Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Spring Rush

With last week's "heat wave," spring has come on incredibly fast in central NC. Everything has come into bloom at once. Tasks multiply like rabbits and I cannot possibly keep up.

The feeling of wonder at spring's beauty is often hand in hand with the feeling of being overwhelmed. We have been replacing fence posts over the last few weeks, which has put us a little behind on other tasks. It's also time to repatch the stall and shelter roofs (tin roofs often need patching around the nails, and asphalt composite roofs need a fresh coat of asphalt every couple of years or so), mow the floodway fields so that they won't go back to forest, fertilize the pastures, raise up the floor of one of the stalls so that it doesn't get soaked near the door after every rain, add more screenings to the round pen, and repaint the house after just 3 years. The house was painted after the move but the paint is popping off again.

Everything that needs to get done usually gets done but it's going to take some time. Maybe it's best to think about flowers for now.

The lovely blue woodland phlox has come into bloom. I don't have as much as I had two years ago, but any amount is welcome.


This dainty Tiarella is wonderfully fragrant.

The brilliant PPPP with 'Homestead' Verbena

Everything has greened up so fast.

The native azaleas went from bud to full bloom in a couple of days.

The Encore Amethyst Azaleas are not covered with flowers, having been nibbled by deer earlier, but the color of the flowers that are there is very vivid. It usually has a lot more flowers in fall than spring anyway.

Who says native azaleas are less showy than the Asian species?

Piedmont Azalea

The apple tree blossoms came on quickly too.

This Mazus has crept out from under the 'Hansa' into the path in the garden next to the house.

I got this pink sorrell in a trade and it's much showier than the typical pink sorrell.

These little figs overwintered. If we don't get a cold snap, the fig tree will be in the best shape this spring that it's ever been.

In prior springs, we've been looking at many dead stems rather than leafed out branches. We've had this fig about 5 years.

It's been 2 years since we've seen the Wisteria in full bloom. Freezes catch it out about every other year.

Halfway open

A day later, in full bloom. Such a wonderful fragrance.

The iris are not usually quite this early.


'Crimson King' yesterday with the daffs that have kept blooming in spite of the warmth, thanks to afternoon shade.


  1. Once again I am entranced by the beautiful blooms that you have. I oooh and aaaah through your post.

    It sounds like you have a lot of repair work ahead of you, and the flowers look like the right thing to boost your spirits.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Your wisteria looks exactly like mine! Kind of a weird shrub/tree thing. But gorgeous!

  3. Wow Sweetbay, what a show! Simply beautiful! All the photos are great but I especially love looking down the lane toward the house and with the barn way off to the left... an out-of-a-story book picture.

    P.S. try not to look at all that needs to be done at one time because it can't be done; we make a list and prioritize and focus on one thing. I will never forget after we bought this property and everything, everything needed attention but we said, OK, what's the most important thing we have to do... then next. I still recall one of our sons who had come to visit say as he looked around at the mess and the jungle, "You'll never get this done". Huh? That thought had never crossed our minds. All about perspective. ;)

    Hope you have a little time this weekend to relax.

  4. What a lovely spring rush you have going! The closeup white azalea is especially beautiful...

  5. Beautiful photos Sweetbay

    That woodland phlox is perfect.

    Springs picking up here in SW France, but you seem a week or so ahead.

    Have a good weekend

  6. Things are happening fast and oh yes, those chores get us. Best to definitely think of your gorgeous flowers.

  7. You guys, like us, have a lot of work to do this spring. I can't keep up with all of the tasks that I have on my list right now. The weeds are trying to overtake my landscape around the house, as it does every year at this time. I had to put off some of my outdoor spring cleaning due to the excessive pollen. Your yard has come alive lately. My azaleas are just about ready to bloom any day now. I can't wait. Keep posting pictures of your yard waking up. You have the most beautiful plants. Every post you make makes me want to plant something new. Today, it made me want some wisteria! Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Ahhhh, what a sweet collection of blooms you have right now. The apple blosoom steals my heart.

    Remember to take time to just sit with a cup of tea and enjoy it all. ;)

  9. Spring has come too fast up north too, and I'm feeling like you are.. overwhelmed. Take some time to sit and enjoy your wisteria. I am... instead of heading outside, I'm sitting here ogling the purple profusion in your gorgeous shot!

  10. It does seem like there can be so many projects happening in Spring that just enjoying the flowers can get overlooked a little. Those native Azaleas are so pretty! Everything is looking beautiful. Hope you get the repairs finished up soon so you can just enjoy your garden for awhile.

  11. Sweetbay, your spring garden looks marvelous and how wonderful that PPPP is looking so perfect with the other lovelies. I love phlox...It's just the best plant for three season bloom...I hope you've had a great weekend, it sure sounds like it's been productive. gail

  12. Wow! Such beautiful blues and purples. That wisteria is especially beautiful. Happy Spring!

  13. I do not like your to-do list. However, I am afraid that if I looked around close enough my list might exceed yours, so I will keep my blinders on and just look at pretty spring things, like your photos.

  14. It's all so beautiful! The native azaleas are magnificent.

    Your to do list does sound overwhelming but it's earlier in the season than the plants lead us to believe it is:)

  15. SweetBay,

    Loved the photos! Your Wisteria is not as advanced as most I have seen here. The woodland phlox is a charmer! got some last year because of your posting back then, it looked like not much a few weeks ago and now 2 of the three plants are in bloom.

  16. Wow, I've never seen wisteria in real life in bloom--thanks for showing close-ups of the flowers. never would have known that's what they looked like. Figs are so cute--too cold for them here. And I'm happy to read at Rose's that you won the seeds. :)

  17. So many delightful blooms, Sweet Bay, that it would be hard to pick a favorite. I am partial to purple, though, and the iris and wisteria are just lovely. Everything seems to be popping out so quickly this spring; you really have to look around each day or you might miss something.

    Thanks for showing the pollen photos Wednesday--you're right, no additional words of explanation are needed:) I've never seen anything like this before.

  18. The Piedmont Azalea is very attractive - and not the kind of Azalea I usually picture in my mind. I am sure the cold winter over here has made the flowers open even faster once warmer weather arrived. It is like winter never happened!

  19. Can I come spend a vacation at your place? :D

    Everything is so gorgeous! I especially love your phlox photos - a favorite of mine. :) Happy Monday!

  20. It is so beautiful there. Don't you just love the woodland phlox. I have purple and blue, but I love the blue more. Sssh, don't tell the purple. We are almost where you are as far as blooms go, but still a little behind. I've seen wisteria all over town. We often miss it too due to freezes. I like the native azaleas best, but the other are pretty too. Happy spring.~~Dee

  21. Oh gosh, what a lovely series of photos. I love the apple blossom!
    The wisteria is gorgeous, and I have a 'thing' for woods phlox. My little patch doesn't seem to increase.

  22. whoa. I never expected so much on my visit over here SB. It looks almost like summer there! My favorite shot in all these incredible images has to be the macro of the apple blossom. Just magnificent. Your wisteria is awesome too. I've never attempted to grow one but I like it standing alone like you have yours.
    Hope you find a good pace to get all your chores done AND enjoy the flowers. You've got so much going on. If you need a break you can always visit Colorado. We are still in the very earliest stages of spring!!! (so lots of time to sit back & wait still)

  23. Hi SB~~

    Love that PPPP! Can't wait for mine to bloom.

    I love your farmhouse and surroundings, so peaceful and beautiful. Those are the prettiest azaleas I think I've ever seen!

    I have this pink sorrel [Oxalis] too. I love it.

    I want me a wisteria tree too!! I've got a tiny one in the works but it will be a long time before it looks as good as yours.

  24. Wow! Those are all quite beautiful! You have a lovely touch of nature in a beautiful yard!

  25. You are right sweet bay, spring has just exploded!! One of our Master Gardeners who works in the Learning Garden is introducing more and more native azaleas and I am coming to appreciate these beauties over the needier non native.


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