Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The big bed in May

The look of the big bed has changed a lot over the last month.

R. palustris scandens, on May 13th 2010

May 19th 2010

A beauty like this needs to be seen from all sides.

One of the very last bearded iris. Looks like 'Earl of Essex'.

In their place Iris virginica are blooming. Not the best display, since
it was very dry in April and the first half of May, but any are welcome.

Carolina rose

Another view of R. palustris with Carolina Bush Pea and Carolina rose in the foreground.

The Baptisia are finished and the spiderworts have started.

With 'Hansa' and R. rugosa alba


  1. Wow, that rose is huge and gorgeous! Also love the Carolina pea. Yay.

  2. I wish I had the space for more Iris. Love yours, and your photoes. You must have a huge collection. And your lovely roses.. just love it all :)

  3. How pleasant coming down your driveway with a view of all your flowers. Fantastic!

  4. hi,
    your iris looks very sweet.I love the color blue and white.I love also your big rose bush,it looks very great.
    have a nice day,

  5. Your farm must be absolutely heavenly in May.

    My iris will be finishing up--pushed on by this horrible hot spell. I seem to have a few Theresa Bugnet blooms and a couple of the Griffith Buck roses are starting to flower.

  6. You have such wonderful old roses! That swamp rose is a magnificent specimen! Love your garden blues as well. You do seem to have blues for every season.

  7. We're having a nice soft rain today - and it will do all our plants good!

    Your R. palustris scandens is a beauty!!

  8. so many beautiful flowers. For us to enjoy :)

  9. Thanks for sharing your information on roses with me. I am going to add some to my garden this year when I decide what I want and where to put them. You are my inspiration!! Carla

  10. I love the soft pink mounded Carolina rose. Sweet looking flowers!

  11. Gorgeous landscape shots! Looks like a fairy tale. I especially love the last four photos. Lovely!!

  12. Very pretty! I just spied buds on my irises today and I can't wait! :)


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