Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow the day after Christmas

The snow didn't start until after 2 am on December 26th, but we got the promised snow! At least 6". We were ready for it. Prince was double blanketed, the pony was wearing Prince's old foal blanket which is still weatherproof after all this time, hay was scattered in the pasture and haynets hung in the shelter. Next morning the haynets were empty.

At noon yesterday everything was shrouded in white and the snow was coming down hard.

What do you think the cats were doing? They weren't out snowshoeing that's for certain.

They spent last night on the warm couch.

As I type Prissy is behind me on the couch, soaking up the heat from the heating pad and purring. Her purring sounds like crackling paper.

The sun is out today, glorifying the snow. Actually I was glad the snow held off for a day. I declined the visiting rounds Christmas afternoon and spent the time planting out American beautyberry and prairie rose seedlings and the Alabama snowwreath that Phillip sent. The perfect gardener's Christmas as far as I'm concerned. :) I was working at the top of the hill, where the farm meets the rest of the world so to speak. The neighbors across from our mailbox were having a big Christmas bash and car after car kept pulling up. They may have wondered what I was doing digging and planting at the end of December. lol

We had our holiday dinner Christmas night. I had made over 400 gingersnaps and many loaves of pumpkin bread for DH's office, and naturally kept some. ;)

I made some cranberry loaves and Mrs. Field's Sweetie Pies and Super Fudge Brownies as well.

Most of the cookies and loaves are frozen, with the idea that they can be parcelled out until May. We'll see.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Hi sweetbay, Snow everywhere, here it is rain. The cats look snug. You have been very busy baking! It all looks delicious. Are you sure the goodies will last until May? I wish you a very happy new gardening year. T.

  2. Sweetbay,
    If not for all the gingerbread and sugar cookies here, I certainly would made my way through the snow to get some of those awesome baked goodies. We got 5 inches of the wet stuff, blowing out of the trees still.

  3. The snow is so pretty on your property! Looks almost as good as those gingersnaps - my favourite. :)

    Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. xo

  4. What beautiful photos, Sweetbay! Love the scene from the porch! Your cats are very wise.

  5. Beautiful snow pictures! You got more than we did or at least it stayed better than ours. You have a couple of smart cats! Those baked goodies look wonderful, but I've eaten way too much of such as that!! Now I have to try and lose what I've gained!

  6. I'm still proud of the few snowflakes I saw here...beautiful photos. Smart cats and yummy food!

  7. That table full of baked goods looks so delicious! Enjoy your snow scenes... it's a treat for you I hope, but a disaster for travelers up here. We got absolutely buried. Still, it's pretty.

  8. Sweetbay, I had a lovely Christmas~a sweet time with our son who was visiting and very little snow! Glad to hear you got some planting done and that the cats and horses are doing well! Happy New Year~gail

  9. Even though I thought I'd had enough of snow, your photos are mesmerizing, Sweetbay. What a beautiful winter wonderland! And you were out planting on Christmas Day? That is pretty amazing.

    Your kitchen counter looks like a pastry shop--looks delicious!

  10. Your kitties on the heating pad is pretty funny. Nice and warm and cozy.
    I always wonder about the horses in this weather. Guess they handled it well.
    Lots of great goodies there, love gingersnaps!!!

  11. You all had a little more snow than we did! I love your pictures. Your kittys and I seem to enjoy doing the same thing on a snowy day! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Carla

  12. I really wish I lived closer to you now Sweet Bay! I'd be over trying to snitch some goodies. They all look amazing ~ the gingersnaps look perfect. It took me a while to figure out not to overbake them since we like them soft. Lucky people who received these homemade treats!
    Your cats have the right idea about the snow! That's the position I like to be in when it snows here too. Lucky for us, I haven't had to be on the sofa much this fall and winter (so far).
    Hope you had a good Christmas. Happy New Year too!

  13. Hi Sweetbay,
    your snow pics are beautiful. We finally got our snow too.
    You did do a lot of baking!

    Best wishes for the New Year,


  14. Beautiful photos of snow! and very delicious cookies!

    I hope you have the best holidays!


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