Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blooming Friday

Lots of iris, roses and Baptisia for Blooming Friday this week. We got a good bit of rain the last couple of days, which haven't knocked over the Foxglove (yet, anyway), so the plants and I are all exuberantly happy.

'Hansa' in the foreground.

'Climbing Old Blush' with Baptisia alba

Baptisia 'Purple Smoke' and B. alba

The seed which produced this plant came from Baptisia alba, but clearly there's some B. australis genes in there too.

My first impulse when I say this iris was "Yuck!". Now it's really grown on me. It sets off the purples of the other iris beautifully.

'Hansa', perfection in a rose

'Theodolinda', a lovely fragrant historic iris introduced in 1932.

Eva's White

Mystery iris

This Dianthus has the most wonderful fragrance; it reminds me a lot of American Snowbell. Not the Dianthus fragrance I'm used to, which is a mix of clove and cotton candy.

Iris virginica

Marsh Phlox

Japanese Roof Iris

Blue Geranium

Bud of 'Clotilde Soupert'

'Foxi Pavement'

Rugosa alba

Hodgepodge between the house and driveway: Gulf Coast penstemon, foxglove, mockorange, and an unknown China/ Gallica hybrid.

Looking the other way, up the hill.

Thank you to Katarina at roses and stuff for hosting Blooming Friday.


  1. It's beautiful Sweetbay! The roses are superb, that Hansa is a charmer. Your garden is a wonderful meld of natives and native friendlies...I do hope to see it in person sometime! Have a wonderful weekend in and out of the garden! gail

  2. Love your Dianthus... too bad there is no way to add scents and songs to our blogs! Also the Japanese roof iris is glorious! Lovely natural feeling to your garden. I am just wondering where are your horses?

  3. You have so many pretty flowers blooming! I love all of your iris. I'm wondering if I'll get blooms on mine this year. Do they take awhile to bloom the first time?
    That dianthus really is pretty, I haven't see one like that before.

  4. Ha...this is the most Blooming Friday post ever, it's amazing Sweetbay. I'm a huge fan of both Hansa Roses and Irises so I love it!


  5. Such a lot of beautiful pictures!
    Baptisia, I like them. I tried to find them in my Botanica. Do they have some other name? They are really beautiful.

  6. Lovely photos! I just love all the Irises! And the Dianthus is fabolous....

  7. Sigh... so many beautiful flowers! I like the Theodolinda. :-)

  8. Sweet Bay,
    You've got it going on with the blooms in your garden! I love the rose macro!--Randy

  9. Lots of beutiful images, see you have some aquilegias as well (my favorite flower). The image Bud of Clotilde Soupert is absolutely stunning, love it.
    Have a lovely friday!

  10. Thank you for your comments everyone.

    Gail, that would be wonderful to have you here in person sometime...

    Hi Carol, at night the horses are kept in the paddock on the right in the last picture. During the day they go into one of the pastures that are downhill from the house.

  11. You have so many beautiful blooms I don't know where to begin. I haven't grown baptisia but from the photos, I need to change that. Love the iris, Theodolinda is lovely, blue is my favorite. Hansa is a great rose. Foxglove, it doesn't like this part of the country. I have managed to keep a few going but can never get a nice clump. REally enjoyed this post.

  12. Lillibeth, Baptisia is a genus name. It's also known as False Indigo. They are wonderful garden plants.

  13. I just love the bapitisias! So many varities-I never knew. I'm with you initially with the muddy irises, but they do grow on you when paired correctly. Your garden is a world of beauty.

  14. Girl, you're smothered in beautiful flowers! I love irises too, the first ones are budding. Have a great weekend!

  15. Wow! You've got so many gorgeous flowers in bloom! I love Hansa and the other roses, as well as your irises. And you just opened my eyes for Baptisia. Should be perfect among my rose shrubs!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Hi Sweetbay, what a delight! That is one gorgeous dianthus. Well they are all gorgeous, including the iris you thought was yucky, I love those colors. They really make good foils for the pinks and blues and whites so common in the garden right now. Wouldn't that look good with one of the bronze carex? Just a though. :-)

  17. Hmm, I'll have to look at the bronze carex... :) At first I thought the colors of that iris looked too autumnal, but quickly changed my mind. I like the warm honey tones.


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