Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beside the neighbor's pasture

'Jesse's Song's peak has lasted a good two weeks. I have an iris border (two
borders actually, on each side of a path) in the bed next to the neighbor's pasture.

Jesse's Song looks good with everything, including orange cats.

There are a few other iris along with the 'Jesse's Song', like this fragrant blue-violet iris and a yellow that came from DH's grandmother's garden. You can't really see from these pictures but the blue-violet has a sheen, not as pronounced as that of an iris like Dusky Challenger but still striking, that gives the iris an almost magical glow.

'Rainbow Knockout', recived in a trade with littlewing, has been a star this year too. It's still small but covered with flowers.

I think 'Rainbow Knockout' is prettier than 'Nearly Wild', with its glowing
golden yellow centers. Besides which, 'Nearly Wild' gave up with nary a gasp.

The shiny yellow buttercups in the neighbor's pasture have
provided a nice complement to the iris and the Baptisia seedling.

My Baptisias have never bloomed as long as they have this
year. In the background, to the left, you can see another iris

'Camelot Rose', introduced in 1965. Isn't it beautiful?


  1. Such breath taking views your irises provide I'd be outside just looking all day long.

  2. Beautiful flowers and scenery here.

  3. Beautiful pictures !! Thanks , Gina

  4. Every time I read your Iris name "Jesse's Song" I think of that Rick Springfield song ~ Jesse's girl?!!
    They are really gorgeous especially in the large numbers you have them. 'Camelot Rose' is a beauty too. My favorite photo tho is the one with your house in it. Looks so inviting ~ I just want to stroll thru your gardens and right up to the front door!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Jesse's Song is the star of your garden for several weeks.

  6. Can you come and plant near my pasture??? What a lucky neighbor to have your beautiful flowers nearby. I have some irises given to me by John's great aunt. I do not know the varieties. I am always amazed that you know the name of each one. Carla

  7. They are so beautiful.
    I love the way the purple looks like a water colour leaking into the white.

  8. Camelot Rose is just beautiful! All of your flowers are beautiful, of course I am partial to the irises. ;-)-- Randy

  9. Sweetbay, Camelot Rose looks good enough to eat! Your Baptisia looks great, and I love how the iris is nestled in against the rose. Lovely!

  10. As per usual with your wonderful photos, I am in awe.

    I love your Rainbow Knockout and your Camelot Rose iris.

    Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.


  11. Love your irises. Jesse's song is stunning - a very pretty sight indeed!

  12. Your beautiful irises have inspired me to try them... I have none in my garden right now, and need to remedy that. Soon.

  13. Sweetbay,
    The spiderwort came yesterday intact. Great packaging job BTW. So busy, just waiting for a break when I can go to the post office to send your white iris. If I can manage it I'll try to gather a piece if a lavender Japanese Iris seedling, I need to prune away willows and honeysuckle to get to it.

    These irises are just beautiful, they keep getting better and better.

  14. Oh. My. Goodness. I want a dress in the colours of Camelot Rose. What a beauty!

  15. I've got a few bearded iris in a vase right next to me. I love the fragrance. Regardless of the gazillion hybrids out there,
    'Camelot' is my favorite of all time.

    What a beautiful place to call home!

  16. Irises are really the star of the show this week. What beauties!

  17. LOVE that purple! :)) Which Baptisia is this? I have the bluer one but I would love to put a lighter color next to her. Lovely photos, as always. :D

  18. Imagen Monet in your garden, he wouldn't had had the time to sleep, just paint :) Beautiful !

  19. Love the Camelot Rose.
    Is that house yours that I see in one of the pictures? In that case, you have a dreamy garden.

  20. Your iris look so healthy and lush Sweetbay! I am so jealous of your horses and what sweet chocolate they give for your garden beds! Gorgeous! Your house looks so cozy and idyllic in your setting. Have a lovely weekend.

  21. At first glance, I thought Tommy was a coyote. The Baptisias look so very pretty and I'm hoping the one lone plant I put in the ground at the end of last summer, gives me a few flowers.

    At the risk of repeating live in the most wonderful setting. I enjoy your photos so much.



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