Monday, April 23, 2012

A Lovely Spring

Cl. Old Blush never disappoints, and this year it surpassed my expectations. The canes didn't suffer any dieback last winter and this spring formed billowing curtains of fragrant pale pink and raspberry pink, leaving just enough room to squeeze through to enter the garden.

My completely unscientific observation is that the color stays more brilliant and even reintensifies in cooler weather. Last week's frosts didn't otherwise effect the roses at all.

The fig tree leaves didn't fare as well. New leaves will sprout but the overwintering figs were lost. However, this usually happens every spring.

The effect of the untamed canes makes the rose look it is being perpetually blown by a southerly gale. I thought about trying to restore order this past winter, but it would have been a two person job, G. was almost never home during daylight hours, even during weekends, so by default I decided not to do anything until after the first flush. The arrangement is not "neat" but I think the result is enchantingly dynamic.

The woodland phlox and Hillstar daffs have bloomed on and on this year. I've never seen a narcissus with as long a bloom time as Hillstar before. I have been super impressed with it.

'Hillstar' and 'Thalia'

I didn't get that many iris blooms this year, which has cemented my determination to move the bulk of the Brazilian Blue Sage and Four o'clocks out of this garden and in a bed by themselves closer to the house. That way the iris can be happy and the Sphinx moths and hummingbirds can be happy.

Mystery white iris. Casa Mariposa suggested it might be 'Barbara Walther' when she saw a picture of the beautiful white iris in Organic Gardening, but when I contacted a lady who works at Presby Gardens ~ a famous garden of historic irises ~ she didn't think my iris is 'Barbara Walther' after all. 'Barbara Walther' has a white beard and no fragrance that she could recall.

I was very impressed by how well the Baptisias came back from the freeze. The morning after they looked depressingly droopy.

But to my surprise they rallied and look as beautiful as ever:

Elsewhere in the garden, the new beds between the house and the original garden are filling in. To the right is a Rosa eglanteria seedling that was plunked there for convenience and which really needs a wall or trellis to grow up on. A project for this fall. And do you see the Snowbell tree (Styrax americana), to the left? It was almost taken out when the trees were cleared out during the house move, but it's regrowing now. The Snowbell and the Old Blush, especially when viewed together from the opposite side of the ditch, make a most charming combination.

The fragrance is divine.

View across the new beds

We have been planning to build a house for the well, but there are so many projects already. That's a job we need to hire out.

We just got a much appreciated soaking this weekend. We may get another frost this week (and a late one at that), but overall this has been a lovely spring.


  1. We've had a very cool weekend here but no frosts. I'm glad the hot temperatures have left and it is finally feeling like spring instead of summer. Absolutely love the snowbell tree and planted one a few months ago in the woods on my mother's property. I checked it yesterday and it has leafed out nicely.

  2. It's a lovely Spring, indeed! Wonderful pictures!!!

  3. April has been wet and cold here after a warm and dry March.

    I fear I may have lost a mature fig, maybe in excess of 20 years old,following February's record cold spell.

    Good luck with the well.

    Those baptisia have definitely 'rallied'.

  4. How lovely your roses look one the arbor. I love the deep pink. The white iris is gorgeous. Love white blooms in the garden. I am glad your Baptisia's are springing back. I always admire them in your garden each year. I have never grown them. Do the flower spikes stand up well? Your look so pretty and straight. I did not know if the stems were sturdy on Baptisia.

  5. Beautiful spring tour. It definitely inspires me. Your garden is sit there and read a book with a cold drink....perfection.

  6. Just lifts my heart to see your photos. Old Blush looks outstanding and you know how I love baptisia. My new one made it through the winter. Time to celebrate with..purchasing another one perhaps...;_)

  7. Your garden is lovely with so many perennials, bulbs and roses. Old Blush is wonderful, I like its wild look. I am looking forward to pictures of your other roses blooming.

  8. Lona baptisia stands up very well on its own. I've never had to stake it.

  9. Love your spring garden , at the same time soft and wild, a delightful charm!!!

  10. Just lovely! Your garden is amazing - like it's a natural wonderland full of blooms. Your Old Blush is gorgeous.

  11. love your woodland garden, Sweetbay, and the rose and trellis are heart-stopping-beautiful.

    We have been working the past several weeks with continued cleanup from our snow storm, but spring is finally here.

  12. Your garden is looking lovey!
    and Im agree, cold weather makes everything looks greener and bright.
    I loves the Styraz americana, first time I see one of those.



  13. 'Ol Blush' is beautiful! Everything in your garden looks lovely this spring. I have a few plants that really suffered from our hard freeze a few weeks ago, and I'm still waiting for them to come out of it. Right now we could use a good rain--it seems like it's falling all around us, but not here.

  14. I love your beautiful rose arbor. Your garden is like a fairyland.

  15. Frosts in April?!! I would just die!! Your garden looks so green and lush and spring-y. So nice to visit your roses again...

  16. I planted 5 fig trees last spring and I am watching them leaf out. This is my first experience growing figs, so very exciting.
    You have a huge garden! I love the way you have planted your understory. The white iris is very beautiful....
    I planted four Serviceberry bushes this past April. I read how much the birds love the berries. Your Old Blush is amazing.....
    I really must add more roses to my gardens. Thank you for a fun time this evening visiting your gardens.

  17. I can't complain about the spring we have had either although it has been one with some extremes. I guess that I am just grateful that it arrived ahead of schedule. I often find that the colors intensify in colder weather too. Your pink rose is lovely. I bought a new white/blue Baptisias. Can't wait to see it flower!


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