Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blooming Friday -- September Peak

The star of the garden every September is always the Bidens. Some years we also have Bidens in the ditches next to the pastures, 1200 feet on each side. Not this year, though. I think DH mowed down the young seedlings in May. The ditches need to be mowed every year to keep the woody plants down, but we need to try to get it done in late winter or very early spring instead of April or May.

But there are a lot of Bidens in the garden.

At first they start off looking like any other garden plant, with
a regular amount of blooms, and then there is an explosion of color.

Something is needed to offset all of that yellow -- this is a Knockout
rose, whose garishness I sometimes don't appreciate and sometimes I do.

Buddleia 'Potter's Purple'

View from an upstairs window.

On a gentler note, pink and white Lespedeza.

Hibiscus syriacus

Crinum 'Royal White'

Hardy ginger lily. It has a heavenly fragrance like that of Japanese honeysuckle but with more coconut tones.

Mexican petunia

Spiderwort 'Zwanenburg Blue'

and roses. This is the tea rose 'Duchesse de Brabant' with Transylvanian sage.

Rugosa rubra with Buddleia Potter's Purple in the background

Buds of the tea rose 'Devoniensis'


and the lovely 'Clotilde Soupert'.

For more Blooming Friday posts, visit Katarina at roses and stuff.


  1. I don't think I've seen so much yellow in one garden ever. A joyful sight for sure.

  2. Love your Clotilde Soupert -it's really a cute colour on that rose! Have a nice weekend//Eva

  3. Oh, you sure have a lot to be happy about! Especially that ginger lily. What a beauty! I envy you! Have a nice week end!

  4. I can't get over how gorgous the Biden looks. Can only imagine the beauty of having 1200' of it blooming. We have some friends who live on Lake Norman, NC and recently bought a farm house with some acreage in Door County, WI...that's the next county over from me.

  5. The Bidens is beautiful! You have done a great job of having a garden full of blooms throughout the seasons. When I saw Katarina's post for BF this week I thought- how could i pick a favorite wildflower? Would it be blooming now in my garden for a pic? Probably not,lol.

  6. Although all blooms are lovely including roses but bidens just rock!!!!!

  7. I get a happy feeling, watching your shots! The yellow colour explosion and the delicate roses - wow!
    Happy Blooming Friday!

  8. I like the picture from upstairs showing the sweep of color through your garden. Very nice.
    I also like that last photo of the rose..that is notecard worthy!

  9. What an amazing sight. Wish I could grow them here but they require a lot more moister than we usually have.

    Are these the ones that produce the stick tight seeds?

  10. The bidens does make a spectacular impact. I save seeds, would you PLEASE save me some of your Mexican petunia?! thanks so much!

  11. What a lovely bounty of blooms ... as always Sweet bay. I love the Biden and it is a compliment to your buddleia and everything else in the landscape. Wonderful close ups and landscapes too. The Crinum shot particularly appeals to me. The Mexican Petunia is quite impressive too and of course all your beautiful roses... especially that last shot... wow! Have a good weekend. Carol

  12. What a joy it must be to look at a view like that! Beautiful yellow. As for the other blooms, love that shade of the Spiderwort. Your roses--the close-ups are stunning!!

  13. OMG I love the waves of yellow! This is all so beautiful!

    PS - Thanks for leaving such a kind comment on my blog regarding my father-in-laws passing. It was so sweet of you.

  14. Your Bidens are really spectacular. Great capture of the bee on the plant, too.
    Beautiful roses and other flora. You definitely have a green thumb to grow such a magnificent garden.

  15. This really must convince even the must stubborn that yellow is definitiv a colour that belongs in a garden. Beautiful, all of it !!!

  16. Amazing yellow flowers - it must seem as you have the sun down on the ground!
    And as usual all your other many flowers are lovely too...

  17. Those Bidens are so pretty. How lucky to have that beautiful land where they can grow in such large groups like that. My Butterfly bush and Rose of Sharon have both finished, yours are still looking great. The roses are such a delicate color, just beautiful!

  18. What an incredible display of color, that is so beautiful. Do the flowers last until frost?

  19. Oh, such a bunch of colurful photos you are showing!
    Have a great weekend!/

  20. I love your bidens and it is the star!
    The purples, pinks and whites you've added are great compliments. Sweetbay, it's wonderful! gail

  21. That hibiscus is gorgeous. I have such a soft spot for anything that leans towards the lavender area.

    Your garden is so lush :)

  22. Lovely photos and lovely flowers.
    Still a lot of blooming.

  23. Purple and yellow always look gorgeous together, and really stand out. I like anything that will bloom in the fall.

  24. Thank you for your comments everyone!

    Marnie, yes, these are Bur Marigolds. I think mine may be Bidens polylepis since the little stickers are very small to nonexistant on most of the seeds, so they really don't stick much.

    Monica yes I will save seed if my petunias produce them. :)

    Phillip the Bidens bloom during the month of September here, like clockwork. The Swamp Sunflowers take over from there until frost.

  25. I like your blogg so much. It is a joy to read about all of your roses. Some of them I have never heard off and could never grow in sweden but it is so fun to read about.

    Best regards

  26. I love the bidens and other blooms! Your close ups of the roses and the hibiscus are stunning! You should frame them!

  27. Thank you for your kind comment at my blog! Your pictures is just lovely! I really liked the pictures of the roses!


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