Monday, May 11, 2009

Blue Monday

It's raining today, but we had an absolutely gorgeous weekend.

This is an amsonia that I found growing in the sloughs and floodway fields of our farm. I think it's Amsonia tabernaemontana. The foliage is a beautiful blue-green in spring and is as appealing as the blue flowers.

Bluestar with Eastern columbine. I have also planted this part of the garden
with blue and white baptisia, which should bloom in the next couple of years.

A pair of bluebirds are nesting in the martin house this year. Purple martins have never used the house, in spite of the fact that there are purple martins flying around all of the time. We figure that the house isn't quite high enough for them.

Eventually I will get shots of the blue grosbeaks and indigo buntings. But there's a world of difference between saying "Oh look, there's an Indigo Bunting" and actually getting a good photo!


  1. That is one lovely garden. So serene and what a lovely combination. Good good luck with that indigo!:)

  2. I like a true Blue in the Garden and since the birds don't live in the UK I will try Amasonia

  3. I really like the amsonia, I saw some at a nursery this weekend. Now I wish I would've gotten it, I had no idea what the flowers looked like.
    Great bluebird pictures!

  4. Sweet Bay,
    We have one little wren keeping away our martins and he doesn't even live in the house. He just hangs out there!--Randy

  5. Love the Amsonia - it reminds me just a tiny bit of the Cornflower. Your garden is lovely - what is the pink one in the background?

  6. Hi Sweetbay

    That Amsonia tabernaemontana works perfectly with the Columbine. Do you also know it as Dogbane?


  7. Aren't Amsonia the cutest? I have one, too, but it's not blooming yet and I'd have to run outside to check the tag for the exact cultivar. Also love the purple martin. Very sleek!

  8. Sweetbay...Your amsonia/Bluestar really is blue and a lovely blue, too! ! Mine is the palest of blues! Hard to tell it from white! The bluebird is delightful...I know we have them in the house...but they are too quick for me to capture a photo. We saw an indigo bunting this weekend...They are gorgeous! gail

  9. Lovely shade of blue. My favorite color in the garden.

    I'm not having much luck getting good bird photos. Got a couple not very good ones of the Indigo Buntings. Have 5 males and at least one female staying with me. It fun to try.

  10. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Randy I can just see that wren...

    RainGardener, that's Eastern Columbine. Some are pink and yellow rather than the more common red and yellow.

    Rob, yes, Dogbane is a common name for Amsonia here too. In fact I always think of that name whenever I see a broken stem with the milky white sap.

    Gail, this blue and pale blue would be delightful together, wouldn't they? I am very fond of this Amsonia.

  11. I love amsonia! Lovely lovely blue stars and that darling bluebird ... they all have their unique look. Blue Grosbeaks!! Wow! Can't wait for that post!


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