Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sayonara, Sweet Pea

The Wisteria had to get zapped by frost this year, since it bloomed so beautifully last year. Typically we only get blooms from it every other year.

Hope to see you next year!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crossing over into Iris geekdom

This post is not like one of my usual picture-heavy posts. Basically it's the list of iris that first appeared in Iris Fever Part II revised to include descriptions, parentage and some vendors. Some descriptions are from the Blue J Iris and Bluebird Haven websites. Names that appear in pedigrees that are bolded and italicized also appear on the list. I wanted to be able to use the post as a reference; I love historic iris and if a particular iris worked out, modern or otherwise, I am interested in its ancestors. I am also working on a post of other iris that I have seen and WANT (lol). If I ever get around to ordering them I will probably be ordering the iris that are related to these first.

Abbey Road TB pale yellow (Silverberg 1994) parentage: Pleated Gown X Ganges Moon.

Pleated Gown ~ TB standards butter yellow, falls white rimmed and streaked with yellow (Roderick 1981) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Mellow Yellow x Mount Spokane
Mellow Yellow ~ TB Light yellow, big bloomer (Roderick 1974) Bluebird Haven Iris $3

Agatha Christie IB plicata, mauve and purple (Sutton 1998)
Blue J Iris $3
parentage: Momentum x ((Heavenly Harmony x Petit Posy) x French Gown)) X Le Flirt

Momentum ~ TB standards white with broad band of soft lavender; falls white with purple band (Dunn 1986) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Perfecta X Spinning Wheel
Spinning Wheel ~ TB standards white with pale blue-violet tint, falls white ground and extensively dotted and dashed with purple, purple rim(Nearpass 1974) Bluebird Haven Iris $4, Blue J Iris $3 parentage: (Dancers Veil x ((New Adventure x (Captured Heart x Melodrama)) x Ribbon Round)) X Charmed Circle
Heavenly Harmony is peach/pink with lavender, looks bruised
Petit Posy ~ TB White ground plicata,marked lavender-pink w/ white beard (Schreiner 1975) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: ((Amethyst Flame x Whole Cloth) x (Amethyst Flame x Alpenrose)) X ((Orchid Jewel x Crinkled Beauty) x Lilac Supreme)
Amethyst Flame TB lilac pink/lavender with blue zone on falls (Schreiner 1957) Bluebird Haven Iris $4 parentage: Crispette X (Lavanesque x Pathfinder)

Autumn Twilight TB bicolor golden cream standards, rosy orchid falls (Brown 1971)

Awesome TB lilac pink self (Tompkins 1990)

Baby Blessed SDB yellow with white beard (Zurbrigg 1979) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Baby Snowflake X Twice Blessed

Belvi Queen TB Cinammon plicata (Jensen 1976) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Summer Fantasy X Villa Gold

Black Magic IB purple self (Wayman 1935)

Blue Chip Pink TB Pink with hint of lilac, orange beard tipped powder blue (Niswonger 1989) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (Rudolph 79-05 x (Singing Skies x Lilac Thrill)) X (Center Fold x Rudolph 79-O5)

Blue Pools SDB S:white, F:white with large medium blue spot, B:white (Jones 1972) Bluebird Haven Iris $3

Bottled Sunshine IB yellow standards, white falls with yellow band (Nichols 1994) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: Highborn Kinsman X Joyce Terry

Highborn Kinsman ~ SDB bright yellow self (Nichols 1982)
Joyce Terry ~ TB S-yellow F-white,edged yellow B-yellow (Muhlestein 1974) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Charmaine X Launching Pad
Charmaine ~ TB S-apricot-yellow,white center F-same B-tangerine (Hamblen 1967) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Coraband X May Melody
Launching Pad ~ TB S:sulfur lemon, F:white, rimmed sulfur lemon (Knopf 66/67) Bluebird Haven Iris $3

Bridge in Time TB white (Wilkerson 1995)

Celebration Song TB pale pink on top, lavender on bottom, orange beard (Schreiner 1993) Superstition Iris $3, Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Lullaby of Spring X Frances Gaulter
Lullaby of Spring ~ TB S-mimosa yellow F-pastel mauve B-straw yellow (Schreiner 1987) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: ((G 264-E x unknown flamingo pink sdlg.) x (G 571-A x Craig #7)) X Sweet Musette)
Frances Gaulter ~ peach and lavender, somewhat bruised-looking

Classico TB S:very pale creamy pink with chartreuse-gold rim, F:cream, chartreuse-gold rim and hafts, B:gold; ruffled, slight sweet fragrance (Gartmen 1982) Bluebird Haven Iris $7

Coral Beads TB S-white,pink streak on midrib F-white,pink around hafts B-tangerine/ caramel and white (Niswonger 1989) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Coral Strand x Peach Spot

Doctor Alan TB pink (Sides 1996)

Dusky Challenger TB dark blue-purple self with metallic sheen (Schreiner 1986) Blue J Iris $4; lots of vendors carry this one unknown parentage

English Cottage TB very pale plicata with lavender stitching (Zurbrigg 1976) Bluebird Haven Iris $6

Fantastic Blue IB pale blue (Palmer 1974)

Feed Back TB Medium violet, B:yellow; pronounced sweet fragrance (Hager 1983) Bluebird Haven Iris $5

Foxfire TB bright yellow self (Fox 1951) Bluebird Haven Iris $3

Garden Club Delight TB lavender plicata (Zurbrigg 1997) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Matrix X Suky
Suky ~ TB S-white violet edge & midrib F-violet, white area from hafts B-white, yellow throat; fragrant (Mahan 1991) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: Violet Miracle X Victoria Falls

Gilded Cream TB cream with golden falls (Wilkerson 1995)

Golden Immortal TB yellow bitone, orange beard (Sutton 1997) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Orange Popsicle x Zurich

Grand Baroque TB pale amoena (Zurbrigg 1969)

Green-Eyed Lady TB yellow with charteuse tones (Plough 1972) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Singing Pines X Sylvan Sprite

Harvest of Memories TB yellow (Zurbrigg 1984) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (Magic Memories x Key Lime) X Corn Harvest

Helen Collingwood TB S:bright light sky blue-white, F:deep violet-purple; lightly ruffled (Smith 1949) Bluebird Haven Iris $4 parentage: Extravaganza X Louise Blake
Extravaganza ~ TB S:yellow white, F:oriental purple with coppery red-violet at the haft (Douglas 1943) Bluebird Haven Iris $4

Hold That Tiger TB yellow standards, yellow and wine falls (Lauck 1957) Blue J Iris $4 parentage unknown

Holiday House TB very pale pink (Gaulter 1973)

Holy Night TB black/purple self (Mohr 1983) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: Dusky Dancer X Royal Ballet

Honey Glazed IB cream/yellow standards with dark caramel falls (Niswonger 1982) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (Beau x Celestial Doll) X Turtle Dove

I Do TB S-white with violet & greenish yellow F-white,green veins B-white-yellow; (Zurbrigg 1973) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Grand Baroque X Amy

Immortality TB white (Zurbrigg 1982) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: I Do X English Cottage

Indian Chief S:lt. Indian red (bronzy violet), F:velvety darker Indian red blended w/ bronze (dahlia carmine), lines at haft, B:bright orange; prolific (Ayres 1929) Bluebird Haven Iris $3 parentage: Cardinal X ..
Cardinal ~ TB lavender standards, wine purple falls (Bliss 1919) parentage: Trosuperba X Dominion Superstition Iris $4

Jesse's Song TB S-white center,violet band F-white plicata edge of violet B-lemon blue-white (Williamson 1979) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (Charmed Circle x Kiss) X (Smoke Rings x Decolletage) full pedigree of Jesse's Song

Charmed Circle ~ TB Dark violet on white, B:violet-blue; short and early bloomer (Keppel 1968) Bluebird Haven Iris $4
Charmed Circle is the offspring of 2 seedlings, which were crosses of Happy Meeting X Rococo and Full Circle X Rococo.
Rococo ~ TB White with violet-blue borders, large flowers (Schreiner 1959) Bluebird Haven Iris $3 I'm curious to see how this one does, as Linda Mann gave it only one star in her garden. Where did Jesse's Song get its robust and prolific nature? Recessives?
Happy Meeting is the offspring of Lovelace and New Hope, a rosy lavender plicata patterned in dots introduced by DeForest in 1949. It sells at Argyle Acres for $5. Rococo is the offspring of a Schreiner seedling and Belle Meade. Dotted Swiss is a parent of Full Circle ~ TB Very fine older white ground plicata with lavender edges (Sass 1956) Bluebird Haven Iris $4
Kiss is the offspring of Space Ship and Tea Apron. Tea Apron is a TB Medium grape on white, grape lines at haft, B:white (El Dorado 1960). Bluebird Haven Iris $3

Smoke Rings ~ TB S:smokey orchid veining on cream and mauve, F:smokey orchid, and mauve rim on creamy ground, B:yellow; ruffled (Gibson 1971) Bluebird Haven Iris $4
Decolletage ~ TB S:rose-mulberry peppered on cream background, F:cream, edged rose-mulberry; ruffled (Hager 1968) Bluebird Haven Iris $3 Put this and Smoke Rings in the garden 5 or 6 years ago and they have never bloomed. April Melody is a grandparent of Smoke Rings and Memphis Lass is a parent of Decolletage.
April Melody ~ TB Lavender-pink ground,deeper lavender plicata markings B-tangerine (Gibson 1967) Blue J Iris $4
Memphis Lass ~ TB Plicata,not sure of the color, whether wine or rose.(Schortman 1957) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (Snow Flurry x Orchid Queen) X (Snow Flurry x Gibson Girl)

Jewelled Starlight TB yellow plicata (Burch 1980)

Kelat Skies TB pale blue (Slade 1983)

Kiwi Cheesecake TB white standards pale yellow falls (Niswonger 1998) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Violet Dawson X unknown

Knots Landing TB white (Fan 1993)

Lady Emma MTB pale yellow (Jones 1985)

Lightning Ridge TB pale peach standards, dark rosey pink falls, orange beard (Brown 1965) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: Pipes of Pan X Arctic Flame

Love the Sun TB Yellow standards, caramel falls with yellow rim (Blyth 1984) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (Latin Lover x Bayberry Candle) X Sound of Gold

Low Ho Silver IB white self (Byers 1988) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Howdy Do X Baby Blessed

Mariposa Autumn TB purple plicata (Tasco 1999) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Jesse's Song X Earl of Essex

Matrix TB pale yellow with cinammon veining (Hall 1990) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Violet Miracle x Brother Carl (another white)

Midsummer Night's Dream IB dark purple self (Baumunk 1998) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Best Bet X What Again

Best Bet ~ TB S-light wisteria blue F-moorish blue B-old gold (Schreiner 1988) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: ((Amigo's Guitar x A 828-A) x (Navy Strut x Royal Regency sib)) X Titan's Glory
Amigo's Guitar ~ TB S:butterscotch with violet midrib, F:blue-violet, B:yellow. White area at haft w/ veins. (Plough 1963) Bluebird Haven Iris $3
Navy Strut ~ TB Ruffled marine violet-blue, B:self (Schreiner 1972) Bluebird Haven Iris $4
Royal Regency ~ TB Rich medium blue/ purple self; blue beard (Schreiner 1977) Bluebird Haven Iris $5 parentage: A 587-1: ((L 474-2 x Prince Indigo) x (Licorice Stick x N 364-1)) X D 4-A: ((S 640-1 x Blue Chiffon) x (Blue Chiffon x P 1033-1))
Prince Indigo ~ TB Pansy violet, B:violet cast (Schreiner 1964) Bluebird Haven Iris $3
Licorice Stick ~ TB Deep blue-violet-black (Schreiner 1960) Bluebird Haven Iris $5
Blue Chiffon ~ TB gorgeous pale blue, like Jacob's Ladder. From the Schreiner's 1966 Iris Lover's Catalogue: "From Eleanor's Pride x Salem - two supremely beautiful light blues - comes this fair charmer with lilting ruffling and the serene purity of a cerulean summer sky. I hasten to explain that it is bluer than the engraver's proof and is also normally more heavily ruffled. Nothing more beautiful was ever seen in blues. A perfect self except for a blue-white beard; its rippling cadence of form brought a host of admirers toward it in the garden who exclaimed over the grace, the ruffling, and the purity of the sky blue color. Blue Chiffon will bring a frosty sparkle into your garden." ok maybe that description waxes a little poetic but it is a special iris. (Schreiner 1966) parentage: Eleanor's Pride X Salem
Eleanor's Pride ~ TB Tall large flowered powder blue, fades to ice blue, still beautiful Dykes Medal l961 (Watkins 1952) Bluebird Haven Iris $4
Salem ~ TB Light true-blue self (Schreiner 1958) parentage: Harbor Blue x S-AL1: (Blue Rhythm X Sylvia Murray)
Harbor Blue ~ TB Medium sapphire-blue with slivery sheen, white at haft, with darker veins on falls; large bloom (Schreiner 1954) Bluebird Haven Iris $3 parentage: Jane Phillips X Quicksilver
Quicksilver ~ TB medium blue self (Schreiner 1950) parentage: Chivalry X Distance
Jane Phillips ~ TB Sky blue with silvery sheen, cinnamon striping at haft,lines on F, slightly deeper blue than Helen McGregor, wonderfully fragrant (Graves 1946) Bluebird Haven Iris $4
Blue Rhythm TB Cornflower blue w/ silvery overcast (S: lt. blue grape, F:med. grape, lt. rim), smooth; lemon frag, broad petals, semi-flaring; Dykes 1950 Bluebird Haven Iris $4 parentage: Annabel X Blue Zenith

What Again ~ SDB, descendent of Jungle Shadows, blech

Missouri Mist TB bitone lavender-blue (Niswonger 1999) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Honky Tonk Blues X Upside Down
Honky Tonk Blues ~ TB Hyacinth blue,white grey streaking & edge on F B-hyacinth blue (Schreiner 1988) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: (Admiral Blue x Sailor's Dance) X ((G 1517-B x Neptune's Pool) x Royal Regency sib)
Royal Regency ~ TB dark purple self (Schreiner 1977) also in pedigree of Midsummer Night's Dream
Upside Down ~ TB S-lilac-blue,deeper midrib F-pale lilac-blue,near white B-white tipped red (Niswonger 1994) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Battle Fury X Lilac Lass

Mother Eve Smiles (Miller 1991) TB light yellow standards over white falls with yellow rim

Mulberry Rose TB Giant mulberry rose with brown hafts, B:bronze (Schreiner 1941) Bluebird Haven Iris $3

Mystery Blush TB pale pink (Sides 1996) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Misty Lady X October Splendor

Misty Lady ~ TB S-pale lavender F-blue-violet B-blue violet tipped yellow;fragrant (Sides 1994) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (Corn Harvest x Vanity) X Graduation. Corn Harvest is a parent of Harvest of Memories.

Negra Modelo SDB dark purple self (Sutton 1998)

Night Game TB satiny dark purple standards, almost black falls, orange beard (Keppel 1996) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Witches' Sabbath X Gallant Rogue
Witches' Sabbath ~ TB Very dark purple (Maryott 1986) Napa Country Iris $5
Gallant Rogue ~ TB S:pinkish lilac, rosier midrib, F:reddish purple w/ 1/6" aconite violet rim, crescent of white lines at beard, B:red orange; fragrant (Blyth 1989) Bluebird Haven Iris $8

October Splendor BB pale pink, tangerine beard (Sides 1997) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Christa X (Returning Peace x Vanity)

Pacifier IB dusty apricot-pink plicata (Hager 1991) Blue J Iris $4 involved parentage

Perfume Counter (Zurbrigg 1972) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Purple Duet X Sunset Blues

Pink Formal TB pink (Muhlenstein 1949)

Pink Quartz TB pale coral pink (Wood 1995) Blue J Iris $3

Prince of Burgundy IB plum purple plicata (Niswonger 1993)

Queen Dorothy TB blue-violet plicata (Hall 1984) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Perfume Counter X Re-Treat

Rare Edition IB purple plicata (Gatty 1980) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: ((Dainty Royal x Golden Fair) x Zip) X (Bonifay sib x (Dancers Veil x Tea Apron))

Rebound TB rosey pink plicata (Wilkerson 1996)

Red Zinger IB wine-red self with orange beard (Black 1985) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (Buckwheat Honey x Sundance Kid) X Pride of Oklahoma

Returning Chameleon TB pale silvery blue (Wilkerson 1995)

Ringo TB white standards, red wine falls with white rim (Shoop 1979)

Rip City TB red wine self (Schreiner 1999) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: War Chief X Mulberry Punch
Mulberry Punch ~ TB Ruffled cerise purple B-blue-purple (Schreiner 1992) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: unknown

September Chereau (Brown 1965)

Shannopin TB cream standards, rose falls (Pillow 1940) Bluebird Haven Iris $4 parentage: Redwing X ...

Sign of Leo TB purple bitone (Zurbrigg 1979) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Jet Black X Lovely Again
Lovely Again ~ TB lilac lavender self (Smith 1963) This iris link goes to Irises: a gardener's encyclopedia by Claire Austin. It's a very nice book and very affordable.

Stairway to Heaven TB white standards, pale blue/violet falls (Lauer 1993) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Edith Wolford X Breakers
Edith Wolford ~ TB S-clear canary yellow F-mid-blue violet B-blue tipped Dykes Medal winner 1993 (Hager 1986) Blue J Iris $4, Bluebird Haven Iris $7 many vendors sell this iris parentage: Merry Madrigal X Freedom Road
Breakers ~ TB Fluted,true blue B-dull blue tipped yellow in throat (Schreiner 1986) Blue J Iris $3 Bluebird Haven Iris $7 parentage: Victoria Falls X (Shipshape x Sailor's Dance)

Stunning Serenade TB cream standards, burgundy falls with white rim (Thurman 1997) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Sooner Serenade X Most Stunning
Sooner Serenade ~ TB S-red violet F-cherry black,red violet border B-bronze;fragrant (Shaver 1984) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: ((Melodrama x Wine and Roses) x (Silver Peak x Storm Warning)) X ((Edenite x Picora Pink) x (Majorette x Memphis Lass))
Most Stunning ~ TB S-light lilac.yellow at base F-red,lighter edge B-yellow;slight fragrance (Roberts 1994) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Stunning X Lilac Wine
Stunning ~ TB S-light lilac F-red,precise light lilac rim B-yellow (Nelson 1977) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Rare Wine X unknown

Sultry Mood TB bright purple self (Schreiner 1989) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: ((Dream Time x A 973-1) x Seance) X (Elizabeth Stuart x (Flaming Heart x Pink Horizon))

Summer Green Shadows TB pale yellow (Brown 1964)

Summer Olympics TB yellow with white zonal pattern on falls (Smith 1976) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (6725AR x Winter Olympics) X (Rippling Waters x 121BR) x Winter Olympics)

Tiburon TB lilac pink self with white zonal pattern on falls (Gaulter 1971) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (inv. Fuschia, Party Dress, Frost and Flame, Arctic Flame and Christmas Time) X sib.

Titan's Glory TB purple self (Schreiner 1981) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: Navy Strut X ((Y 54-A x Y 240-B) x (Rococo x Prince Indigo))

Tuxedo TB dark blue-purple bitone (Schreiner 1964) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: Licorice Stick X O-332-1

Unbelievable Love TB blue self (Grise 1995) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Carriage Trade X Silkwood

Understudy TB purple/blue (Tompkins 1986)

Vanity TB pink self (Hager 1975) Blue J Iris $3 , parentage: Cherub Choir X Pink Taffeta

Victoria Falls TB chicory blue self with white beard and white zonal pattern on falls (Schreiner 1977) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (White Pride x Y 163B) X Violet Favor

Violet Miracle TB dark blue-violet (Zurbrigg 1979)

Violet Music TB blue-violet self with white zonal pattern on falls (Mahan 1991) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Violet Miracle X Victoria Falls

Wenatchee Skies TB blue self with white beard (Noyd 1969) Bluebird Haven Iris $3

Where There's Smoke TB Smoky light violet B-bright golden orange;spicy fragrance (Burseen 1991) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Formosa Spring X (Satin Glass x Glory Bound)

Iris recommended by other users:

Stage Lights pale peach standards, purple/plum falls with white veining (Ghio 1999) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: New Leaf X (Spirit World x (Chatter sib x (((((Handiwork x (Gay Parasol x Mystique)) x Goddess) x (Gem of Sierra x ((((Ponderosa x Honey Rae) x ((((Commentary x Claudia Rene) x Claudia Rene) x Ponderosa) x (Ponderosa x New Moon))) x Osage Buff) x (Vanity x Anon)))) x Gigolo) x (Desert Fox x Shenanigan)

Stingray violet blue self (Byers 1988) Bluebird Haven Iris $7

Success Story light blue standards, fuschia violet falls (Ghio 1987) Blue J Iris $4

Others ~ I am a sucker for purples, blues, pinks and plicatas, so that's what most of these are.

Age of Innocence TB S-pure white F-white,edged blue B-golden yellow;fragrant (Kerr 1994) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Edith Wolford X Condottiere. Edith Wolford is also a parent of Stairway to Heaven.

Aggressively Forward TB Yellow ground plicata F-trimmed blue purple,black dart under bronze yellow B;fragrant--1/4" horn (Innerst 1995) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Point Made X ((Osage Buff x Spinning Wheel) x Burgundy Brown. Spinning Wheel is in Agatha Christie's lineage.

Alizes TB pure white standards; white falls with broad band of blue, yellow beard (Cayeux 1987) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (Palomino x Emma Cook) x Tahiti Sunrise) x Pink Taffeta) X Condottiere. Pink Taffeta is a parent of Vanity.

Altruist TB S-flax blue,white midrib F-flax blue,white center B-white;fluted (Schreiner 1987) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (G 125-2 x Victoria Falls) X Tide's In

Amadeus TB Orchid lilac with pale blue B-lemon white tipped orange pink (Tompkins 1989) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (Tinsel Town x Charmaine) X (Maudie Marie x Tinsel Town) Charmaine is a grandparent of Bottled Sunshine.

American Classic TB S-white,violet blue edge F-white, violet blue plicata edging B-blue white-yellow; (Schreiner 1996) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: (Lorilee x Raspberry Frills) X (Titan's Glory x ((Rococo x Belray) x Navy Strut))

Bella Rose IB M & RE Pink-lavender on cream ground;B. yellow (Wright 1972) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Autumn Twilight x Juliet) X (Louvois x Golden Eagle)

Blue Moonlight TB Pale lilac powder blue standards, cream falls ringed with matching blue B-cream tipped yellow (Byers 1989) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Feed Back X Brother Carl

Circus Dancer TB Standards white with wide ribbon of pale blue stitching; standards white with thin ribbon of dark purple stitching, dark blue beard S(SA)-white, wash aster violet; F-white, veined/dot as.violet & on 1/2" edge; B-old gold, violet end; ruf, sl.sw.frag. (Sutton 2002) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Momentum X Acoma. Momentum is a grandparent of Agatha Christie

Classic Look TB like Circus Dancer but stitching on standards is narrower, purple crests, orange beard tipped white (Schreiner 1992) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Go Around X (((Full Circle x Rococo) x (Arpege sib x (Rococo x Emma Cook))) x Spinning Wheel) Full Circle and Rococo in Jesse's Song's lineage, Spinning Wheel in Agatha Christie's.

Crispette TB orchid pink self with caramel coloring on fall flares (Schreiner 1957) parentage: Harriet Thoureau X ((Angelus x Unknown) x (Matula x Sch. sdlg. 8-37))) Parent of Amethyst Flame

Dundee TB S-silvery white with med purple plicata marks F-white,dotted med purple B-white-purple (Schreiner 1970) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: sib to Merry Ripple X ((Caroline Jane x Flying Saucer) x Belle Meade). Carolina Jane and Belle Meade are in lineage of Jesse's Song.

Everything Plus TB S-pale blue white F-white with deep violet plicata marks B-purple tipped bronze (Niswonger 1984) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Focus X Spinning Wheel (grandparent of Agatha Christie)

Freedom Song TB white plicata with dark violet purple stitching on rims, med. width on top, narrow on bottom, purple crests (Schreiner 2003) Blue J Iris $5 parentage: Rare Treat X American Classic Rare Treat has done well here. American Classic has Titan's Glory in lineage.

Lady Mary Elizabeth TB Cranberry,rose,orchid and pink,drkr veining;F.haftsbrushed apricot,arms flushed apricot on crests;B.tangerine (Williamson 2000) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Extravagant X Love Poem described as a vigorous grower by an AZ poster on Dave's Garden; do not know if this will translate to the SE. Bryce Williamson introduced Jesse's Song.

Levity IB White with pale blue plicata band on S & F B-deep violet (Aitken 1991) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Chubby Cheeks X Jesse's Song

Momentous Occasion TB S-SA white,edged violet blue F-white,dotted & striped edge B-gold,white flounce mark;frag--1 1/2" big plic. Flounce (Sutton 2000) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Momentum X Rock Star. Momentum is a grandparent of Agatha Christie

Monaco TB pale lilac standards and lilac falls with pale zonal pattern (Brown 1977) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Caro Nome X Tiburon

Patriotic Heart TB S- white, pale lavendr plicata edge; SA-solid dk purp; F-white, minimal lav. plicata rim/nr B; B-lav,hrs tip gold (Maryott 2001) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Classic Look X (Special Friend x Purple Streaker)

Rare Quality TB White plicata,plum purple edge (Schreiner 1999) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: unknown X Honky Tonk Blues (parent of Missouri Mist)

Rosalie Figge TB S-violet,streaked darker on midline F-dark violet,white spray around white-violet-yellow B;fragrant (McNew 1993) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: Titan's Glory X Violet Miracle

Serene Moment TB Orchid lavender F-deeper mulberry rim,white around yellow B (Schreiner 1998) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Grape Ice X Mulberry Punch. Mulberry Punch is parent of Rip City.

Splashacata TB S-violet,midrib deeper F-white,all over peppering of purple dots,more at edge B-white-violet-yellow (Tasco 1998) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Purple Pepper X (Snowbrook x Jesse's Song)

Violet Lace TB White ground plicata,edge stitched blue; (Terada 1997) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Rare Treat X Centre Court

Others, not related to Iris on the list:

Ballerina Girl TB Midseason S. style arms pink,tinted red violet,,red violet plicata edge,B.tangerine salmon (Kerr 1998) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Anna Belle Babson X Shopper's Holiday

Baltic Star TB MidSeason S-purple-black,lighter midrib F-same,white at B & blend to purple black rim B-brown-violet (Stahly 1994) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Wagontrail Night X Night Lady

Beauty Circle TB S-orchid;F-white grnd,Hf/nar.edg-orchid dots;B-tangerine; hvy.ruf,lace; sl.sw.frag. (Dunn 2000) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Patterns X Power Surge

Betty Simon TB S-yellow,creamy yellow center F-violet blue,chartreuse hafts B-orange (Hamblen 1976) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Misty Dawn X Foggy Dew

Blue Sapphire TB Lightly ruffled opalescent cornflower blue with lavender cast and a light silvery sheen, B:orange w/ lav tip; Dykes Medal 1958 Schreiner 1953 Bluebird Haven Iris $4 parentage: Annabel X Blue Zenith

Blue Stacatto TB S:moorish-blue lines on rim and specks on white, F:icy sparkling white with narrow band of blue stitching around edge, B:yellow tipped blue (Gibson 1976) Bluebird Haven Iris $5 parentage:

Faint Praise TB S-white,lilac overall F-white,dotted violet,violet-lilac edge B-white-orange;fragrant (Keppel 1992) Blue J Iris $3 parentage: involved

La Meije TB S-white; F-white, edge; B-orange (Cayeux 2001) Blue J Iris $4 parentage: Sixtine C. X Rebecca Perret

Petit Monet Miniature TB white ground plicata with pale lavender stitching and dots (Steele 1989)

As you can see, Blue J carries a great many iris at very good prices. Bluebird Haven carries more historic irises, which by definition is an iris introduced more than 30 years ago. For a list of historic iris vendors, look here.

These iris vendors (including those that sell modern and historic iris) were recommended by Carlos, who has a very nice iris website:

Argyle Acres
Blue J Iris
Bluebird Haven Iris (click on letters on top of page)
Chuck Chapman Iris
Hornbakers Gardens
Lakeside Iris ~ no website ~ 8280 Entrada Boulevard Lake Isabella, CA 93240 Phone: (760) 378-3871 email:
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I ordered my original Jesse's Song from Cooley's, who also has an excellent reputation. The 4 iris vendors that I have used ~ Cooley's, Argyle Acres, Superstition, and Bluebird Haven ~ I've been very happy with. Even more iris vendors here!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Madness

March madness is here!

March is a time of mad cutting down and tidying up in the garden. I leave
everything up during the winter for the birds. The Ruby-Crowned Kinglets
love the Buddleias and the other birds love everything else for food and cover.

March madness has not just infected the gardener and the basketball community. It seems every creature has been affected. We have 3 full-time resident deer, a mother and two youngsters that are nearly a year old, that I see all of the time. The other night the deer were playing, the mother and one of the fawns running around the round pen in one of the pastures. The horses looked entertained. The horses almost always spot wildlife before I do. Being prey animals horses have excellent long distance and motion vision.

We are being graced by the presence of a pair of Cooper's hawks that are passing through. I've seen one of them after songbirds in earnest on a couple of occasions. Earlier this winter we were host to a pair of marsh hawks. I saw them performing a courtship dance in December or January. It was extraordinary, and easy to see why they are in the kite family. It's too bad I didn't have a video camera on me. The grace and beauty of their flight was awe-inspiring. The way they dipped up and down looked lighter than air.

The red-shouldered hawks are nesting in the woods beside the old house site and the pileated woodpeckers are drumming. The butterflies are out too. The other day I saw a zebra swallowtail, unusual for here, puddling beside one of the water troughs.

Yesterday I cut back the Panicum by the neighbors fence, while the bees buzzed around madly. The garden was full of hectic bees, as the big bed and the bed beside the neighbor's fence are currently rolling pastures of Lamium and Henbit and the redbud is open. Bees really, really love Lamium and redbud flowers.

Everything from big bumblebees and carpenter bees to honeybees and tiny native bees. Here's a little bumblebee. You have to admit she's cute. Look at those legs!

You can see how tiny this bee is, in comparison to the size of the Lamium flowers and leaves.

In addition to Lamium, there's a lot of purple violets in the big bed, and daffodils.

That's just a third of the big bed though, and I need daffodils all over it. So I'm in the process of dividing some crowded clumps and spreading them around. I have blue violets that are seeding everywhere, just as I want, but I also want something that's midway in height to the violets and daffs. I need blue, pink and purple-flowering bulbs and plants that voles won't eat. Hyacinths, tulips, and crocus unfortunately are out, as are reticulated iris. Only 1 of 25 of the iris came back and bloomed this year. Jacob's Ladder, spring starflower, Scilla, grape hyacinth, blue toadflax, Drummond's onion and Spanish bluebells are all possibilities. Jacob's Ladder and Spanish bluebells I already have, just need to divide.

In a post a year or 2 ago I said that I would like Jacob's Ladder even better if the color was just.. more. After seeing it today next to the bright yellow daffodils, with the light shining through the sheer light blue petals making the color dance, I would say don't change a thing. It's perfect.

Spanish Bluebells are a bit late for this purpose but look enough like English Bluebells they make me feel like I'm in England. I saw 'Rolf Fiedler', a beautiful blue cultivar of Starflower, at the Arboretum the other day. Muscari azureum and Muscari latifolium really caught my eye at the Arb too. I may try to add more Georgia Speedwell, although the best time to move that would have been last month. Currently Ga. Speedwell is blooming in lovely blue-violet pools in the bed next to the house.

I want bigger plants to provide interest during the month of March as well. I have one big Winter Honeysuckle and several young ones from cuttings but I need something with color ~ a pink-flowering shrub or tree to bloom when the daffs are blooming. The Prunus mume was still blooming when the earliest daffs were blooming (and a lovely combination it was, bright butter yellow and dark purplish fuchsia pink), but I need something for the bulk of March. No Quince bushes, unless I can find one that's close to a clear rose pink. The bright coral pink doesn't really fit into my garden. I like 'Apple Blossom'. I might try the lilacs I described in the previous post and Daphne genkwa . Lilac daphne is fragrant and looks just like a beautiful large-flowered Lilac and blooms at the same time as the early Lilacs. I plan to add more Eastern Redbuds around the garden so that they won't obscure the views to the pasture but can be seen with the daffodils.

This morning I put some of the daffs in beside the sidewalk since the bearded iris didn't work out. Our indoor cat Penny decided to come outside and keep me company. She alternately watched from the porch and the sidewalk, looking like the queen of all she surveyed. At 17 years she is as beautiful as ever, but quite creaky in her back and hips. Who knows, she may be older than 17; the vet thought she was about a year old when I found her ~ or perhaps I should say when she found me ~ literally starving in a park in Pennsylvania. Outside, she looks very improbable: a black-and-white cotton candy puff of a cat, who looks like she ought to be wearing a pink ribbon and a big EAT ME sign around her neck. Usually she just goes out onto the back porch and I don't let her out unless I'm home. She does love the warm spring sunshine.

Here are more plants for the wish list that I saw at the JC Raulston Arboretum:

Camellia 'White Perfection' ~ actually, this Camellia goes beyond perfection. A lot of people were standing before it as at a shrine.

Veitch's WinterHazel (Corylopsis sinensis) was covered in melted butter yellow flowers. Beautiful and unusual-looking.

Normally I'm not a fan of yellow or charteuse foliage, but the foliage of Spiraea thunbergii 'Ogon' and Golden Mockorange (Philadelphus coronarius 'Aureus') were the most vivid eye-catching spring green. Dirr however says that the foliage of Golden Mockorange turns yellow-green to green in summer and is a real "lemon'. The one in the Arb is in part shade and just goes to default green during the summer.

Zhejiang Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia limii) has the vivid chestnut-and-cream colored bark as Japanese Crape Myrtle (the species used in creating the mildew-resistant National Arboretum hybrids), but without the large size. In his 5th edition Manual Dirr criticizes it harshly for its form, but it's a graceful little tree at the Arb.

Bitchiu Viburnum has beautiful and fragrant flowers similar to Koreanspice Viburnum.

Magnolia 'Lois' is a gorgeous butter yellow Magnolia.

A cherry I have coveted for a while, Green-Flowering Cherry (Prunus 'Yukon') does not have the dainty swirls of pink or white blossoms of 'Okame' or the Yoshino Cherry, but relatively large pale green clusters of bell-shaped flowers and wonderful silvery bark. It's a large cherry like the Weeping Cherry.

Happy Spring, everyone!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still more NCBG Good Stuff (with a little plant envy thrown in)

*Photos from April 2010*

Looks almost like an impressionistic painting, doesn't it? This is
Piedmont azalea or pinxterflower and fernleaf scorpionweed in the mountain
section of the Botanical Garden.The big azaleas in the Garden are amazing.

The very fragrant Sweet Betsy next to the Paul Green Cabin. You can see the size of the Sweet Betsy, not only in comparison to the cabin but to the lady in the lower right of the picture! I love, love, love my young Piedmont azaleas and Sweet Betsy, but it will be years before they look like the ones at the Garden. This way I can enjoy them in their youth and as mature plants at the same time. :)

A combination of ferns, columbine, spiderwort, a young blueberry, and a sweet white flower I don't know the name of. (Update: I was looking through my Audubon Guide and saw that it's Sweet Cicely (Osmorhiza claytonii)! It's a North American native.)

Golden Alexanders and Eastern Columbine

Dwarf Crested Iris

I think this is Southern Wood Fern, which imo may be the most beautiful of our native ferns. Southern Shield fern is a large and gorgeous fern too.

I've wanted Goldenclub after reading this description of it in Gardening with Native Plants of the South by Sally Wasowski:

"Goldenclub has beautiful leaves ~ fresh, smooth and sometimes bluish ~ with a slightly pleated look. The flowers are unusual, not unlike colorful rat's tails. But, don't let that put you off; they're really very entertaining, and amazingly, they hold their own with iris and spiderlily, both of which bloom at the same time. Goldenclub is not for the bog garden. It needs gently flowing, oxygen-rich water. If a pond is too sluggish, this plant will pull itself up on the bank. Keep it happy in a pool with a recirculating pump, in the flow of a seep (where it will seed itself downhill), or in the protected eddy of a back-yard stream that isn't too shady. It looks its best in a little sun."
Who could pass up the plant after reading that description? It lives up to the hype too; just look at those leaves.

I don't think I've seen it for sale at the Garden though, and but if I ever do I might have a good spot for it, in the ditch below the bed where the native azaleas are. There is gently flowing water always except during drought, and sun for half a day.

Royal and cinnamon fern in the Coastal Plain section of the Garden.

Cinnamon and royal ferns grow in the woods near our house because of all of the natural springs there. I love cinnamon fern but haven't used it in the garden, although I should. It's a very beautiful and dramatic fern.

I was in Raleigh on Friday and decided to visit the JC Raulston Arboretum since I was already so close. It was a beautiful day and a lot of people were there visiting the garden. I saw many plants I'd like to get my hands on.

The lilacs were GORGEOUS ~ huge, beautiful, and fragrant. None of these are Syringa vulgaris as those don't tend to be happy west of Greensboro. None had quite the fragrance of S. vulgaris but were pleasing nonetheless. The Cutleaf Lilac looked magnificent; 4' square at least of dainty lavender blooms. It stood out from across the Arboretum. Syringa oblata subsp. dilatata is a good 8 feet high and covered in purple flower clusters that are about twice the size as that of S. vulgaris. The white cultivar 'Frank Meyer' has slighter smaller flowers but the effect was that of a shrub blanketed in snow. There is a white S. oblata hybrid named'Betsy Ross' planted in the White Garden that has flowers has large as the purple S. oblata.

On the farm over the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of spring clean-up, taking down the old Bidens stalks, weeding, and cutting back the beautyberries and Buddleia. I have been doing some "clean-up" all winter, cutting back the bamboo, blackberry wines and greenbriar in places where they were getting out of control. We are having beautiful weather for outside work.

Friday, March 18, 2011

More NCBG Good Stuff

*All photos in this post were taken at the North Carolina Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill in April 2010*

This picture makes me miss the 'May Breeze' Woodland Phlox that I got in a trade and lost in one of those droughts we've been having every summer. Time to try it again. ;) The pale blue/ white makes a fabulous combination with the other blues and lavenders. The Garden sometimes offers P. divaricata seeds on its annual seed list and sells plants on-site too.

I've tried and failed with Pitcher Plant and plan to try again. They were easy to start from seed and I put them where the water drains from the house roof, but the dirt was probably too heavy, or they dried out at some point. Pitcher Plants like peat bogs, which are wet, acidic, and nutrient-poor.

The chartreuse blooms belong to the Yellow Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia flava)
and among the species with the wine-colored blooms are Purple Pitcher
Plant (Sarracenia purpurea) and Sweet Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia rubra).

Rob Gardner, who brought us Baptisia 'Purple Smoke' and Baptisia 'Carolina Moonlight', also developed several Sarracenia hybrids.

If you're going to have a carnivorous plant display you've got to have a bug sculpture! I have had random thoughts of designing a garden sculpture, buying the materials and asking my FIL, who was a welder by trade, to build it, but it's probably not in the cards. He's 65, had a knee replacement that didn't go well and forced him to retire early, and asking him to do something like that would probably be too much.

Meadow beauty, orchids, Sabatia, and few-flowered milkweed also grow in these beds and bloom in summer. Few-flowered milkweed has been offered on the seed list before and if it's offered again I'm definitely going to choose it! The color of the flowers is out of this world. Normally I don't like red-orange, except for Turk's Cap and Carolina Lilies, but these flowers positively glow. It's a tall and graceful milkweed.

Wild Sabatia grows on our farm. I am not sure of the species, although the flowers are smaller than the one on display in the Garden. Here Sabatia forms sweetly fragrant miniature pink bouquets in sunny wet places in June, in the ditches along the grass road that runs between the pastures and down to the creek. If you have a pond or bog garden and live in zone 7 or south, I definitely recommend this genus.

I have not seen any wild Pawpaws on the farm, as we are probably too far east, but I have grown a couple from seed from the Garden. One is about 5' tall now. It needs more buddies. It hasn't bloomed yet, but there is a good-sized Pawpaw at the Garden that blooms and fruits every year.

It has a beautiful Dutchman's Pipe climbing up through it, which I've seen in bloom before and the flowers are absolutely charming.

The Garden offered the seeds of Cumberland azalea this year but I took a pass on it, although it's a beautiful azalea, with vivid red-orange flowers in the middle of summer. I probably should have tried them but growing azaleas from seed takes patience, patience, and more patience. I wish they would someday offer the seeds of the Florida azalea that grows by the Totten Center.

There are some big beautiful Fla azalea specimens in the mountain section, with bright orange flowers, much like the ones I have only a little brighter, and they are gorgeous.

The one by the Totten Center is unusual though. The buds are reminiscent of a
Flame Azalea, a swirl of pink, cream and gold, but very very sweetly fragrant.

Eventually the flowers fade to cream while hanging on to their fragrance. The
effect may look a little anemic in the photo but in person it's definitely not.

This isn't the end of my wants from the Garden, not by a long shot. ;) We're lucky to have a resource like this within an hour's drive.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NCBG Seed List !

Last week I got the 2011 Member's Seed List from the NC Botanical Garden. Always a cause for celebration. :)

Notice the first item circled on the list: Amsonia ciliata, or Sandhills Bluestar. Sweet !! I fell in love
with this Bluestar after seeing it in the Coastal Plain section of the Botanical Garden last spring.

I have started their Amsonia tabernamontana from seed to see if it was any different from mine. It comes up a lot later than mine does and the foliage doesn't have the dark blue-green cast when it's new. Like mine it is extremely drought tolerant ~ it has big thick roots that voles won't eat and just it ducks underground in summer drought. I'm going to try Foamflower from seed this year. This lovely planting is next to Totten House at the NCBG and photographed in April 2010.

I'm going to try to grow more of their Geranium maculatum too. I love the one that grows wild here but I think this one is showier. It's as though it has magic dust sprinkled on it. The color really shines in part shade.

Members get 8 seed choices. My others for this year are:

Marsh Eryngo ~ descriptions from the NCBG Seed List; usually short but compelling :) "Interesting architectural plant; attracts many pollinators"

Piedmont Staggerbush ~ "Petite, well-behaved shrub; numerous, urn-shaped flowers in spring; brilliant color in fall"

White Meadow Beauty ~ I have two species of Meadow Beauty in various shades of pink but not white.

Large-flower American Aster ~ to replace the one I lost during a wet winter

Virginia Goat's Rue ~ "Low-growing legume provides color in dry places; charming and under-used." Should be happy up at the mailbox.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blooming Friday ~ Feeling Blue

It seems odd to me that the color blue is associated with sadness, when a sunny day with blue skies is generally considered "gorgeous" and lifts people's spirits. Blue and its cousin purple are great mediators in the garden, making almost any color combination go together.

All of the following pictures were taken in April and May of '08, '09, and '10. Spring is not that far advanced here yet ~ but just give it 2-4 weeks! ;)

"Eva's blue-violet" iris
(Eva was my husband's grandmother's name.)

Iris virginica

Iris from my garden

An iris with forget-me-nots in the background, from the Twin Sisters' garden in Chapel Hill.

Seedlings of the spiderwort 'Zwanenburg Blue' that I transplanted next to our front sidewalk.
None has the vivid gentian violet of the parent but I like the soft shades of blue to lavender.
The sky blue flowers in the background are that of woodland phlox (Phlox divaricata).

'Zwanenburg Blue', a pink passalong, and children.

Catmint does well in the dry beds around the house.

A skullcap that grows wild on our farm and definitely deserves a place in the garden. It forms pools of lavender-blue in ditches and next to the woods in spring.

Amsonia tabernaemontana grows wild here as well. It's one of the truest blues I have in the garden.

This flower is very near and dear to my heart ~ Virginia Bluebells. Could anything be lovelier?
We used to see huge clumps of these growing wild in the parks we hived when we lived in western
PA (Enlow Fork being one of them). The color in the photo is not enhanced at all.

This Virginia Bluebell, photographed at Niche Gardens in Chapel Hill, is a softer color, but equally lovely!

Woodland Phlox

and Jacob's Ladder next to the sidewalk of our house.

Woodland phlox along the east side of the house. The Virginia Bluebells are in the background.

The pale blue phox is 'Clouds of Perfume', the medium blue-violet is 'London Grove Blue', and the darker purple violet is 'Louisiana'.

To finish, apple tree blossoms and blue sky

Happy Friday and thank you to Katarina at roses and stuff for hosting Blooming Friday.

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