Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and Blooming Friday

Eva's White

Spiderwort, possibly 'Osprey'

Noid blue iris


'Jelly Bean'

The Atamasco lilies have been blooming for almost 2 months now. Perhaps
they are buried at different depths. This lily is in one of our fields.


'Archduke Charles'

'Duchesse de Brabant'

'Pink Pillar'

Rugosa rubra with Gulf Coast Penstemon

Perennial sweet pea

Corn Poppy, which doesn't really fit into the color scheme.

Baptisia alba with Eastern columbine

Baptisia australis

Phlox pilosa

Pink showy primrose

'Belinda's Dream' (top) with unknown rose, stalks of Verbena
, and a flower of 'Veilchenblau' in the background.

'Hansa' with Baptisia alba and 'Purple Smoke'; 'Knockout' in far background.

'Dusky Challenger'

'Clotilde Soupert'

'Marie Pavie'

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day and Katarina at roses and stuff for hosting Blooming Friday.


  1. Your photos are so many, and so nice, and I'm sure all readers are sighing with delight today!

  2. That rose, Marie Pavie, so beautiful. You must have ful summer now. Lucky you! Thanks for al your wonderful pictures.

  3. You have so many beautiful blooms.

    I really like the blues and indigos.


  4. Gorgeous flowers, and so many varieties – lucky you!

  5. Sweetbay,

    Loved your foxglove photos! The spiderwort is cool too. Meg pointed out a dark pink spiderwort in the garden this morning next to the blue one. I don't recall ever buying it.

  6. Wow, you have such a great number of wonderful things blooming! Most everything you show is a few weeks to a month away from blooming here in MI--except Columbine, which is also currently blooming. Interesting!

  7. I think you identified an iris for me! That Jelly Bean. Someone gave me one and it has like taken over here. I always appreciate your pictures and identifications so much. Your gardens are lovely-especially the red poppy-it may not mix well but is brilliant for sure.

  8. *Sigh* Oh my... That was just incredible. So many beautiful blooms. I got lost in the photos.

    Tina- I was just fixing to say that's your iris! LOL

  9. Sweetbay...It took me a few seconds to realize that Noid...was NO ID! Now you can laugh! Your flowers are so happy in full sun! I can see how beautifully they grow! The baptisia is outstanding...huge blooms and the roses always make me smile. The poppies are a nice jolt of color! Have a delicious day...the phlox pilosa is a lovely clear pink! gail

  10. That's a lot! Isn't it great when you have so much in bloom you can only post some? They're all beautiful!

  11. Love your roses! What an unusual Dianthus, really pretty. Your bloom day is just beautiful.

  12. Soo many beautiful flowers you have. The Dusky Challenger is absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Delighted to see your garden this Bloom Day! My back's been too bad to take the time at the computer to load photos, but it still allows enough time to enjoy yours.

    The Dusky Challengers are blooming like crazy here, too. Hope the little Texas transplants will be able to keep up with their new garden mates.

  14. What a joy, to watch your lovely flowers! Your roses are fantastic! I especially like Clotilde Soupert - don't think I've seen that one around here. Must look for it!
    Have a great blooming weekend!

  15. Sweetbay, your garden looks to me like "Paradise". It must be wonderful to wander between the flowers. All the roses are so beautiful. The dewy petals misted with the warmth of the rising sun exuding their heady scent. It is such a wonder of nature and naturally busy, loving gardener's hands. You must have so much pleasure to snap all the beauties. You have done a wonderful job.

  16. Really nice color scheme. Everything combines really well, except of course the poppy which are hard to exclude from a garden and a bloom post. Really nice irises.

  17. SweetBay, the Dianthus in the photo on this blog is awesome. I have never seen one before and it looks wonderful. We will be adding these to our garden soon. It looks so delicate.

  18. Such a stunning show of flowers today! WOW!! Roses too..I'm envious as here in my's all about the early bulbs and blossoming trees!
    Beautiful post!!

  19. Wow, you are ahead of us. We do grow a lot of the same plants. I bet that dianthus is perennial for you. I can only find it at the local nursery I have had on my blog. They call it "spooky" and hand write it on a dianthus tag. It has overwintered in a large tub before, but I buy a 6 pack every spring.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Amazing Sweetbay, all those lovely blooms at the same time!
    It's like...a paradise.
    Have a great weekend my friend/ Tyra

  21. What a gorgeous bouquet!!! All those roses... beautiful palette all around! Absolutely lovely and the fragrance must be a joy.

  22. Too many to take in all at once, lovely.

    Interesting, the Atamasco Lilies. I've not seen them in any other Bloom Day post. I've never grown them, but they are a frequent sight growing on the roadsides in the next county, which has a little different terrain than ours and the wildflowers are different.

  23. Lovely, all of them! Especiallay the Irises are adorable. And nice to see that you also have flowers off the color scheme - just like me....

  24. A lot of lovely blooms, all at the same time.

  25. I realy love your Iris! It's my new love..*smile*.. Your bloom day is just beautiful/Moa

  26. Hi Sweetbay, you have so many wonderful antique roses, such a variety of those lovelies, yummy! Dusky Challenger is magnificent. And thanks so much for the iris Loreley ID! :-)

  27. SweetBay, Just wanted you to know that because of you we had to make a late run to Home Depot on Saturday. Saw those "Fox Glove" and had to have some. They are now in our front bed welcoming our friends. We are still looking for the Dianthus.

  28. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I really appreciate them!

    Jimmy and Wade, I am almost certain that Dianthus is D. superbus.

  29. It was a real treat to look through your gorgeous photos of the blooms in your garden. Just beautiful! Love the roses...all of them! I just can't pick a 'favorite'! The poppies, even though they may not match the 'color scheme' are so pretty...I wouldn't even care if they were a little 'different'!! They add to the ambience in their own special way!!

  30. Thought I would say hello ,you have some beautiful roses and well all the others are great looking also . I understand about the summer months bringing the beetles I think they are the culprits who have clean the leaves from my roses ,I have sprayed and dusted and nothing has worked but they gave me some amazing blooms before the devastation .Jimmy

  31. I am a recent transplant from California to New England. I can't tell you what happiness your rose images brought me. Mine are still in the small bud stage (and all are 1-2 years old). So I'm delighted to live vicariously through your garden. I was especially happy to see Veilchenblau. I bought it for my sister-in-law—over two decades ago—who loves the color purple. I haven't seen hers in years. Yours brought me back in time and place.

  32. You have lots of pinks, blues, purples and whites out now. I particularly like the light blue shades of the iris in your second photo. You have to smile at the corn poppy which avoids all that peer pressure for soft spring colours and marches to its own beat.


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