Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flowers for a Wednesday

I grew this Prairie Rose (R. setigera) from seed obtained in a trade about 3 years ago, and was pleasantly surprised that it bloomed this year. I had to whack it back when I moved it last fall (otherwise it was going to take over the vegetable garden), so I didn't think it would bloom this year. But it has! I love its vivid pink blooms in June.

This no-name Spiderwort (probably a T. virginiana hybrid or cultivar) has been in bloom since April.

Hymenocallis liriosme has been a shy bloomer for me so far, but I can't really complain.
When it blooms it's spectacular. Fragrant too, a little like Ivory soap but much sweeter.

Such a flower is worth waiting for!


  1. I love the Hymenocallis liriosme! What a spectacular bloom... Spider lily is an apt name for it. Love the delicate single Prairie rose too... I have one very much the same. Maybe i should cut mine back for I prefer your lower fuller form.

  2. Your photos are spectacular today (always actually) but today the rose photos are calling to me! They love you and I am not surprised they bloomed even after you cut them down and moved them.

    I have been too embarrassed to tell you that the rose you sent me is struggling to survive. I hope it makes it!


  3. I do like that rose and am ever so impressed you grew it from seed. My spiderwort is also blooming (another one that blooms the same time in CA and MI!). I've not heard of Hymenocallis liriosme, but it is striking.

  4. Three years from seed and your rose is putting on quite a display. That's fast. I love the simple but delicate blooms.

  5. I love the rose, it's really pretty. The very last flower is so unusual. It seems like it's worth waiting for blooms from it.

  6. Sweetbay I know you have such a sense of accomplishment from growing you prairie rose. It's beautiful.--Randy

  7. Wow, to think your Prairie Rose was grown from seed. Awesome. I love the colors of this rose. Each picture was just beautiful.

    I'm waiting for my spider lilies to bloom. They are a real treat and they have a delicately, sweet scent.

    Happy Gardening and thanks for sharing from your lovely gardens.


  8. The rose is so pretty. The Hymenocallis liriosme is so worth waiting for - to say the least!!! How delicate and gorgeous and just plain different is that?

  9. I'm not a rose grower, so it's amazing to me that you have that pretty rose that you grew from seed! I've never seen that white flower before. I like it.

  10. I agree with Sue, can't imagine growing a rose from seed. Amazing to me. Only shrub roses in my yard, but I'm nuts about them. The flower on your hymenocallis liriosme really caught my eye.

  11. You've grown a beautiful rose from seed. It must be so satisfying.

    That spider lily is stunning.


  12. Precioso blog.
    Te invito al mio....

  13. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I used your great photo of the Hymenocallis on the Peterson Field Guides Facebook page today (with attribution). Thanks for making it available through Creative Commons!


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