Friday, February 13, 2009

Blooming Friday: First Breath of Spring

The weather the past few days has been glorious -- warm, sunny and dry. The First Breath
of Spring has recovered from the deep freeze and now is covered with open flowers.

Honeybees too. They were out in force.

Thanks to Katarina at roses and stuff for hosting Blooming Friday.


  1. Oh, I really envy you. Here is snow and bitterly cold.

  2. I love seeing your first spring blooms since we won't be having any for a while yet. Keep em coming.

  3. What gorgeous photos. Spring is in the air.....

  4. Lovely, I bet they smell wonderful too. It's great to see the bees doing well in your area.

  5. I love both the flowers and the name! Such a poetical name... The pictures are siply great!
    have a lovely weekend - it seems like spring is well on its way at your place!

  6. Lovely photoes.
    They make me long for Spring. Here is still winter with snow and ice.

  7. Just lovely photos! Do you have honeybees already? I envy you! =)
    I have snow here and it's so cold....

  8. Winter is back here, with several inches of snow, and more falling. I love your blooms, and they help me keep my hope that our spring will be coming soon.

  9. Hi Lillebeth, and welcome. Yes, we're lucky with regard to winter weather here -- winters are generally mild and spring tends to arrive early.

    Hi flydragon, spring is on its way -- the Georgia speedwell is blooming too, and the first daffodil on our place, a double, just opened up. I noticed while driving to the feed store that many daffodils are open already -- the sandy soil in many of these upland yards really heats up fast. They are lovely to see.

  10. Hi Tina, and thank you. Yes, spring is definitely in the air... :)

    Marnie, the flowers to smell wonderful, very lemony and a lot like Daphne. We do have a lot of honeybees here -- I don't know if any of the neighbors have hives, but I did spot a wild hive a few years ago, and had a swarm consider moving into the wall of my horse shelter. I had a bee man come out to collect them but they moved on, probably to a hollow tree.

  11. Hi Katrina,
    I love the name too. It's so fitting. :)

    Hi Brigitta, thank you. I remember longing for spring when we lived in Pennsylvania, north of where we live now. It seemed it would never come.

  12. Hi Helen,

    The honeybees come out before any other pollinators here, any time the temps get up into the '60's. They pollinate the winter-blooming stuff here. Our native bees sleep in later. :)

    Hi Sue,

    I saw on your blog that there's just 35 days more until spring! I bet you can't wait.

  13. Amazing pictures showing us today, brilliant quality and beautiful.
    I so glad to see that spring is in the air!

    Have a lovely Valentine's day/ Tyra

  14. Beautiful Sweetbay and I can hear the bees buzzing happily in your garden. While I was taking a photo of a bloom yesterday...something buzzed past my ear!
    Have a delicious weekend.



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