Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wildflower Wednesday

Today I am joining Gail at clay and limestone for Wildflower Wednesday.

The white asters look a bit weedy during the growing season but I appreciate them when they bloom in September and October. The bees do too.

I can't be certain but I think this aster is calico aster, judging from the size and purplish hue of the old flowers. This aster blooms from the outside in. The newest flowers were further down on the stem than the older ones so the asters would be abuzz with bees that were hard to see! The finished effect of the flower was lavender/ purple because of the purple color of the center bleeding into the petals.

Like the fall color willowleaf aster 'Miss Bessie' started early this year, before Halloween.

'Miss Bessie' grows in several places, inside the garden and out: the little field up top, next to the driveway, south of the big bed, the northern part of the big bed, in the ditch next to one of the pastures, and next to the hay shelter. There's room for plenty more though, and I plan to divide rosettes and spread them around this winter. Not only are they beautiful but they and groundsel trees are the main sources of food for insects in November.

'Miss Bessie' and prairie rose (Rosa setigera)

With American beautyberry

View from front porch Nov. 5, 2014

By hay shelter

This aster is so popular with the bees, wasps, flies, and butterflies.


Bumble on 'Miss Bessie'

Honeybee and hoverfly

At times there were literally clouds of these bees hovering over the flowers.

Carpenter bee

Happy Wildflower Wednesday and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Beautiful aster pictures with all those bees, love it. By the way, you live on a wonderful spot in the world, the view from your front porch to the woods is magnificent. Lovely nature around your place.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am going to Google that wonderful 'Miss Bessie' aster to see if it would grow down here. I love all of your photos, just beautiful! I always LOVE seeing your place, in all seasons. Thank you for sharing.

    May you and your husband have a lovely Thanksgiving ~ FlowerLady

  3. 'Miss Bessie' has great color and looks perfect with your Am. beautyberry.

  4. I see we both wrote about our amazing asters....stunning pictures!!

  5. First you had glorious pictures of masses of yellow flowers and now purple ones - my 2 favorite colors. Spectacular! 'Miss Bessie' is a star.

    Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Masses of white and purple are fantastic!

  7. I saw an Aster and Callicarpa combo this fall that I want to recreate in my garden. I already have the Callicarpa, now I just have to figure out what I am going to have to get rid of to make room for the Aster. Decisions, decisions?

  8. What would fall be without asters! You have so many; what a feast for the bees. Love all the photos of the bees!

  9. One of my favourite flowers. These are gorgeous photos. I love the way asters glow in the late autumn light. We have wild ones in our field and they really light up an otherwise weedy looking area.

  10. Great shots of the plants and the pollinators! You are certainly supporting the bees! I love the masses of Asters--they really add swaths of beauty to the landscape!

  11. Sweetbay, I know you have worked hard to create it, but surely you must pinch yourself to make sure it is real when you look at the view from your front porch! The photos of Miss Bessie along the drive are wonderful. And so great that wildlife appreciates your efforts, as well. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  12. Thank you Deb! And thank you everyone for your comments!


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