Friday, May 22, 2009

Blooming Friday May 21, 2009

It's a celebration of late spring flowers here: the last of the iris, larkspur, roses and foxgloves..

Border of vegetable garden, with big perennial bed in background.

This is a partial view of the plantings between the house and the driveway, looking down over the vegetable garden and down to the big perennial bed. That's the well cover off to the left, and the makings of a new bed behind that.

Part of the garden between the house and drive.

Looking the opposite direction, toward the neighbor's pasture.

Lots of foxglove in the garden this year, although I always think I'd like twice as much as I have.

'Festiva Maxima'

Siberian Iris

Louisiana Iris 'Sinfonietta'

A noid Louisiana iris

No, it's not Delphinium, but heck I'll take it.

Carolina Bush Pea


Perennial sweet pea

Rosa palustris scandens


'Dusky Challenger'

Rosa carolina

Thank you to Katarina at roses and stuff for hosting Blooming Friday.


  1. Thankyou for beautiful and inspiring pictures.

  2. you show us an entire garden. :)
    lovely, but can´t comment on every image.

  3. Lovely "wild" beds, and your Foxgloves are stunning. But, most of all, thanks a lot for giving me the name of the purple irises I have (inherited from previous owners). I have tried to work it out, but failed. They look exactly like your Siberian! I owe you! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Sweetbay,

    Just wanted you to know when it comes to Blooming Fridays your site is always to first one I look at. The Carolina Rose was my favorite today. We have about 10 blooms around the tree next to our deck.

  5. Gosh Sweet bay... what a collection... love the foxglove and the shots looking out towards the field. Your garden has such a lovely natural feel to it. Beautiful!

  6. Wow, what a garden! With all that flowers, it must be Paradise?
    /Eva Linnea

  7. Your foxgloves are wonderful. I had just two blooms here but hopefully they'll spread about. My bonerienisis just began blooming. Yours is so full and lovely. I know the butterflies love it!

  8. Sweet Bay,
    Everything looks beautiful!Our Larkspur didn't come up yet, but we did plant the seeds this spring instead of last fall.--Randy

  9. I envy your foxgloves. They don't grow well here but I keep trying and have a very few.

  10. Seeing all of your flowers makes me even more anxious to see mine. I'm growing larkspur too because I can't get delphiniums to grow here, the slugs love them. Love all the pinks and purples.

  11. Gorgeous gardens sweet bay. You have sooooooooo many flowers. Don't they look so beautiful when shot close up. Festiva Maxima is just gorgeous and the white one with the purple center looks so delicate (after the Foxgloves). I could comment on them all day. I'm trying to get around and visit again - been outside working and it just seems this old lady can't do it all very well yet!

  12. Hi Sweetbay

    I agree about foxgloves, the more the merrier.

    It's interesting to see you're a week or two ahead over SW France. My Verbena bonariensis and Nigela won't bloom just yet.


  13. Love all you pretty plants, especially the Digitalis!

  14. Beautiful pictures as always, it´s a joy to make a visit every friday and lokk at all your fabulous flowers.

  15. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Your garden is so lovely. I love this time of year. My garden in Sweden looks similar as many of the flowers are the same and flowering at the same time. i can never believe they will survive the snow. Great blog!!

  16. Your garden must be huge (and wonderful!) - every Friday you show more lovely photos of adorable flowers... Especially the Irises are my favorites - as always =)

  17. What wonderful blooms you have! I too love foxgloves; the more the better. Also love the Verbena bonsaresis (spelled wrong), spiderwort, and Nigella. So sweet.

  18. Sweetbay~~From start to finish a marvelous array of flowers! Oh, to be able to get foxglove established...Dusky Challenger is a spectacular rich purple...and the Carolina Rose makes me smile! Have a delicious weekend. gail

  19. Oh! Your garden is so beautiful already. I agree you can't have too many fogloves.

  20. I saw lots of Foxgloves in London - can't wait 'til mine are blooming.

  21. Look at all those lovely blooms! I am excited that I have some nigellas coming up, and foxglove getting ready to bloom. I think I have a spiderwort like your white one with blue fuzz.

  22. What lovely blooms you have there in the country. Enlarging the first few photos made your yard look so inviting. Especially love all the white flowers.

  23. I can easily understand why you would want to have more foxgloves. They are so beautiful in your garden. I noticed your pretty nigellas also.


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