Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day April 2010

This year everything greened up and came out at once, as a result of a wet winter and then a week in the high 80's. These new daffodils -- planted last fall -- started blooming a couple of weeks ago and have been unfazed by the heat. I'm not sure what they are: 'Trevithian' or 'Quail' or possibly neither.

They are blooming with the iris 'Crimson King'.

A view of the big perennial bed -- still looking pretty tousled as it wakes up --
with the huge Winter Honeysuckle in back and a mystery iris in bloom in the middle.

'Climbing Old Blush' has started to open up, always a cause for celebration.

Many of the other early roses and iris are open too.

Rosa x cantabrigiensis

Rugosa rubra

'Pippi Longstocking', a Standard Dwarf Bearded

'Jesse's Song', a Tall Bearded

And then more of what you'd expect this time of year:

Jacob's Ladder

The pallid version


Early Blue Violet (Viola palmata)

Piedmont azaleas, fragrant and in both pink and white.

With woodland phlox

After 2 years, we were happy to see the wisteria bloom again. The emerging buds often freeze.

Florida Azalea (R. austrinum)

Coast azalea

Phlox pilosa, from Gail

All -- the Piedmont azaleas, Florida azalea, Coastal azalea, woodland phlox, Phlox pilosa, and wisteria -- are deliciously fragrant.

And then, not growing in the garden at all but wild, this pale Jessamine. Jessamine is usually golden yellow -- it grows all over here, and will wrap itself around pine trees like tinsel around a lamp post -- but this one is butter yellow. The flowers smell just like baby powder.

And a wild crabapple. I would love to have more of these.

Thank you to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.


  1. Hiya,
    You're up early :-)
    I like the clean look of your page these days. No clutter at the sides. Pictures take a while coming down in that size(dial up), but I'm sure worth the wait.

    I'll get myself some coffee while they unroll.
    Ohhh, you've got roses already. The Rosa Cantabrigiensis is a R.hugonis hybrid, isn't it? Although, it doesn't seem to have its small feathery leaves with the nine leaflets, judging from your photograph. I counted seven.

    It is all absolutely lovely. More Summer than Spring. Wish we had a bit of that heat. It is still central heating weather.
    I enjoyed that, thanks.

  2. 'Old Climbing Blush' looks extra beautiful with that gorgeous blue sky in the backround.

    When I see your photos, it's easy to imagine how much you must luv living there. All that space, I crave some of it.

    Years ago, I had Jacob's Ladder. It was floppy with not a lot of flowers. Didn't look a bit like the wonderful plant you have.

    It's lookin' good at your place, Sweet Bay.


  3. Sweetbay ~ you live in your own bit of heaven. Those azaleas are stunning, and the wisteria a real jewel of a bloomer. Glad she is doing well for you this year.

    Thanks for sharing once again.

    Have a fabulous day ~ FlowerLady

  4. The roses are beautiful, thanks for the tour. Lovely garden. Take care

  5. SweetBay,

    That Climbing Old Blush is a wow! Quail daffodil is barely still going here. For your info Quail is about 16 inches tall all yellow with 2-4 blooms per stalk. I will be posting photos as soon as Tiny Bubbles blooms.

    PS amazing azaleas too!

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful. I want that climbing rose!

  7. Your pictures are lovely as usual. I love the climbing rose and the azaleas. You have so many different varieties of plantings. I would love it if your blog could add the scent of the flowers! Your garden truly is a paradise.

  8. Those peidmont azaleas are just breathtaking. Your garden is beautiful. I don't have much except bulbs and a few woodland flowers blooming.

  9. Your garden is beautiful!!!!

  10. P.S. I have added your blog to my Google Reader. :)

  11. Jeee.. I wish I could spend an afternoon right now, strolling around in your garden. There are so much beauty going on at your place, roses, iris, azaleas.. I think I have to go back and watch your photos once more :)

  12. What can I say, all of your flowers are gorgeous!!!! I always enjoy coming here to enjoy your flowers with you.

  13. I wonder your Old Blush blooms earlier than mine? That is odd with you being so far north. Beautiful blooms, esp. the azaleas. So lovely!

  14. You have many incredible blooms. Thanks for sharing today. Valerie

  15. Wow- some spectacular bloom... Jesse's Song is beautiful and all the azaleas... wow... maybe it's my 'zone envy'! ...and the wisteria... marvelous! Larry

  16. You always have the most gorgeous things blooming. I love how big things can get there, the plants have so much space to reach their fullest potential. The Azaleas are so pretty, I love the native ones so much better than what I usually see around here. I need to make room for one in my garden.

  17. Wow! I could wander through that spring wonderland all day. Beautiful! I really love that rose arbor...and those irises!

  18. Hi Sweet Bay,
    Spring sure has sprung there! I love your blooms, irises and all. Your amsonia is the first I've seen in bloom this year. My amsonias are just peeking through the ground, but once up, they will grow quickly.

  19. You are surrounded by beauty SB!! It's just divine there. Truly. and I agree ~ more like summer than spring especially to someone with just a few crocus, & daffodils blooming.
    I bought a Jessamine one year to grow as an annual vine ~ ha. Did absolutely nothing. Then yours is as big as a tree! So funny how plants tell you in their own way that you should or should not be growing them!
    Your blooms are beautiful.

  20. What a simply gorgeous setting for all your woodland blooms. I would just love to walk through there admiring all your azaleas and other spring flowers. We may all have grumbled about winter but all the rain is giving us an outstanding spring. Among all the other beauties I love the two toned iris. Happy bloom day.

  21. Sweetbay, your photos and garden display are stunning as usual, and the Climbing Old Blush took my breath away. How blessed are we to have such beauty around us?

    Have a wonderful weekend and take a little time to sit and inhale all that beauty. Diana

  22. Gosh Sweetbay! You have so much in bloom!! Gorgeous landscapes softened by your flowering shrubs! That climbing rose is stunning and truly a celebration in itself! Happy Blooms!! Looks heavenly there! Carol

  23. Wow lovely rose arbor. I love your woodland flowers too.

  24. I don't think I can ever remember roses and azaleas having such an overlap. Looks like it is going to be an interesting spring.

  25. You have such lovelies! I wish I could smell them all!

  26. Oh, I wish I could grow azaleas here! Yours are gorgeous, Sweet Bay. I know I'd never get anything done in the house if I had views like this outside:) Glad to see your PPPP doing so well; mine (also from Gail) are just beginning to come up.

  27. Breathtaking! Beautiful! Almost summer. I envy you!

  28. Sweetbay

    Scrolling down I had to keep scrolling back up to 'Climbing Old Blush' but then Rosa x cantabrigiensis.....

    You really are growing some beautiful plants over there.

  29. I love that really pink Piedmont azalea and the pallid jacob's ladder. I had one of these jacob ladders growing out of the concrete blocks in front of a basement window for years. One day I finally loosened the block and dug it up to transplant it - it died shortly after. I haven't been able to find another.

  30. Your garden is already in full swing. You have so many gorgeous blooms. I love that climbing rose. What a beauty!

  31. With phlox, amsonia, wysteria, and such, life is grand!

  32. Hi sweetbay, I am always in awe of your inspiring gardens. Your spring blooms are lovely, as always. The wisteria is beautiful. It looks like all of your azaleas are natives, am I correct? I don't have any natives (yet) but hopefully find a place for a few. It looks like your woodland phlox grows taller than mine. Mine get no sun, so that's probably why. There's just so much to take seems like everything happened at once!


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