Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GBBD September 2009

It's time for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day again. Here's some of what's blooming in my garden.

'Caldwell Pink'

'Blush Noisette'

Rugosa rubra

'Duchesse de Brabant'

'Marie Pavie'

Perhaps the perfect rose, 'Clotilde Soupert'

This seedling Gallica hasn't bloomed yet, but it has lovely foliage.

September is always a good time for dahlias.

Buddleia 'Potter's Purple' is still going strong and attracting lots of butterflies.

'Petit Indigo'

White Lespedeza blooms a month later than its purple-pink cousin. With American Beautyberry.

A view of the bed next to the neighbor's pasture from a couple of weeks ago.

And today. The Encore azaleas have started blooming again too.

Crinum 'Royal White'

Downy lobelia

Green coneflowers

For more Bloom Day flowers, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. When I see your roses I could just about weep that I can't grow them anymore. The Japanese beetles are still here by the hundreds. I do have two gallicas that will bloom before the beetles arrive in the spring.

    Your lespedeza is pretty. I've wanted one but they are hard to find.

  2. Your blooms are just gorgeous!
    I am bewildered at your roses.

  3. Gorgeous colors! I wish I had lespedeza. It seems such a nice plant. Your roses are beautiful!

  4. The roses are beautiful and I see you have lespedeza. Do you have the purple variety as well?

  5. Hi sweetbay; all my favourite flowers are in YOUR garden. This was a beautiful visit. I am taken very much so with your roses and Dahlias and ...and

  6. Your roses are absolutely dreamy.

  7. It must be so delicate at your place now with all those shades from pink to purple and the yellow accent in the end. I realy enjoyed my "walk":)

  8. Sweet bay ... You have outdone yourself!! What glorious blooms and photos! Gosh! There are so many that are stunning! The one with the two side by side butterflies... that must have brought a smile to your face! Great shot... all the roses... the Beautyberry... the buddleia with the pines... the close up... If that was not enough to blow me away you throw in the beautiful plein-air landscapes... that make me want to paint them. Fabulous Post! Brava!

  9. Your garden still looks like summer! Our plants are getting ready for fall. A few roses are having their last hurrah, but we'll probably get a frost the first week of October.

  10. I think I said this before...you've got rose heaven going on there. I'm fascinated with that American Beautyberry. Almost doesn't look real. I like how you share wide view shots with us.

  11. So many beautiful blooms! Yes, it definitely still looks like summer in your garden. Your roses are especially lovely; I'm afraid to try too many here--between the Japanese beetles and the harsh winters, they don't stand a chance with this neglectful gardener:)

  12. Gorgeous roses!
    I can almost smell them.

  13. Think my favorite is that perfect rose 'Clotilde Soupert'. My Callicarpa is getting huge, again. Sure love the berries though.
    Would you believe I am pulling up Tradescantia spiderwort? It has reseeded everywhere!
    Your drive is lovely with all the shrubs as you make your way along.

  14. Beautiful! Isn't it great to get more roses this time of year? You have so many pretty varieties.

  15. You always have so many gorgeous blooms I forget the first ones by the time I get to the end of your post! I do remember this time it was a lovely assortment of roses. I deadheaded some of mine and they rewarded me with a second bloom too but I don't have nearly the variety you do. They are just beautiful. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite. September bloom day is certainly gracing you with a lovely profusion of flowers.

  16. It must be full summer in your garden. How lovely! so beautiful pictures - as always.

  17. Beautiful.

    I really like Marie Pavie, new one to me.

  18. All your blooms are very nice, especially your roses. However, I think I am becoming jealous of your apparent abundance of space. We may have to buy the neighbor's house and tear it down so I can have more room to garden.

  19. Your roses are gorgeous! I don't think I've seen that particular Dahlia either. Is it one of your seedlings? Excellent photo of the Green Coneflower:)

  20. All the beautiful colors of nature are present in your garden. The blooms are amazing. It must have taken a lot of well directed effort; and the result is every bit wonderful.

  21. Wow, I didn't know there was such a thing as 'Encore' Azaleas. What a treat!

  22. I'm crying along with Marnie...I wish I could grow roses here. Yours are absolutely wonderful! But it's not just the roses~~Sweetbay, the lobelia, the azaleas and is that Bidens dressed up in her beautiful yellow, you have a wonderful garden. gail!

  23. Thank you everyone for your comments! I very much appreciate them. :)

    Phillip I do have the purple/pink Lespedeza -- we got it from my husband's grandmother's yard after she died and before her property was sold. It's bloomed some all summer and is covered with flowers now.

    Shari that's not one of the seedlings -- it's one of the dahlias I ordered from the lady in the mountains, the one that Carla featured on her blog.

  24. Wonderful photos of all of your flowers!

  25. Isn't it wonderful to see the late summer roses? You have some real beauties.
    There's still plenty of color in your garden. The butterfly bush is amazing..so big!
    I love all your critter pics. You are in camera heaven there :) The side by side butterflies is such a great shot.
    Lovely to see the long shots. You have lots of room!
    The Bidens is so pretty. I didn't realize it got so big. I've never seen it growing wild before. It's glorious!
    The lobelia is beautiful, and the dahlia...gorgeous!
    September is wonderful in your garden!

  26. Most impressive post Sweet bay! Your garden blooms looks fantastic.



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