Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blooming Friday

Seashore Mallow is still in bloom. I love this plant. It's my favorite shade of pink and goes beautifully with everything. The white form, called 'Immaculate', will begin blooming soon too.

Time again for roses, now that the Japanese Beetles are gone. It's like having spring all over again.

'Caldwell Pink'

'Blush Noisette'

Rugosa rubra


Just these 2 little blooms of Crepuscule draws the eye from afar. I love the peach color.


The not fragrant but nevertheless lovely perennial Sweet Pea Lathyrus latifolius.

Meadow beauty grows wild on the farm. There's more than 1 species here and they range in color from palest pink to this lilac pink to deep rose, blooming all summer into fall. The seed capsules are very interesting -- they look just like little urns.

The pink-purple Lespedeza is blooming again, and with it Maximilian sunflower.

The flowers are the color of pure sunshine.

For more Blooming Friday posts, visit Katarina at roses and stuff.


  1. Those pink flowers are really cute!//Eva

  2. Your roses are adorable! They seem to get a second life this time of year, do n't they? I can very well understand your passion for Seashore Mallow - it's so floriferous!
    Happy Blooming Friday!

  3. Oh. sweetbay you have so many lovely things, gorgeous blooms. I can smell you is 'in floribus' here right now too.

    Take care/ Tyra

  4. Oh what a bunch of beautiful flowers. The Seashore mallow is really something. I wounder if I could grow it here in Sweden? What do you think? And the rose Blush noisette, what a darling!

  5. You're showing lovely pictures as usual! I like that first one a lot, the Seashore Mallow. :-)

  6. Take a whiff of the Hansa for me!! when we got our riprap done we lost our Hansa...the fragrance would drift all over yard, I miss it.

  7. Hi,
    I was wondering where you get seeds for a perennial sweet pea?
    Your sweet peas are so pretty, as are all these blooms.

  8. I love the Meadow Beauty and think of you everytime I notice it blooming roadside. I've also seen isolated Bidens bloom which does the same:)

  9. A bit like spring again, agree to that!! So many flowers.. I will try to find out more about 'Meadow Beauty ' unfortunatly no luck so far, it is really a sweet looking plant you show :)

  10. I too adore that seashore mallow! I never think of myself as liking pastels, but there are many exceptions in my garden... I also love the Rugosa rubra... the seed heads remind me of clematis, and I didn't know roses (which I haven
    t grown) did this! Cool! By the way, I invited you to do the 7 things meme (without pressure to participate or tag others) in a post back... in case you didn't see it. No big deal if you don't wanna!

  11. Sweet bay your Seashore Mallow is incredible! It seems to have endless blooms... so lovely! Your roses are luxurious ... love them all but the photo of Hansa has such a romantic feel with the landscape in the background. I only have the white sweet pea must get this purple one... a beauty... and speaking of beauty you Meadow Beauty is a picture with those long anthers! Beautiful color and photos. Enjoy the weekend.

  12. Sweet colours! I love the Blush Noisette.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. It is like spring there with so much blooming. I love the 'Caldwell Pink' rose and 'Felicia' is really pretty too.

  14. Lovely to see the second bloom on your roses.Glad the Japanese beetles are gone.


  15. Sweet bay,
    as I am a rosecollector of muskhybrids, I love your "Kathleen"!
    Her "sister" "Felicia" have some new buds and will soon give me some flowers before winter.
    Have a nice weekend!/

  16. Your garden has lots of September color. I love all the pinks, with a splash of sunflower yellow!

  17. You have lovely roses and of course my favorite is Felicia for her incredible fragrance.
    I'm glad you showed Max. Sunflower. It just showed up in my garden and I was thinking that that is what it was but wasn't quite sure.
    Seashore mallow is beautiful. Does it only grow by the seashore?

  18. Beautiful! I love the Meadow Beauties and until today, have only seen them in wildflower books! Lucky you! Your roses are still lovely. gail

  19. Sweetbay, I just read your blogger profile and realize you live in NC!!!! All this time, i thought you lived in California!!!!! I don't know why. It does explain why are plants bloom at similar times, though! LOL! Did you ever live in CA? Oh Lordy I'm conufsed...

  20. No, never lived in California, just visited.... :)

  21. So sorry for all the times I may have made comments related to your living out west!!!! :) I still don't get how I got that stuck in my head.

  22. I don't think you've made comments related to my living out west. lol :) Not that I'd mind living out west, but it's so different from the Southeast, it'd be hard to get used to.

  23. Lillabeth, Seashore Mallow is hardy to about -20C.

    Mia I believe that Meadow Beauty is Rhexia virginica, and it is also hardy to -20C. Is it hardy enough for your garden?

    Thank you everyone for your comments!

  24. I love all your flowers, they are gorgeous. I also appreciated your comment on my blog, thanks for stopping by.

  25. I love all your Roses, especially that 'Caldwell Pink.' It stinks that we have to wait until the Japanese Beetles die to enjoy them.
    Thanks for IDing the bug on my prairie post. I've never heard of it before.

  26. Wow, so many beautiful flowers!
    Thanks for your comment at may blog! Always appreciated! Welvome back!

  27. Lovely roses and of course the others too...
    The yellow flowers are like small suns on the ground - just so pretty

  28. Hi Sweetbay,
    I was sure I'd left a comment, but when I checked to make sure, it wasn't there.

    Your blooms are looking great here, and I was reminded I had planned to look for Maximillan sunflowers.


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