Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring rushes on

'Crimson King' first bloomed in the big perennial bed and is now blooming next to the sidewalk in front of the house. There is no jewel that has a color that can match this iris, and the fragrance is very good too.

The Piedmont Azaleas are finishing up -- I think even in this phase they are beautiful, as though shedding teardrops -- and others are in their prime. This is an azalea we rescued from DH's grandparents' farm before the place was bulldozed for development. The azalea was in pretty bad shape and I wasn't sure it would survive, but we've had it 4 or 5 years now and it's doing well. I love the double shell pink flowers.

Coast Azalea has lovely glaucous foliage and sticky flower buds. The fragrance of the flowers is of cloves and cotton candy. This is an especially fragrant selection from Sunlight Gardens in Tennessee. The flowers are larger than that of my other Coast Azaleas too.


This is the only Florida azalea to bloom this year. The other 3 that used to be in front of the house when it was in its original location are still alive, but I had to move them next to the house this year; they were too close to pine trees that were sucking the life out of them. Sometimes 15 feet is too close. You can catch the sweet fragrance of the flowers just by walking past them.

These daffodils, be they Trevithian or not, are super. After almost 4 weeks some are still blooming.

Imho one can't ever have enough pink and purple in the garden.

Homestead Verbena

Columbine seedlings


Noid pink spiderwort

Iris cristata with Running Green and Gold. These plants are at the foot of
Loblolly Pines, and experience both flood and Sahara-type dryness, and they thrive.

Ozark Phlox

Wild Geranium

Baptisia (alba/australis seedling)

Jesse's Song with a yellow noid from Gene's grandmother.

I am so excited that Crepuscule has all of these buds. I have heard this rose praised as one of the most perfect for the south, and I love the peach color of the blooms. Whether I have the tame or monster version remains to be seen. Since Cl. Devoniensis died perhaps the trellis stands a chance.

I have rugosa seedlings all over the garden. If it weren't for the Japanese Beetles they would bloom from now until hard freeze. I hope the neighbor's wandering Guineas live up to the hype and really do ingest JBs and Fire Ants. Rugosas may not be the fanciest or most luscious, but they do live and thrive. All of these are fragrant too. Anything with rubra smells like damask and cloves; the alba just smell like cloves.

Rugosa rubra


Mystery rugosa hybrid
What is this? I thought it was a sucker from Basye's Purple or the supposed Purple Pavement, but it looks perhaps like a rugosa/ R. carolina hybrid. The fragrance is rose/cloves, not rose/lemon like a Carolina Rose. The flower reminds me of R. carolina, but I wonder where those fringed petals came from.

Foxi Pavement seedling

probable Hansa/ Foxi Pavement seedling

Foxi Pavement, which looks lilac-pink in the afternoon shade

Cl. Devoniensis died, but I still have the shrub form of Devoniensis.
Exquisite, isn't it? The fragrance is fruity, much like strawberries in the sun.

Rosa x cantabrigiensis is a very graceful rose, with the flowers clothing the arching
branches all the way to the tips. They open butter yellow and fade to cream.


Climbing Old Blush with Hansa in the background

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wildflowers and Iris

The Hawthorns that get sun have just finished. They put on a good show this year.
These are near the end of the paddock with the big horse shelter.

Usually I don't try to get pictures of the deer, as they are most evident at dusk when it's too dark
to take pictures, but on this day they appeared while there was still adequate light.


They don't bother to jump the post-and-rail fences; it's easier to go through them instead.

In the adjacent paddock clumps of Atamasco Lilies are blooming.


There are bouquets of Atamasco Lilies in the floodway fields too.

Back in the garden: I really need more SDBs; Pippi Longstocking has a longer bloom time than any of my other bearded iris and she's adorable.


There's going to be a lot of Jesse's Song blooming in the bed next to the neighbor's pasture this year.







with Rainbow Knockout

and Foxi Pavement in the far distance.

I know this is a lot of pictures of one border, but I really need to revel in these; I'm not sure how much my other iris are going to bloom, and I wait all year for these irises.


Some of the white iris from Gene's grandmother's garden (nicknamed Eva's White) are have started to open up too. I definitely detect vanilla.

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