Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Into the fire

We got a couple days' reprieve and almost a half inch of rain before temperatures go roaring back up to nearly 100 degrees today. The term reprieve is relative though; on Sunday the clouds mercifully shielded us from the sun, but the humidity was so thick that after being outside 2 or 3 hours I looked like someone had dumped a bucket of water on my head.

On super hot days I've been running the sprinkler some in the evening, or the Brazilian blue sage, 4 o'clocks and bee balm will turn to toast. (Most of the sage and the 4 o'clocks are behind the rugosas and to the left of the Buddleia in the above pictures.) The idea is to eventually have the Baptisias and woody plants take over this bed and have all of the colorful summer thirsty plants closer to the house, where somehow placing a sprinkler in one place will water everything.

Monarda 'Raspberry Wine'

A motley blend of Baptisia, suckering rugosa 'Foxi Pavement', phlox 'Robert Poore', 4 o'clocks, Bidens, Muhlenbergia, and Spiderwort. A garden in flux.

Those woods in the background look cool don't they? :) Trust me they're not.

The neighbor's horses in the early morning steaminess.

Carolina Wild Petunia is a wildflower that I transplanted into the garden. I like how it seeds itself around and I love its soft purple color.

I am getting impatient with this extreme hot weather. I have a bunch of hibiscus and seashore mallow seedlings that need to go into the ground before the weather cools off for the season but it's too hot to be watering new things just now! If I can't get everything in the ground in time I'll just have to see how they overwinter on the porch.

If you're in this hotpot too you have my sympathy and try not to get too hot.


  1. Here in north MS we are in the hotpot with you! I'm counting down the days until Fall! Your flowers are pretty in spite of the hot weather. I especially like the Bee Balm!

  2. It has been hot here, too--the hottest July on record! What are those gorgeous fuchsia blooms in the third photo? I feel like the name is on the tip of my tongue!

  3. Sweetbay ~ Your blooms looks good in spite of the heat and humidity. We are so 'ready' for cooler weather. We don't usually get any until the end of October.

    I was just out sweating buckets while mowing then trimming, raking, etc. So nice to take a shower and then be inside in the air-conditioning.

    Thanks again for sharing your wonderful bit of paradise.

    I think I lost another rose, Prosperity. I didn't have any babies of her either, bummer. I hate losing roses. I probably had her about 12 years, in a pot.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and try to keep cool.


  4. Dorothy we're counting the days until fall too!

    Monica, the fuschia flower is a 4 o'clock. :)

    Flowerlady I'm sorry to hear you lost Prosperity. Such a lovely rose.

  5. All looks lush and green considering! As always, wonderful photos. Happy August :)

  6. When you get up in the morning and see all that steamy fog you just know it is going to be a sweltering day. Ugh! We run out and water early in the morning before it gets too hot. I just love the Blue Sage.It sure stands out in your bed with the pinks.Try to stay cool.

  7. I thought from the description & the process of elimination they *must* be 4 o'clocks, but I hadn't actually seen them in real life before, and for whatever reason (maybe because you only see the flowers themselves on seed packets) I was imaging them to be much shorter--maybe 6 inches tops. Well, now I know better! I like them and will grow them next year!

    I do grow tomatoes in containers and it works quite well. :)

  8. I am hoping this heat will break sometime soon. It is crazy....think you all got more rain than we did. Many of my plants seem to be in limbo right now.

  9. Keeping up with the watering must be a challenge in the extreme heat. Your plants still look good, though.
    When we have a rare humid day, I'm reminded of how it was to live in the south. We've been generally cooler and wetter than normal. The weather is just weird this year.

  10. I am sorry about your heat and hope it breaks soon. We have had quite a bit of cool weather recently, and some of my tomatoes got sick :(. Your garden looks wonderful, I love the different textures and shades of green, very peaceful. Your 4 o'clocks look great with the sage. I hope your little baptisias get established and all your other new plantings.

  11. Judging by these pictures, your garden is surviving the heat. We have been fortunate here to have had lots of rain with the heat wave. I am always concerned when we leave for vacation as to what my garden will look like when I get back home. With several inches of rain while we were gone, it looked like a jungle.

  12. It's brutal out there. One nearly passes out when working in the sun. I am trying to stay inside but even that feels unbearably hot. So glad your garden is hanging on and you are able to water. Hopefully the weather will break soon.

  13. Our July has been very hot and dry as well. We seem to be on the northern tip of the heat wave and drought. The only reason my garden looks as good as it does is the fact that I have been watering it every 3 or 4 days. My water bill will no doubt attest to this. August is starting off to be better. Today we had rain. I hope you get some relief from the weather soon.

  14. Thanks for your comments everyone! Monica the 4 o'clocks range in height from about a foot to 6 feet (!). lol

  15. It's cool here. I can't imagine the heat that you get over there. We all have different challenges in our garden! Your plants are looking good so your watering regime must be working. The blue of that salvia is so beautiful and combines well with the other plants.

  16. Sweetbay, I am willing some cool Alberta air to head your way. Hope the heat breaks for you soon. :)

  17. Sweetbay, I have never been able to get 4 o'clocks to grow!Other people think they are weedy. I can almost smell their sweet fragrance in your garden. gail

  18. I hope the weather cools a little. How I loathe having to water stuff.

    I like the Wild Petunia. I bet it thrives on neglect. My kind of plant.

    Looking good, despite the heat.


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