Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blooming Friday -- A Taste of Early Autumn

The garden is heading into its late summer/fall peak. The last couple of days we have had some glorious cooler sunny weather, a much-needed break from the muggies.

The ginger lily (Hedychium coronarium) is wafting its luscious honeysuckle/coconut fragrance every evening, the beautyberries are turning purple, and the summer flowers are blooming more than ever.

Blue porterweed (Stachytarpheta jamaicensis)

Buddleia lindleyana

Four o'clocks and Brazilian blue sage are still going strong. The hummingbirds
bicker endlessly over the sage, even though there is enough for all.

Dahlias really come into their own once the weather cools off.

I don't think I've ever had a seashore mallow display that was this full or lasted this long.

This Clematis ('HF Young') is the only one I have and it's still small, but I love the color.

The Brown-Eyed Susans have picked up where R. fulgida left off.

Hosta plantaginea is still casting its sweet scent into the evening air.

I can't decide which I like best, the lemon yellow buds of Pineland
Hibiscus, or the open flowers with their velvety red centers.

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  1. Your seashore mallow is so showy!! Mine didn't do too much this year. Great blooms! My ginger lily is about a week away from blooming, just up the street it is blooming. Funny Mother Nature.

  2. Sweetbay, I wish I could catch the fragrance of the coconut/honeysuckle ginger. It sounds wonderful and who doesn't enjoy Four O'Clocks! Your garden is still so colorful....what a treat to see the malva. Have a good weekend! gail

  3. Your garden is still going strong - mine needs more late/summer-fall bloomers. I am definitely planting Dahlias next year - they are so pretty!!

  4. Lovely autumnflowering you are showing!Lovely views!
    Have a nice weekend!/

  5. Hi Sweet Bay,
    You do have a nice assortment of blooms. I can't believe it's September already! I love that mallow! My favorite photo is the one that has your house in it.

    I don't remember if my spiderwort blooms again this time of year. I did notice that one of them is growing new leaves after having gone dormant.

    The colors of the dahlia and hibiscus are pretty.

  6. A wonderful collection of flowers in your summer garden! I love your colors..I grow the pinks blues and white too...soothing and relaxing
    when walking the garden. Enjoy your weekend in your blissful garden! hugs

  7. I am such a fan of white flowers and scent. Your Ginger lily is gorgeous! That scent sounds divine as well.

    You have such a lovely selection of flowers. :)

  8. Sweetbay, your late summer garden is a treat! The fragrant Ginger looks so dainty and the Seashore Malllow so pretty! I hope you'll be able to enjoy your pretty flowers for a long, long time - may Mr Frost stay away for a while!

  9. What a lovely late summer garden. I was wondering what the botanical name of the Jimsonweed is? I call the datura moonflowers night blooming jimsonweed and know it is a name used commonly but I don't recognize this purple flower. It looks like lavender from a distance. Most pretty. Thanks.

  10. It sure is going strong there! That Buddleia is really pretty, I've never heard of that type before. I love how the flowers grow. I love those dahlias too.

  11. Love flowers with fragrance, and clematis has a great colour!//Eva

  12. I´ll say it again: I love the Seashore mallow. so beautiful - as all your flowers. But that one is my favorite.

  13. Lovely pictures. Lena/isis

  14. Hi!
    Lovely autumn blooming.
    Have a nice day!

  15. Nice flowers! It seems your garden is stil very enjoyable.

  16. Hi Sweet Bay, we have two common blooms, the ginger lily and the four o'clocks. My g.lily bloomed for the first time and I was so excited!

    Your colours are beautiful! The dahlia, the hib,!

  17. I really enloyed this post sweetbay, very nice. Love the photos with morning dew.


  18. Don't you just love beautyberries? Mine still has flowers, but those vibrant berries will form by October. The color doesn't even seem natural. I adore them!

  19. Beautiful pictures. The Hibiscus is particularly attractive.

  20. Fabulously blooming over at your place and the display with seashore mallows(?)in front of your house is absolutely fantastic :)

  21. I can't believe how many beautiful blooms you still have. I added a lot of late blooming plants this summer. I'm making a note of yours to see which are hardy in my area.

  22. Thank you for your comments everyone!

    Tina, that's not Jimsonweed, it's Blue Porterweed, Stachytarpheta jamaicensis. I don't know why I had the name Jimsonweed in my head, since that's Datura. I have been very happy with Blue Porterweed's performance in the garden.

  23. Beautiful blooms! Your portraits are stunning. I love the one of your house in the background and the photo right above that one! Lovely, Lovely!

  24. These are ALL gorgeous blooms in Sept! I love the hibiscus w/the red center, and many of the others are not familiar to me either. You have a huge variety...and I know I've missed so much during these past months that I've hardly stopped by to visit you;-( I'm hoping that the colder weather will give me more time to 'browse'!

  25. I love the ginger.

    I keep seeing them pop up in posts, it's got me thinking.

    Nice buddleja by the way.

  26. Hi Sweet Bay, your garden is just glorious and dreamy at the same time. The foggy shots are pure magic. Thanks for the tip about the other kind of susans, that is my problem, only fulgida, no hirta! That pink mallow is like a cloud. :-)

  27. Beautiful! I love the Dahlias! I certainly do wish the weather would cool down here.

  28. What beauties! They really enjoy the cooler weather don't they?

  29. Your seashore mallow is really pretty Sweet Bay. I haven't grown a mallow in a few years (they are treated as an annual here ~ at least the ones I've grown) maybe you've inspired me to try having one again next year? I didn't mean to single it out, all your blooms are beautiful as always. You have such a smorgasbord to choose from there.

  30. Your garden makes me anxious for our flowers to awaken!

  31. How I'd love to smell that ginger lily.
    The four o'clocks are the most beautiful lipstick pink. They look great with the salvia.
    Aren't the dahlias glorious now? I'm loving mine!
    Your seashore mallow is a cloud of pink. So lovely. Yes, pink butterflies :) I especially like the photo of it in front of your house.
    Gorgeous purple clematis!
    I have rudbeckia triloba (the small black-eyed Susan) blooming now.
    Your garden is still so full of wonderful blooms.
    I'm enjoying the late summer blooms in mine too, and our weather has been perfect for gardening lately.
    Love seeing those pics of your kitty too :)
    The patterns and coloring of the guineahens is amazing, isn't it?


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