Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Bloom Day

The iris by the sidewalk in front of the house are behind the ones in the big perennial
bed, with the result that I have bearded iris blooming at the same time as Louisiana iris.
This beauty is 'Helen Collingwood'.


Everything Plus

Clotilde Soupert


I need to check if this columbine has a tag, it looks so fancy. Judging from the spurs it
has A. chrysantha genes in it. I haven't seen this deep wine color in a columbine before.

Seedling of 'Brookside'

Aloha with Hansa

Penstemon X with PPPP. Thank you Gail!

Lady Jane

My second and latest peony acquisiton, not from a big box store which a) if potted,
would not be cheap b) if boxed would probably be dead or c) not labelled correctly.
This is 'Raspberry Sundae', which I have wanted for years. I got it at the open house
at Plant Delights. What a circus that was. So many people -- and they were all interested
in plants!! Unbelievable. Was I actually in America or some alternate universe? It's the
first time I toured the Juniper Level Botanic Gardens and it was impressive.

This iris actually did come from Lowe's, years ago when we first moved here. Gene bought it, along with two kinds of Iris pseudocaurus (groan). This iris is a good one at any rate. I put some in the ditch next to the mailbox and someone stole it, can you believe that? Nice. Perhaps I need to move the No Trespassing Sign a few feet closer to the road and ring it with flashing lights.

For more blooms visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. G.Brookside looks darker and deeper blue than Johnson's Blue. Am I right? I wonder if it is available here. I'm trying to build up a geranium collection, with seven so far and one I don't like.
    So summery, at least three weeks ahead of us here.

  2. beautiful blooms! I especially love the iris, peonies, roses, columbines, and foxgloves.

  3. Beautiful bloom pictures and lovely blog!

  4. Sweetbay, so lovely! That first photo of the iris is a show stopper. We have had two nice days of 70 degrees and yesterday our iris finally began blossoming. No roses yet except for the R. rugosa but my expectation is high considering we appear to be moderating to warm temps.

    Previous post: LUV that screened in porch. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. The combination of yellow centres and soft pink on the Raspberry Sundae peony is very attractive. How is the scent on it?
    The pink, purple, white and blue colours of the roses, lupines and other blooms look terrific together.

  6. I love this time of year and seeing what's blooming other places. It makes me excited to see things like Peonies and Foxgloves blooming here. Everything is beautiful and the lighting perfect!

  7. I can believe that someone stole your plant. One day my girls and I came across a lady on the edge of our property digging up a small tree. She had also been seen cutting berry branches off of one of our trees near the road the year before. Some people have no respect for other people's property. Carla

  8. Your plants - and your photographs - are absolutely gorgeous! :)

  9. Wonderful assortment of beautiful flowers! Love those Foxgloves and hope to grow them someday!

  10. What is wrong with people that they feel the compulsion to steal an iris! It's happened here, too. I love your new peony...and have long wanted to make a PDN open house~Might be rethinking it now;) Your photos are always so beautiful~ gail

  11. I am glad you got to go to Plant Delights, sorry it was so crowded, but at least they were like minded individuals. People who steal plants must not realize that if you strike up a consversation with a gardener about the plant you covet, you stand a really good chance of getting a piece without having to steal.

  12. Beautiful flowers in your garden! I especially love the foxglove. I enjoyed all of the photography, but photo #6 really stands out. Very nice! Is that a columbine? I'm so jealous of the flowers you can grow.

  13. Your irises and roses are beautiful. And I think I spy columbines, too, one of my favorites.

  14. Juniper level botanic gardens sounds hectic.

    Penstemon X is a truly superb colour.

    Someone stole your Iris!!! Trouble is I can believe it. My Sister had a Wisteria vanish overnight last year.

  15. Oh my, the Clotilde Soupert looks good enough to eat? Are roses edible?? ;-)

  16. A magnificent flowershow. There are som much going on in your garden, you must be months ahead of me :)

  17. Hey! You've got a columbine I've never seen before. If you care to share some seeds this fall, I'd be ever so grateful. Columbine is my fave flower so I'm always pestering my gardening friends when I see an excuse to plant another variety. :D

    Lovely flowers. Happy Bloom Day!

  18. I love that first Iris and the next photo of the foxglove is beautiful!

    Plant Delights is a lot to take in isn't it? I haven't been in May in a few years. The open houses are before my birthday and any gift certificates I might get(I'm hoping on one for this year:)

    Your roses are just gorgeous.

  19. Congratulations on the new peony--what a beauty! Sometimes you just have to splurge to get what you really want. There's always so much going on in your garden, Sweet Bay, that every day must be Bloom Day for you! Iris burglars?? I'm reluctant to put any garden art out in my roadside garden, but if someone starts stealing plants, I would be really mad.

  20. Your garden is inspirational. All of the irises and roses are so beautiful. And that purple columbine is amazing. My pink ones reseed every year, and sometimes I get a purplish or burgundy one, which is always a treat.

  21. 'Raspberry sundae' is gorgeous SB ~ glad you finally got one. It's so rewarding to have something in bloom in your garden that you've admired for years isn't it?
    Fun to be someplace where everyone has similar interests! Although after being at the greenhouses this weekend and trying to maneuver thru the crowded aisles, I think sometimes there can be too much of a good thing!
    The wine colored columbine is drop dead gorgeous. Love it. I have the regular yellow crysantha in my garden but it is never very long lived. If that's true about this one, I hope it seeds around a LOT!
    Happy belated bloom day.

  22. Oh, I love the colors of your garden. I have never seen Lousiana Iris before and they are just lovely.

  23. Your garden photos are beautiful. You have lots of lovely plants and you know them all so well.I used to know the names of all mine but I am not sure if old age is creeping up on me or if I have too many plants with no labels.
    I am concerned about some of my plants-it is going down to zero tomorrow and we live in a frost pocket so it could be minus here.I will cover some things but in a garden our size it is impossible to cover everything!

    p.s. I love the Alychemist rose on previous post.

  24. so very lovely! LOVE Iris' and the Peonies and the roses! Spring is so wonderful!

  25. Sweetbay, I look at your glorious gardens and wonder how you do it all. They're so lush and beautiful! I see Gail's PPPP have moved to your neighborhood. They love to spread themselves around...thanks to Gail's generosity. I may have to beg her for some :)
    Love the penstemon. Gorgeous peony!!! And oh, those roses and irises.
    Spring is fantastic in your little corner of the world.
    Hubby got out and drove tractor yesterday. He's getting there! Thanks for your kind words.

  26. All beautiful blooms and photographs with great light. I love your 'Aloha with Hansa' very much! I would move that sign! Your gardens look so lush and romantic Sweetbay.

  27. Your garden is lush. I like that the peony appears to be peeking out from behind a hosta. An unusual pairing that works obviously.

  28. That hosta is from my grandmother and has been divided many times now. It's either 'Royal Standard' or H. plantingea I think. It's the only hosta I have besides one H. ventricosa. I have to jealously guard them from deer and voles.

  29. It looks like summer at your place! I love them all! Foxgloves are one of my favorite flowers.

  30. That is a delicious looking peony. And the iris below it is nice too. I would like a swath of them.

  31. Everything is absolutely delightful in your garden!...I was reading the Tulip Poplar post and wanted to say how happy I am that Penstemon X and PPPP are happy and thriving! gail

  32. I missed GBBD this month. I never miss it in the dead of winter when I have to scramble for a bloom, but now when flowers are plentiful, time doesn't allow.

    What kind of people steal an iris from your ditch?

    All your purples and blues with some pink & white mixed in -- lovely.


  33. I can't believe someone stole your Iris! Love the peony at any rate! Love it. Wish I could smell it through the monitor!


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