Thursday, July 28, 2011

Garden Overspill

This time of year the garden is filled to overflowing.

I have been watering a lot the last few weeks and am grateful for the rain we've gotten the weekend. Highs are expected to go back up to 100 this week.
That little dot at the end of the drive is Prissy.

In high summer plants lean out into paths.

Plants take over paths, as the strawberries and Lemon Balm have done in the vegetable
garden. The corn we have harvested from the garden has been delicious, very sweet.

'Ellen Bosquanet' is blooming at the end of the vegetable garden.

I planted Malabar spinach next to the tripod and hope it has time to get going before the season ends. It's supposed to like hot weather.

Even the new plantings by the drive above the house ~ American beautyberries, prairie roses, rugosas, mints, and blue mist shrubs ~ are filling in.

It's a little scruffy up there but too far from the house to keep pristine in this heat, and I like the variety of colors and texture and overall effect.

Meadow Beauties are in bloom in unmown places beside the drive and next to the woods, looking as they were strewn there by magic.

I finally have good stands of Phlox 'David' growing by the house again since the move.

The horses' view of the very full side
garden from the paddock. I see it a lot too.

Monarda 'Raspberry Wine'

The daylilies are finishing up. This is a Bachman seedling, not sure of the parentage. I love the ribbony kinetic look of the petals.

'Lavender Stardust'

'Prissy Frills'

I do not want to be without these Rudbeckias again. I love their warmth of color.


  1. Your gardens look great, but what really catches my eye is your driveway... love its rustic simplicity... says to me that there is a destination not to be missed! L

  2. And I love how natural your grounds are!

  3. I love the peaceful beauty and serenity of your garden. It was nice to see the picture of your house and garden together - it gives me an idea of the space you have to garden in - much more than I do! I love the picture of monarda with the bumbles, very cool!

  4. Your garden looks great in spite of the heat and lack of rain NC has had. I wish I could say the same for mine. I need to take lessons from you. Stay cool! Carla

  5. Oh, my, my.... :))

    I see this lush, lovely landscape and just wanna truck the horses out there for a tour. Which, of course, inspires me to dip into the next post.... ! :)

  6. Very lush and green! Love all the colors too!A lovely cottage home setting!

  7. Sweetbay,

    Sorry your tomatoes did not do so well again this year. The garden looks awesome, that monarda photo is one of the best I have seen you take in the garden, I love it.

    The weatherman says it might reach 105 degrees on Saturday and a chance of rain, oh my....

  8. Oh my gracious. That's the way a cottage garden is supposed to look.

  9. Your garden's lushness is the epitome of summer beauty. Lucky horses to have such a view. :)

  10. How absolutely lovely!
    Your property looks like a place many people dream of going on vacation to !

  11. I like the 'fullness' at this time of year.

    You mentioned lemon balm. I grow it too and it practically has gone nuclear.

    Those Monarda look superb

  12. What beautiful gardens! Love the post with the photos of your horses as well. Oh to live where we could have horses in the back. My dream. The horses have a gorgeous view!! Your gardens are beautiful.

  13. As always, your photos are a visual feast. They give me a sense of tranquility in your garden. I would love to walk down your road with Prissy!

  14. Wow, wonderful garden ! I like natural gardens like this.

  15. I love the natural look of your garden, Sweetbay. It makes your whole property look like such a peaceful retreat. No wonder you have so many butterflies and bees visiting!

    I've been putting off watering for the past 24 hours, because it was supposed to rain...which it didn't. Sigh. Looks like I'll be dragging around the hoses for awhile this morning.

  16. I didn't remember sharing that red daylily seedling with you~ it's exquisite isn't it? Can't believe it was culled. The weather has kept me inside for most of this growing season so I've abandoned my garden blog for now but have not forgotten about you and check in here frequently:)

  17. The abundance of flowers and foliage is like a symphony...your garden looks so beautiful!

  18. Thank you everyone for your comments. :)

    Shari I can't believe that seedling was culled either ~ maybe he was looking for a brighter red? It is a wonderful daylily. I have plenty of the purple penstemon when you want to replace yours.

  19. A lovely garden, Sweetbay ! I would like very much, to have such a lush, green garden in the summer ...

  20. The rasberry monarda is my favorite color for that plant. The bees really love that stuff, don't they? I'd better go out with my camera while it's still cloudy. We're expecting thunderstorms later. Hope we get a bit of good rain out of them.
    The more I see of Phlox 'David' the more I want it in my garden. It's beautiful.
    Love those gloriosas! That's a beautiful photo with the little butterfly.

  21. What's a Meadow Beauty? They are really pretty. They remind me of geraniums. LOVE the daylilly seedling! It's very spidery and exotic. I love how wild your garden is. It's so lush and carefree. :o)

  22. What a fabulous job you've done incorporating your gardens into the natural beauty around you. I love the bee balm spilling into your pathway. thanks for sharing over here at Fishtail Cottage's garden party - i am so looking forward to what you will share this upcoming week! xoox, tracie

  23. We have two species of Meadow Beauty here, which I believe are Maryland Meadow Beauty (Rhexia mariana) and Virginia Meadow Beauty (R. virginica). They like damp, acid soil and bloom all summer. The one pictured is the one that I think is Maryland Meadow Beauty.

  24. Your horses have a great view! Everything looks like it's surviving the heat very well SB. I'm trying to get some 'David' phlox going myself. So far, two lanky sprigs but they will bloom. Hopefully more next year.
    I don't know what it is about your lane but it appeals to me so much. (maybe the dirt path ~ reminds me of simpler days???) I'd love to either walk or take a slow drive down it admiring both sides as I go. Your plantings look like they are taking off.

  25. Dear Sweetbay, What a wonderful selection of photos that reveal the beauty and enchantment of your world. Beautiful! Lush and lovely. I cannot wait to see the new plantings by the drive take off. Gorgeous post. I do hope the heat gives way to coolness and more rain for you soon.


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