Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Barbeque

This past weekend felt as though we were on the bbq. The heat like being on blazing hot coals during the day, then thick smoke Saturday night. I don't know if the smoke was from the fire in Bladen County or is something more local. Just to err on the side of caution I walked down to the pastures at 11 pm to make sure our woods weren't on fire. Thankfully on Sunday morning the wind came up and the smoke dissipated.

The peppermint spray is deterring the deer so far. The culprits were the doe and yearlings twins that have been living here for over a year; my guess is that the doe lost this year's fawn and rejoined her youngsters from last year. The yearling buck looks so grown up already; he's much bigger than his mom and sister and has a sizeable rack of antlers. His mother is still the boss, however. She will nip him if he gets in her way.

I never thought I'd be such a daylily fan, but each one has their own individual loveliness. And unlike orange ditch lilies, most have the good grace not to have very much foliage.

'Beautiful Edgings'

'Hudson Valley' has huge fragrant flowers.

'Lavender Stardust'

Unknown, obtained in a trade

'Ada May Musick'

'Jedi Blue Note'

Noid I got in a trade. It's grown on me.


'Pandora's Box'

I absolutely love this daylily.

When I pulled the tag I got this:

Typical, but I'm surprised there was a tag at all, since I wanted to know what it
was. There were enough letters that a Google search turned up the name right away.


A picture from later in the day, showing some changes in color and just as lovely
as it was in the morning. I like the combination of moody plum and vivid purple.

'Easy Ned'

'Shady Lady'

'Lavender Deal'

A beautiful fragrant daylily from Wayside. The tag was lost long ago.

Those water droplets are from the hose, not from rain. I hope we get some rain this week. All of the little bumblebees working so hard in the garden are drinking from the puddle next to the water trough. They land on the surface of the water with legs outstretched like a water bug, drink, and then fly off again. Much of the day there are half a dozen bees quenching their thirst at any given time. There's even a couple of water frogs living in the puddle too.


  1. If there's a vote, I'm going with Shady lady and Chocolate splash Hope you get some rain, we are too dry as well.

  2. You have managed to make these daylily flowers look so refined and elegant! I tend to find the big frilly ones unkempt, and as I posted in late June, I can't get them to bloom since the deer eat all my buds. But your photos make them look so delicate and lovely. Maybe I like daylily pictures better than daylily plants themselves. . . .

  3. I think these daylily flowers look refined and elegant in person as well as in photos, but I know what you mean about some looking unkempt.

  4. We are suffering from hot, dry weather too. While we were at the beach we noticed smoke in the air from fires in Pender county. I sure hope rain comes soon to aid in getting rid of the fires. Try to stay cool! Carla

  5. Those daylilies really are beautiful. I love the pictures with water droplets... I fell in love with penstemons recently and am considering mail-ordering some rarer varieties...

  6. Śliczne te liliowce !!!


  7. These are the most beautiful flowers!!
    I miss the daylilies where I moved away from!

  8. Dużo masz tych pięknych liliowców, masz co oglądać, jak spacerujesz po ogrodzie. Pozdrawiam

  9. Sweet bay, I think I like lilys more than ever!!!!


  10. I think the ruffled ones are so pretty, the delicate yellow one at the top of the post is so pretty....as each of the ones that followed were! I need to add more of the lavenders and pinks next summer. I have an area that is damp...so the daylilies are a perfect choice.

  11. Hi Sweetbay,

    You have really done an outstanding job of capturing the beauty and freshness of these Daylilys..and I think the water droplets was a great idea especially when so many are experiencing high temps and drought!

    Lovely post

  12. Ok, Beautiful Edgings and Jedi Blue Note have Stolen My Heart! What a sweet collection you have. Hope you are finding a cool respite during the heat. :)

  13. Sweetbay, They are splendid indeed...and beautifully photographed. gail

  14. I'm a huge daylily fan and your images are stunning! Let there be rain :)

  15. I always enjoy your lilies! The variety is amazing! And the pictures are great!

  16. Beautiful collection and the photos are spectacular. We are still lacking in rain too. I've just resigned myself to the fact the garden is just going to look ratty this year and I hope for a better season next year.

  17. Someone gave me a piece of Trahlyta this past week, but first I had to look it up to see if I wanted it (seriously running out of room here for more plants, especially daylilies). When I found out it was one of the parents of Grey Witch, I said I will take it. I think it will look good next to some old fashioned Echinacea.

    You are not the only ones on the BBQ. At least 2-3 times a week when the wind is coming due south, we get the smoke from the Aligator River NWF in eastern North Carolina. It has been burning for almost 2 months now.

  18. Your daylilies are all gorgeous, Sweetbay! I'm a big fan of any daylily, so it would be hard for me to pick a favorite. I'm glad you were able to identify the 'Trahlyta'; there are so many cultivars that look alike to me, I'd never be able to identify one without a tag or record. I have a mystery yellow one growing in my garden that I can't identify; but then, I don't even remember planting it:)

    I hope you get some rain soon; we've entered a drier period,too, and I'm already tired of lugging a hose around every day.

  19. Woo-hoo! Daylilies! I do love them so. You know the joke about 'Always Baroque' don't you? If you love daylilies, you are 'Always Baroque!' I grow many of the same ones you do, and in spite of trying to keep them all labeled, I have several unknowns. Trahlyta is one of those which is such a complicated color, all smoky purple and such. Enjoy them. Mine are almost finished.~~Dee

  20. I never get tired of looking at pictures of your daylilies! It is ironic that while you write about the heat, the daylilies covered in water droplets look cool and refreshed. I just love the cream colored one and the pale pink one that you ended with. One day I hope to have replace all my 'ditch' daylilies with beauties like these.

  21. You have a wonderful collection of daylilies. There is a lovely variety of colours and kinds. It's hard to pick a favourite.

  22. Wow, SB ~ I think you are Queen of the Daylilies! You have so many gorgeous varieties. I don't even have one in my garden so I know nothing about them but if you keep up these posts, you might convert me!

    ps Thanks for the id on the pink Monarda. I bet you are right.

  23. What a beautiful homage to the simple but so enchanting daylily. You've come a long way babe since the brash orange ditch lily.


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