Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day July 2009

Daylily 'Lavender Deal'

The daylilies have seemed to just bloom and bloom this summer. They aren't done yet! I have them everywhere in the gardens, mostly divisions and seedlings. Below is 'Hyperion' with Monarda 'Claire Grace' and Phlox 'Robert Poore'. 'Hyperion' is still one of the most best yellow daylilies out there. It produces a whole bouquet of flowers at one time, for a very long time. It's deliciously fragrant too.

'Hyperion' seedling or noid yellow

Daylily ordered from Wayside years ago, when we still lived in Pennsylvania, and the name tag has long since been lost.

This pale pink daylily was part of a mixed bag my husband bought from Lowe's, so it may be an unregistered seedling. If so, that is a shame, because this is a lovely daylily. The color and texture are so smooth, and it produces a lot of flowers.

'Pandora's Box'

'Meriam White'

'Lavender Stardust'

'Lavender Deal'

'Miles Davis'

'Bryan Paul'

'Rocket City'?

Blue Porterweed (Verbena aff. xutha, formerly Stachytarpheta jamaicencis?)

Carolina Wild Petunia (Ruellia caroliniensis)

Yes, Baptisia alba, blooming a good 2 1/2 months after the others have bloomed. This one always blooms late.

Monarda 'Raspberry Wine'

Penstemon 'Midnight', still putting out flowers over a month after it started blooming this year.

Hosta ventricosa

Rudbeckia hirta

Thank you Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day.


  1. Loved seeing your daylilies. I just planted a pandora's box. Can't wait to see it's bloom next year.

  2. Wow! What a collection of blooms you have right now! And, still so many daylilies! I know it's wrong but I'm jealous.:-)--Randy

  3. Your daylilies are most gorgeous! I like the ones that produce a lot of flowers too. I'd love a pink one so I am looking for one of those this year. Love the shot of the purple bee balm with Hyperion. Great colors!

  4. Hmm. Seems that I have competition as a day lily fancier! Your collection is superb. Your garden is beautiful and I'l glad I stopped by.

  5. Your daylilies are beautiful. Mine are especially nice this year too, all the rain I guess. Love the color of Lavender Deal and the unknown pink. I just placed an order for a couple more DL's. Got a white, a double yellow and one with a purple eye and ruffles.

  6. As usual Sweetbay ~ when you show new pictures of your gorgeous flowers I am in awe. I love them all.


  7. I never realized how many daylilies there were until this year. You have so many pretty ones in your garden. My Baptisia bloomed and finished a long time ago, I wonder if it's just alba that blooms later or you're lucky? :) As usual you have lots of pretty flowers!

  8. Sweetbay, Go ahead and name that perfect seedling from the big box store~~Sweetbay's Pink sounds good to me! I love the daylilies and appreciate any plant that continues to put out flowers like they do...I am totally surprised but several of mine are still blooming. Must be the rain we've had of late. I miss didn't bloom well this year, but it is a keeper daylily. Lucky gardener to have baptisia this late! Thanks for the long views I love them. gail

  9. Your lillies are really beautiful. I enjoyed the photos.

  10. What a great mix of daylilies. I particularly like the Lavender Stardust, I will have to keep a look out for that one.

  11. Wow! such beautiful blooms, love all the different colors of day lilies.
    Happy GBBD!


  12. Yum, I love the Raspberry Wine!! Great color.

  13. The daylilies are beautiful. I do love the lavender ones. Is that unusual for the baptisia to bloom so late or does the white ones do that? I have the "Robert Poore" phlox and it always performs nicely and never gets mildew like my other ones do.

  14. Oh my, those daylilies are lovely! I love the long views. Your garden is looking beautiful. And those closeups...just gorgeous! That pale pink is really lovely, isn't it? I like Gail's suggestion for a name :)
    Wow, that Pensemon is such a vivid purple. Wonderful!
    Happy Bloom Day!

  15. Looks like you have a lot going on. All your shots are nice, but I really like the color on that penstemon.

  16. I love the daylily 'gentle shepherd'.

    Your Monarda look so fit and well.

    We get Verbena aff. xutha over here. This year seems to be a bumper year for the evening primrose as well.

    Lovely images

  17. Hi Sweet bay... Love your 'Lavender Deal' and your shots of the Monarda are lovely. Beautiful light in your Hosta shot and as always I love the textures and feeling in your garden! What a gorgeous collection of daylilies and beautiful portraits!

  18. Sweet Bay, I enjoyed all your lovely blossoms! Our garden is full of daylilies, too. I am guessing your lovely shell pink daylily is 'Catherine Woodbury.' And yes, the orange one does look like 'Rocket City' which we have, as well. We have the red one and I have wondered if it is 'Crimson Pirate' but the googled images show a variety of different daylilies labeled 'Crimson Pirate' and I don't know which one is the real one! So no positive ID there. If you find out, let me know. :) I enjoyed all the blossoms! Thanks so much for sharing. ~~Rhonda in s. IL

  19. Your garden looks so fresh and lovely this bloom day. My daylilies are nearly finished, and I agree that Hyperion is one wonderful, lemon yellow daylily that just blooms and blooms. Lucky us.~~Dee

  20. Your lovely daylilies make me realize I need to move mine to sunnier spots...they just didn't perform that well this year and yours make me jealous!

  21. Thank you for your comments everyone!

    Baptisia alba usually blooms in April/ May along with the others, but I think this particular one blooms so late because it ended up being buried so deep.

    I think I will order Catherine Woodbury to compare, since I've heard such nice things about her.

    Gail, I like the name Sweetbay's Pink!

  22. I love all of daylilies you have! I think the several lavender ones may be my favorites. We like to grow a lot of the same flowers. I have several of the other ones you posted, too. Wild petunias take care of themselves, don't they?

    Beautiful blooms for bloom day! Have a great weekend!

  23. I love seeing your daylilies too. The unnamed pink is a keeper. You could make up your own name for it. Hyperion is one of the best, the height, fragrance and vigor is appreciated here too. Amazing about the baptisia blooming so late. So much more appreciated when blooming out of season, sort of. Great captures of the susans too. :-)

  24. Sweet bay thank you for visiting my blog... I am so lame with names! Sorry not to know them... they each had a tag but the letters faded alas! I will ask the grower about your question though.

  25. Swwet Bay, you are living in lily heaven there in NC. I especially like the ones that are lavender. Back in the 60's when I was a crazy and wild teenager, everything in my room was lavender and also lots of my clothes. Now I'd be happy if I had lavender lilies like yours.

  26. Wonderful garden, wonderful blooms! I am especially impressed by the lavender daylilies! Thanks for your comments on my blog and greetings from Alaska!

  27. What a wonderful, lush garden you have!

    I love the Gentle Shepard daylily - gorgeous :)


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