Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fanciful Part II The Winter Version

We've had a mild dry winter so far. The rugosa leaves were still golden at Christmas.

The garden in December

Which is a good thing because gray wet chilly days make me want to stay inside and curl up on the couch with the cats.

Instead, we've had lots of sunny days which are a real godsend in winter. Such winter days are an an invitation to do whatever strikes the gardener's fancy.

Weeding, planting, clearing the ditch behind the big bed of woody plants and briars

or just hanging out in the sunshine for a bit.

(Prince sucks on his tongue when he's happy.)

Winter is a time to appreciate the fine details in the garden.

Some years the Japanese Flowering Apricot comes into flowering-all-at-once spectacular bloom, and other years it stays in a half to third bloom over 2 months. This year is one of the latter years.

Warm winter days bring out the Honeybees

and even a native Hoverfly.

All of the winter bloomers are following the same pattern as the Apricot trees; Winter Honeysuckle and a Witch Hazel (a child of 'Jelena', and holding on tight to those leaves! but beautifully fragrant) have been in bloom for over a month now.


  1. Wonderful post! It's great to see the blooming flowers in the winter! The Horse's pictures are superb! I had to smile when I saw the one of his nose, because I sent one similar to that to Weather Undergrounds Wunder Photos and It won the Approvers Choice award;-)

  2. That winter blooming apricot is gorgeous. I can't imagine having such frilly, pretty blooms in the dead of winter. What a lift!

  3. Sweetbay, Your pictures of the Japanese Flowering Apricot took my breath away! What a beautiful shrub! Your pictures are always simply superb. I like your portrait of Prince. He is quite a handsome guy.

  4. Sweetbay,

    Wow the Japanese Flowering Apricot photos are stunning. Now we know the color of Japanese Flowering Apricot nectar from the legs of your bee photos. Your garden would be a great place for a bee hive.

    I posted 22 different camellias in bloom from Duke Gardens amazing for January 20!

  5. We just had a good amount of rain, so not sure if I would call ours a dry winter...though certainly not overly wet. It IS mild!! Love your Prunus mume, Apricot....such delicate pink blooms.
    Winter IS the time to appreciate the small details in the garden.
    Love the tongue sucking picture.

  6. The Japanese apricot blooms are lovely. They look like spring. Interesting that your bees are out in the winter.
    I see what you mean about your horses' light winter coats. Ours need the protection from the cold that they get from their thick coats. Prince is a pretty boy!

  7. Your flowering apricot is just gorgeous in bloom. What a pretty pink it is. Nice to have some blooms for the pollinators.

  8. We have had one of the mildest winters for some years following a record mild Autumn. I reckon the season is 6 weeks ahead of itself.

  9. Beautiful pictures. I can't believe your apricot blooms in January. Here apricots begin in February, and I thought it was early! I also enjoy the foliage on my rugosas, but the hips don't last long for me - they all rot. Yours look really good. We have also had a lot of sunny days this winter (too bad because we really need rain), and I was out in the garden a lot too.

  10. Gorgeous Japanese Apricot...with a Honey Bee! I do miss the bees in the winter.
    It has been mild and dry here too. I do hope we get some snow before the winter is over.
    I have gone back three times looking at your amazing Apricot....gorgeous!

  11. You are so right...I need to get out in the garden now...the parking strip will not dig itself up! Still...I have hot coffee and the internet in here...hmmm ;-)

  12. Your flowering apricot tree is gorgeous! Your photos are stunning as always, Sweetbay, and it's such a treat to see the blooms and bees at this time of year. Our winter went from mild to "normal," meaning too cold to work outside. As tempting as working in the garden might be, I think I'd rather hang out with handsome Prince or your adorable kitty.

  13. Lovely pics! We also have had lots more sunshine than usual here in Idaho....I have sooo enjoyed it. I haven't even had to use my SAD light this year.
    Love the flowering beautiful!

  14. Your winter garden is so lovely! Prince has good reason to be happy in such a wonderful environment! I have been frustrated this month, as we have had day after day of pleasant temperatures but so much rain I have had little opportunity to get out in the garden. Seems the only time the sun shines is when I am at work!

    I also enjoyed your previous post on your roses!

  15. Love the foliage color of the rugosas! Cats can sure make themselves comfy! And Prince is so cute sucking is tongue! My cat Penny used to do that. :)


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