Friday, February 25, 2011

Blooming Friday ~ A Pinch of Green

When this iris was created a pinch of green must have been added to the ink. :) Just enough to enhance the pale yellow color.

Yellows cooled by a touch of green can go with anything.

'Easy Ned'

Noid yellow daylily

Purple Coneflowers start with a large pinch of vivid green in the center of the flowers.

As the florets in the center opens the touch of green diminishes

until it disappears.

A touch of green can add to the beauty of flowers, complementing and enhancing the base colors.

'Ada May Musick'

'Jedi Blue Note'

'Lavender Stardust'

'Lavender Deal'

'Bali Watercolor'

'My Melinda'

Happy Friday, and join Katarina at roses and stuff for Blooming Friday, where the theme this week is "a pinch of green".


  1. The little tuch of green do complement the lilac colours. Lovely pictures :)

  2. 'My Melinda' is so beautiful!!! Well, all of them are, but she is special!

  3. We are all longing for a pinch of green this time of the are so right...there is a shade of green to compliment every color....beautiful post.

  4. Your pictures reminded me of warmer days! I can't wait to see what your garden has in store for us this year! Carla

  5. Wonderful pictures, I´ll love Bali Watercolour !!! Have a nice weekend
    Lisa/Lisas trädgård

  6. All the photos are beautiful but I especially love the iris!

    Enjoy your weekend,


  7. This is such an interesting post, it rarely occurs to anyone (but a gardener) to look for green inside a flower... Your daylilies are beautiful, I wish my garden was a little bigger.

  8. Nice photos of that pinch of green we see in so many flowers. With snow still on the ground here, I'm happy to think green!

  9. So beautiful!! I can hardly wait for summer!!! I love the daylillies growing with the monarda. :o)

  10. Lovely pictures. Surprising how many flowers turned up in the various posts with a touch of green in their makeup. The sort of thing you don't notice until you look closely.
    Have a good weekend.

  11. Cudowne Hemerocallis, pozdrawiam.
    Wonderful Daylily, greetings.

  12. That pinch of green can unify yellow and pink.

    All beautiful, but I'm such an echinacea fan. I think it's those reflexed petals that appeal to me, Always have.

  13. Very beautiful flowers! I love how they look with the purple ones in the third photo

  14. As always, I am impressed by your flowers AND your photography!

  15. Wow. I'd like to get a few more daylilies for my garden. Yours are amazing.

  16. I'm eagerly waiting to see a pinch of green in my garden soon, too, but right now I'd be excited to see any signs of new growth. Coneflowers and daylilies--two of my favorites, and you've captured them so beautifully here, Sweetbay. Green, yellow, pink, doesn't matter what color, because they're all lovely.

  17. Oh so beautiful photos, especially the first one with the dews still very visible.

  18. If you could hear med while reading your post, you would hear a lot of sighing...out of pure delight. How I long for summer!

  19. Hi Sweet Bay!
    When I opened your blog & the purple iris popped up, then the beautiful yellow one at the top of this post ~ I said "she really does have Iris fever!!" I must not have a very good sense of smell because I've never noticed a fragrance from my iris?? I'm glad you found the name of the rose. It is a pretty one ~ looks like it would blend in your garden nicely too!
    Good "pinch of green" post. Green throats on any flower are definitely beautiful.

  20. Dear Sweetbay, Thank you for this bit of green and other soft hues along with the rich light in your beautiful garden. This is a very hard time of year for northern gardeners. Migrations have begun and your gardens are showing sprouts of life, while ours are buried beneath layers of ice and snow. Seeing your refreshing light and life filled photos is a real treat!


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