Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sisters' Garden on a sunny day part III

After exiting the back yard and climbing stairs next to a stone retaining wall and under some tall camellias, you are at the east side of the house, where there are masses of azaleas and a long colorful border that stretches to the road.

I wasn't the only visitor taking pictures.

Woodland phlox


A couple of houses down from the sisters is a yard that most years has a lovely collection of violas.

Continuing on down Gimghoul Road

to that beautiful lavender azalea I mentioned in an earlier post.

We continued onto Glandon Road (Glandon Road and Gimghoul form a loop). I don't know what kind of grass people grow in this neighborhood but it's very fine and very green.

On one side of Glandon Road are houses, on the side, Battle Park, which is owned by the university.

Another lavender azalea

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of the Gimghoul neighborhood. Not sure what this face is about but I thought it was cute.


  1. Gorgeous photos and what a fantastic garden. Thank you for sharing. So lovely to see all those tulips in bloom. Can't wait to see them around here.

  2. This is a real dream garden with the vivid colours of mixed tulips and the patches of wonderful pansies.

  3. What a gorgeous range of color! I love that creamy yellow and pink tulip in particular. Photos like these always have me wondering how I could convince my husband to move to some tulip/peony/azalea-friendly area of the country where it actually rains.

  4. Those tulips blooming with woodland phlox are making me swoon!

  5. All these spring blooms are making me very anxious for the arrival of spring. These gardens are just dreamy with all the color and blooms.

  6. Tulips have to be one of my favourite flowers - it is lovely to see them in such abundance here.

  7. Wow, how amazingly gorgeous!! I just love those masses of tulips! I really wish I could grow more tulips in my own garden. Sadly the deer eat them, so any I grow I have to spray with deer deterrent.

  8. Wow what a fantastic garden. I wish I had one of this size.
    Have a wonderful sunday.

  9. Incredible spring colors! What a joy it must have been to visit this neighborhood and garden. It lifted my spirits!

  10. Dear Sweetbay, I was happy to see you visiting my blog again and leaving a comment! And I am even more delighted that you have started to pick up blogging yourself, again! I missed your posts!
    Gosh, that tulip border is to die for! It is so springish and cheerful, it is just a joy to look at. I really love tulips, but here in Southern California you have to treat them as annuals, since we don't have enough winter chill for them to come back the next year. For me that is too much of a hassle to plant tulips just for one season, so I don't grow them, but I truly enjoy seeing them in gardens where they work.
    That lavender azalea is totally gorgeous!
    Warm regards,

  11. I know it won't be long until we see sights like this with our own eyes, but I loved seeing this preview of spring. All the colors are like a big Easter basket.

  12. What a treat on a snowy day to see all these amazing tulips. I really like the mauve azalea and the collection of voiolas too! So pretty!


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