Sunday, May 23, 2010

Clotilde Soupert

Just across the driveway from 'Violette' in the side garden is a combination of 'Clotilde Soupert', spiderworts, and geranium. The marriage of white, pink and blue or purple is my favorite color combination in the garden.

Clotilde is a low-growing rose. Mine hasn't been in the garden for very long, maybe 2 years, so it will get bigger, but now I'm not even sure it's 2 feet. I think that's why DH overlooks it when he walks around the garden. Still, in spite of its small size and pale color, it seems astonishing to me that anyone could pass over it. I mean look at all those petals! I do love a single rose, but look at that. It's decadent. (Edited to add: very fragrant too!)

It suffered a little bit of dieback this winter, but otherwise it's doing very well.

With 'Zwanenburg Blue',

this wonderful noid pink spiderwort,

The petals get a tie-dye look as the morning progresses.

and this seedling of 'Brookside'.

Perhaps the loveliest complement of all are dewdrops.

Yum, Clotilde Soupert is perfection in a rose.


  1. That is a beautiful combination. Do you ever have problems with CS balling? I had read that it was prone to that.

  2. CS has been balling since the recent rains (we've gotten 4+ inches in the course of the last week), but that's the first time it's done so in 2 years.

  3. Okay, enough is enough. I am getting an inferiority complex with my postings as your pictures so surpass anything I show. I would say cease and desist, but I enjoy them too much. I want that white luscious rose, mine always were white for about 25 seconds, and then looked like something killed them the next few days they were alive. Thanks again, Gina

  4. CS is quite a lovely, full rose. Does she have a scent? I love both of your spiderworts. I just have one color and it spreads like crazy, and I'm happy with that.

    You always have such wonderful flowers and color combinations. Your gardens are always an inspiration.

    Have a nice afternoon and a great week.


  5. Flowerlady CS is very fragrant. Probably one of the strongest rose perfumes there is.

  6. I love all of the pictures, but that last one was absolutely gorgeous! Carla

  7. I like your deep hued roses and irises best, with their strong saturated colors, but I have to admit your last photo with the dewdrops on the pale white blossom captivated me!

  8. Oh I want roses this year - they will probably die over the winter - but I want them!

    I'll have to look for a hardy breed. Any suggestions?

  9. Pink, white, blue and purple, is one of my favourite colour combinations in the garden, too. The colours end up looking soft and sweet. Clotilde Soupert and the Tradescantia suit each other well.

  10. I agree with Antique ART Garden about the inferiority complex....your photos make me feel like I'm out there using an old Brownie camera.

    Remind your DH that when walking through the garden, he can't only look straight ahead. A little up and down will bring some beautiful sights.


  11. I love the spiderwort, and the white roses covered in dew.

  12. I can emphatically say, I would never, never, never overlook 'Clotilde!' Wow. She's gorgeous. I love the packed petal look ~ that's why I like the David Austins ~ so she ranks really high in my book. That last photo is just phenomenal. Wish I could smell the fragrance.


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