Thursday, August 4, 2011

Early August Garden

Tonight when I let one of the cats out onto the back porch, I heard the lovely sound of gushing rain. However brief any shower is welcome. One more day of intense heat and then we are "cooling back down" to the lower and mid-90's.

With supplemental water some plants are just loving the heat.

Mexican Petunia

The polyantha 'Caldwell Pink'

Rugosa rubra

'Basye's Purple'


Seashore Mallow and Monarda 'Raspberry Wine'

Buddleia 'Petit Indigo' and a seedling Hibiscus

Spiderwort 'Zwanenburg Blue'

Now that the daylilies have finished their first
round Basil will take the stage in some of the beds.

Kiss-Me-Over-The-Garden-Gate is a sweet old-fashioned annual.

Texas Sunflower

When the temperature is still (relatively) cool in the morning sometimes our indoor cat Penny accompanies me in my garden rounds.

"...that grass looks good..."

She looks pretty good for seventeen doesn't she?


  1. Despite the heat your plants look marvelous. Your Mexican Petunias and Rugosa roses are beautiful! Just look at the intense color of your Spiderwort. Your cat is so adorable and doesn't even look close to being seventeen. Why can't we age this well ... lol. Have a great day!

  2. Glad you had some cooler temps. As usual, you have some wonderful blooms and Penny is a real sweetie pie. Enjoy your cooler weather.

    Visiting your blog is always a treat.


  3. It has been tough keeping the garden happy in this extreme heat this year. Looks like you are doing a good job of it. I feel for the next door neighbors horses and our wild deer in this heat. But I reckon they can take it.

    Penny is a beautiful gal. Our two just had fur cuts and are pretty naked girls now....

  4. Your garden is holding up well and so is kitty!


  5. There are just not enough hours for all there is to do in summer. And when it is this hot who cares. LOL!
    Your Spiderwort is a pretty color.I just planted a mix of them this year and they are all different colors but not the dark blue you have. Your roses are looking so pretty in the heat. I really like your Bayse's Purple. So lovely!

  6. Your garden is lovely! Your kitty looks wonderful for 17!! I have a siamese mix that's 17 also but she has thyroid and heart issues but is doing well on medication. Your's looks amazingly healthy. Wishing her many more years!

  7. Your garden is so peaceful ... I love it!

  8. Your garden looks great despite the heat. Those rugosa hips really caught my attention, was that Foxy Pavement? I loved your shot of Nastarana.

  9. It's amazing how well your plants are doing through all the heat.
    Your 17 year old kitty is a pretty lady.

  10. Very pretty kitty. Love your combo of the Seashore Mallow and Monarda...great colors together. Wish that front would move just a tad further south....rain would be so welcome!

  11. Beautiful Rugosa Roses. Beautiful purples and blues. Beautiful garden in summer.
    Kiss-Me-Over-The-Garden-Gate, wow, what a name, for a flower !!!

  12. I adore kiss me over the garden gate. My first cat as an adult was named Penny. :) My James is 18, but not quite as fluffy. :)

  13. How well your roses prosper in the hot summer weather! They look so summery and fresh.

  14. You must garden on a grand scale! Lovely photos; the spiderwort is a striking blue.

  15. She's a beautiful kitty and yes, she looks good for 17! Love 'Bayse's Purple' and your photos are making me miss those colors in my garden~it's all yellow all the time now! gail

  16. Masha that particular rugosa is rugosa rubra, although Foxi Pavement gets a lot of hips too.

  17. I love your pictures<3.And yes,your seventeen years old looks beautiful.Our black Misu is a lady of eighteen years,she's very fragile and weights so little.But yet she's a great mouse hunter:)Happy gardening.

  18. She does look good for seventeen. I've a seventeen year old cat. Harold. They get much cuddlier when they're older!

  19. I'm amazed at all the beautiful blooms you have in this heat, Sweetbay! The spiderwort is such a deep shade of blue; we had to cut all ours down at the Idea Garden because it was looking so bad.

    Penny certainly looks younger than her years; I bet she enjoys those early morning gardening adventures with you.

    I've got my fingers crossed for some rain today!

  20. Your kitty does not look a day over ten! And your garden is coming throught he summer in good shape, despite the high heat. I love your Mexican petunia!

  21. Your kitty is aging like fine wine SB!! She looks fantastic.
    I smiled when you said you were looking forward to cooling down to the lower 90's! That's hot here. :-)
    I was looking for "Kiss me over the Garden Gate" seeds this spring. Found them too late but next year for sure! I want to get back to some old fashioned annuals. Does it self sow well for you??
    Hang in there ~ cooler temps are around the corner. I think your garden is holding up well.

  22. Kathleen I grew KMOGG years ago and it didn't reseed, but I probably mulched too thick around it. I would love for it to reseed though.


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