfect!

Gardenia, grown from a cutting from a huge old gardenia in DH's grandmother's yard.

Marie Pavie

'Bleu Celeste' daylily with Stipa and 'Zwanenburg Blue' Spiderwort

Purple daylily, an offspring of 'Charlie Baker' and
'Lavender Arrowhead', and the best of the bunch so far.

Chocolate Splash

Ruby Spider

Commuter daylilies

Lion in Winter

Meriam White

Thank you Carol, for hosting Bloom Day, and Happy Bloom Day everyone!


  1. Hi Sweetbay

    You have so much lovely stuff blooming in your garden.

    Needless to say, I 'homed' in on the rose Mermaid!


  2. Good morning SweetBay ~ Thank you for those wonderful pictures of the beautiful blooms in your gardens. I am really envious of your gardenia. I've tried to grow them here and failed miserably. Their scent is one of my all time favorites and on of the first of my childhood scent memories here in this state.

    Enjoy the beauty that is surrounding you and have a wonderful week.


  3. Oooh, I love your daylilies! And the raspberries! Beautiful June blooms. Love the gardenia. And the roses with the tiny spider sitting on the bloom. Happy GBBD!

  4. My heart went thump when I saw your Butterfly Weed. Mine didn't come back this year, would have been it's 3rd year. Yours is a beautiful sight to see. A Gardenia from your grandmother's yard. Wouldn't she be pleased? Very nice Bloom Day post.

  5. I love all the vibrant colors--is the yarrow really that purple? Cool!

  6. Sweetbay, The garden is gorgeous and full of my favorites! When ever I visit I think of taking down half my trees to let more sun into the garden...then the plants would shine like yours do. The unknown white daylily is a perfect. Lion in Winter looks like one I can't name in my garden! gail

  7. A lovely array of blooms... love the contrast of the orange butterfly weed with deep blue salvia. Wow to the Chocolate Splash! Great time of year buy hope it does not get too hot for you and your sweet horses.

  8. sweetbay, beautiful blooms. I will have to go and check my blackberries, had lots of blooms though the birds usually get all the berries. Happy Bloom Day.

  9. It's mighty lovely in your garden Sweetbay! Those daylilies are really something else. I also like the milifolium. Have a great day!

  10. I love your butterfly gardens. I started butterfly weed to plant out later this summer. It doesn't appreciate our heavy clay but hopefully I can amend some soil to it's liking.

    Your daylilies are stunning. I had been wondering about getting a white. Your photo nudged me toward it.

    Marie Pavie is stunning.

  11. The daylilies are lovely and that Japanese iris is stunning. I miss having achillea in my garden and need to plant more.

  12. Raspberries already! It sure looks pretty there. So many things blooming there won't be blooming here for at least another month. I love the gardenia!

  13. Just lovely! Those black raspberries are going to be delicious!

  14. Looks like it's bursting at your house. Everything just looks so beautiful and I love the way you took pictures of your Daylilies. Very nice!

  15. What Rob said, me too.

    'Mermaid' will go on my want list for the Yellow Rose Bed.

  16. Your weather may be hot, but your garden looks very cool and tranquil. I love the purple on that iris, and your mystery daylily is quite lovely.

  17. A gorgeous collection of flowers all blooming in your garden! Blues are my favorite!

  18. What a wonderful assortment of blooms you have there! Seeing the day lilies in all their splendor gives me a taste of what is to come soon, as ours are in bud. I love this time of year!

  19. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog, Instrument of Grace, and you nice comment about my header photo. I took that a couple of years ago. There were two Swallowtail butterflies on my sedum, and they didn't seem shy at all. They let me get some great photos.

    Your gardens are lovely. I especially love the Marie Pavie - it's so lovely. And I have to smile when I see your gardenias. Oh, how I love them! The scent takes me back home to the south. Thanks for sharing your garden.

  20. What a beautiful display of color. Love how the photo with the yellow daylilies look so wispy!

  21. You have lots of beauty in your garden but your daylilies are my favorites.

  22. I love the combination you have in the first photo - blue sage with the butterfly weed. Gorgeous!

  23. Amazing show! The photos are beautiful you must be in heaven:)

  24. Love commuter daylilies, the ones I normally see are orange.

  25. You have some very lovely daylilies in your garden that are blooming right now. Love the Chocolate one.

    Always Growing

  26. Wow - so much to see! I don't know where to look first. But if I had to pick something, I think I'd go for those raspberries!!

  27. What lovely flowers you have in your garden now...

  28. Oh my, every photo is lovelier than the last. Your garden is loaded with beautiful blooms at the moment! I totally agree about Ruby Spider. Red and yellow has never been a favorite combo of mine, but she is definitely spectacular! I almost bought her last year, but she was sold out at our local lily farm. Maybe this year...
    Your lovely gardenia reminds me of my mother's bush in our front yard during my teenage years. I loved the wonderful scent. How I'd love to smell yours!
    The blue sage looks so good with the butterfly weed.
    Wonderful blooms! Happy summer, Sweet Bay!

  29. Thank you everyone for your comments! They are all appreciated.

  30. Love your blossoms! Especially enjoyed the daylilies, which are a particular favorite of ours. Thanks for sharing your garden! ~~Rhonda


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