Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From the other side

Not blogging from the Great Beyond, but showing views of the big perennial bed in late April from the other side of the ditch. It's what I see as I'm taking the horses down to the pastures in the morning.

Climbing Old Blush (now just about finished) with the ginormous Lonicera fragrantissima to the left.

The Baptisia and Iris are finishing up now and the roses are blooming more than ever, but I need a sunny calmer day (it's been very windy and dry here) to take more pictures.


  1. We sure could use some rain today. I know my garden would love it. Can't wait to see some of your new pictures. Carla

  2. It seems that when one thing stops blooming, you have another to take it's place. One prettier than the next.

    Windy and dry might be better than our windy, wet and cold.


  3. Glad you clarified the title in the first sentence, because I was having the same thoughts you had, lol. Don't you just love Amsonia? Mine is just getting ready to bloom. It's big and lush and bushy.

  4. Your garden is so big! It is hard to get good pictures when the wind is blowing the blooms all around. -- Randy

  5. It's been pretty windy here too and cloudy. Half my photos are blurry because they are waving madly in the wind.

    I'm glad you mentioned the baptisia blooming at the same time the iris do. I just got one and thought it bloomed later. Good to know.

  6. I am always amazed at the gardeners who remember the names of all their flowers they have ! I have to go hunt down all my little plastic markers in a bag, and try to figure out what is what. Beautiful there ! Gina

  7. Your garden is so big and beautiful I'm sure you take zillions of pictures Sweet Bay. There's no shortage of beauty there, that's for sure.
    It's good to know it's not paradise there too (with the wind blowing about) because I was getting pretty jealous. It's sure feeling the opposite here (more snow tonight!) It's the winter that refuses to end...

  8. It's so nice that your beautiful garden has a meadow as its backdrop. The scene is just so relaxing!


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