Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fields of Gold

April/May and September are peak months in my garden. In September the big star is Bidens but there are other things in bloom too. All of that golden yellow needs some contrasts.

White and pink seashore mallow

Rose 'Caldwell Pink'

This year was a good year for Bidens, although not quite as good as last year.

I didn't get Bidens all up and down the ditches next to the pastures like I wanted, but there were enough next to one of the pastures to make a nice show. These pictures are from mid September.

Looking across the old front yard to the path up to the paddock behind the house.

Part of the old front yard

Encore azaleas and Bidens

Fiery skipper

Silver-spotted skipper

View from front porch

View from back porch

The plant with the brown seedheads next to the shavings pile is a native
spirea, Spirea tomentosa. It's a lovely plant and I need several more.
I am going to take some softwood cuttings after it blooms next year.

The little field up top

DH planted some tithonia and cosmos up there. He did that to make amends for mowing a section of the field closely (and possibly mowing down young Bidens) in the spring.

One of the first Monarchs of the season I saw nectaring from Bidens.

Carpenter bee

I can never get over how fast hoverflies can move. Their speed seems almost supernatural.

Cutest skipper ever - Fiery Skipper


Rocket bumblebee

The Bidens have mostly gone to seed now, although there are a couple of oddball groups up top that are still blooming or just starting to bloom, more than a month after the rest. The goldfinches, song sparrows and song sparrows love the seeds. I've spent a few hours collecting seed and spreading them to try to get an even more expansive show next year.


  1. Oh those glorious Bidens. They sure make all the winged friends happy, don't they? Your photos of the grass lane make me happy. Every time you post one of those they just draw me in. Very appealing. It looks beautiful there SB. Even if the Bidens are over, you captured them beautifully and hopefully they'll be back in droves next year. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Oh my, another wonderful post that makes me smile and feel thankful for God's creation. I love all of the photos, they speak to my heart. I'm working on adding more yellows to my gardens.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your lovely, peaceful bit of paradise on earth.

    Love & Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Love your golden fields, Sweetbay !

  4. You live in dreamland! Beautiful.

  5. Wow, the abundance of Bidens that you have on your property certainly makes a show! Just lovely! I agree with, you that some contrasting colors are nice with them. I especially like them with the rose 'Caldwell Pink', which I have also growing in my garden, the Cosmos and the tithonia. Besides that they are beautiful, it is wonderful that the Bidens are a great source of food for so many different pollinators. I hope your seed collecting is successful and that you are able to sow even more for next year. Wishing you a nice rest of the week!

  6. I love the views of the pathways with all those beautiful yellow Bidens alongside. That kind of massing is something I can only dream of. I passed on the opportunity to pick up a small-flowered Bidens at the nursery last weekend (because they require too much water) but now I regret it.

  7. I always look forward to your show of Bidens each year, Sweetbay. Those billowy clouds of yellow are such a gorgeous sight--what a fantastic view to look out on every day! It's obvious lots of little critters appreciate them, too.

  8. Beautiful! We don't see so many Bidens around here. Does it grow there as an annual or perennial?

    1. It's an re-seeding annual. I first fell in love with Bidens when I saw whole fields in bloom on the drive from Chapel Hill to Jordan Lake.

  9. How cheerful and golden your September was!

  10. Your Bidens are spectacular! I love the effect next to the fields and also along the road side. I couldn't help noticing how they also complement the color of your house. You have done a great job creating an environment that is pleasing to both humans and wildlife.

  11. So spectacular! I love how you have encouraged such billows of the Bidens throughout your property.

    Do you know which species of Bidens you have? The Bidens that comes up naturally here does not have such gorgeous and showy flowers, although its foliage is ferny and beautiful. I'm rather hoping that your species might do well here, too.....


    1. These are Bidens aristosa. Kansas is included in its range on the USDA map. You should try it! It is an amazing plant.

      November 10, 2014 at 8:59 AM

  12. So beautiful! I'd love to have views like that. Whenever I see bidens growing here, I always think of your blog. :o)

  13. I have never seen Bidens growing like that before - the only ones you see in the UK are trailing found in hanging baskets. You have such a beautiful display.


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