Saturday, May 8, 2010

More from the East Garden

'Sir Thomas Lipton'

From left to right: 'Hansa', 'Sir Thomas Lipton', and a 'Foxi Pavement' seedling

'Marie Pavie' with 'Hansa'


'Archduke Charles', true chameleon. By the time it's done
the entire flower will be the raspberry red of the outer petals.

I got these pansies from Lowe's last fall. I don't get many plants from big box stores, but sometimes I'll get pansies. These are in a small bed with the above 'Archduke Charles'. They don't really go with 'Archduke Charles', they're not my favorite color, yet they look beautiful. Maybe it's the late afternoon light that dresses up everything.

My one and only peony so far, 'Festiva Maxima'. It's beautiful in every stage, from bud to fully open.

'Madame Isaac Pereire', maybe?

A China/Gallica hybrid nicknamed 'Delia's Purple'

Rugosa rubra

Geranium maculatum

Ozark Phlox


  1. Once again your flowers have totally touched my heart, your roses especially. I love them all, but especially Delia's Purple, Madame Isaac Pereire, Foxi Pavement and Hansa.

    Enjoy all that beauty that surrounds you.


  2. The regal white iris is my favorite. So haughty, you can hear her sniff.

    And I actually like the deep wine colored pansies, lowly as they are!

  3. Oh my, what a lovely peony. The buds are just so gorgeous.

    Happy Mother's Day! :)

  4. Thank you very much FlowerLady.

    Laurrie, Eva's White is actually quite approachable. ;) In theory deep red is not my favorite color, but I have a red iris called Samurai Warrior that I bought over 20 years ago when I was in high school. The fact that it's still around is a testament to how tough it is, because I've killed more iris than I'd like to admit. I think the color plus a velvety quality really makes that color sing, even if it doesn't match anything else I have.

    Thank you The Garden Ms S, Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  5. What a beautiful post to stop by today!All your flowers blossoming..roses and peonies!!!sigh
    Here I'm a ways off from seeing mine in full bloom!Temperatures have really dropped this week!
    Nevertheless I enjoy the glamor of my bulbs showing off!
    Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Sweetbay, you have me drooling here...and that's just not polite!! But I can't help it--your flowers are beautiful. I think one of my peonies might be the same as your white one w/the little dot of pink in the center. I didn't take note of its name when I planted it a while back, but now I'm trying to be better about that so will officially christen it 'Festiva Maxima'! Mine hasn't opened up yet but its buds are just about ready to pop! I love how you have so much land to grow things more freely and let them spread out.

  7. Your mock orange is SO pretty! Mine just has small blooms and not so thick at that. Does yours smell nice? Mine doesn't have much of a scent:( Lovely Sir Robert Lipton!

  8. Your garden is on a roll, with so many blossoms opening now. The roses really add height, and of course beautiful blooms. Marie Pavie with Hansa look good together.

    I love the scent of mockorange. I have a smaller growing one that flowers in June next to my patio.

    The Ozark Phlox is very attractive, love the masses of flowers and pretty colour.

  9. The shots of your roses make me so happy - they are gorgeous! I especially liked Archduke Charles - I wonder if it's available here...?
    Have a nice week1

  10. Love that picture of Geranium, I seem to have fallen in love with them. But your whole garden is as breathtaking as ever, roses, iris, pions.. will there be anything left for the rest of the season. You have an amazing flower-colour-show :)

  11. Love the smell of mock orange ~ another shrub I should add to the garden....
    Your side garden is stunning.

  12. Beautiful! I always have garden envy after visiting with you at your blog. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Carla

  13. Bless you for not buying many plants at the big box stores.

    I had a customer call me recently to diagnose some issues with her lilac. I asked a series of questions to determine what was going on, and after a while it came out she bought it at H. Depot. I am usually very gracious when this happens, but had had a rough day and ended up telling her to call the Depot, because I didn't know what kind of Lilacs they were selling this year.

  14. Your flowers are SO beautiful!!! I love your roses. I lost a few of mine last year to rose rosette disease, so now I worry about the roses I have left. I enjoy looking at your roses. Thank you for sharing your pictures! :)

  15. Heavenly photos and I am sure you just bask in the beauty of those spring beauties. A feast for my eyes. Thanks

  16. Gasp!!! Delia's Purple... Oh my.

    All your flowers are beutiful!-- Randy

  17. Sweetbay,
    I just google Delia's Purple and can't find anything on it. Do you know of any links to it? I'm very interested in it. --Randy

  18. Love that deep purple China rose!

    I have Festiva Maxima too. An oldie but a goodie.

    Your gardens look great.

  19. Love the colors! BTW, the rose seedlings now have their true leaves!

  20. Doesn't 'Hansa' have the best fragrance? All your plants are lovely but the form of the 'Delia's Purple' rose is perfect.

  21. What a festival of blooms! Your Festiva Maxima will thrive in your rich enhanced soil... for they love manure. Your garden is so lush and romantic! Lovely photos.

  22. I don't know much about mockorange, but I do know that I like the looks of the blooms.

    'Festiva Maxima'....I agree, they are pretty from beginning to end.



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