Monday, April 12, 2010

Tenderest green and a spring tradition

I took a walk down to the creek the other day to see the Wood Ducks (which I
did -- I wonder if they are nesting there because they circled back to the slough
twice) and see the woods clothed in their new greens.

Most of what lines this path next to the creek are Hawthorns and Possamhaws
(Ilex decidua). I wish I had the words to adequately describe how beautiful the
sunlight is dancing among the trees or the deep green shimmer of new leaves
reflected in swamp water darkened by last year's leaves.





In the sunnier places the Hawthorns are blooming. They have a layered effect,
much like a dogwood.

But this, this is the real reason for trekking down to the floodway fields, a native
Crabapple. A glimpse of it turning the corner into the field..

This is a magnificent tree. Every spring we came down to the floodway fields to look
at it with our mouths open. My husband says, and I agree, that he has not seen any
cultivated crabapples that can compete with it for beauty.


I hope you are enjoying the bounty of spring where you are.


  1. Good Morning! All are pretty pictures but that last one shouts, "Spring"!

  2. What a lovely and serene walk with that beautiful treasure at the end.

    I love those crab apple blossoms.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  3. You describe it beautifully! I would love to take that walk with you!

  4. The mood has been set for a truly beautiful spring....


  5. What a great trail through the woods. I am sorry you bothered the little Wood Duck, hope he/she settles back down.
    I really really like the second to last photo close up of the crab apple. Very pretty.

  6. I agree, that crab apple is jaw dropping.

    I planted a Malus Evereste last autumn which is ready to blossom.

  7. I feel as if I have just taken a woodland walk down the path with you. The pictures are lovely and the crab apple tree is the prettiest I have seen. Thanks for sharing! Carla

  8. Thank you for your comments everyone.

    Janet it's a pair of Wood Ducks and I'm sure they are fine. They are wild and so take off at any sign of a human. They generally don't go far though. The slough is Wood Duck paradise.

  9. Those crabapples are indeed absolutely stunning! How beautiful spring is in your woods! And what a pretty creek you have. Don't you love nature walks? I just walked down to my river today. So refreshing!

  10. Every picture is beautiful, but that first one is my favorite. It looks like such a peaceful place to go for a walk. I just saw pictures in a bird book today of Wood Ducks, I had no idea how unusual they are. If you get any pictures of them, it would be fun to see them.

  11. Oh, Sweetbay, what a walk in the woods! I am torn between being dazzled by gardens and dazzled by the woods in spring - both are so stunning. There really is something, however, about the beauty of newly greened woods full of singing birds chortling their hearts out that just makes my spirit lift and a grin appear on my face. Seeing your wild crabapple on a walk would be the icing on the cake. Wow!

  12. There is nothing like a lovely walk in woods in springtime. You got beautiful shots too.
    We so enjoyed our trip south-it is so beautiful and the people are so friendly! I hope we can go back sometime.
    Your garden is already beautiful-I love the woodland phlox and have some here -hoping it will spread!
    We had a heavy white frost last night-I hope it didn't cause any damage to flower buds on the magnolias etc.
    Take care,

  13. Whew, I'm glad hawthorns look like dogwood, because I thought it was dogwood, LOL. Do rose seed leaves look like any other seed leaves--two tiny rabbit ears?! Because one of my/your winter-sown Rosa setigera is up... I don't know why I wasn't expecting it to look like it does... I even think I accidentally dropped a nearby seed into that slot. I mean, do rose seed leaves look like tomato seed leaves??!

  14. I can just imagine how wonderful your walk in these woodlands was amongst all this natural beauty! I always feel like Alice in Wonderland when I take walks in my close by woods.It is such a magical world!I look down at the ground and feel fairies have cleared away dead leaves so that the sunshine can reach the little flowers beneath!Oh I think I'm due for a Nature walk!Thank you for inspiring me with these magical images!
    Yes my creeping green is "Jenny" :)

  15. Catherine I did manage to get some shots of the wood ducks here. I'd love to get more and better ones, but it's going to take time and patience I think, either that or I need a swig of Felix Felicis.

    Monica the first 2 leaves of roses look like any other seedlings. The next 2 will let you know for sure! I hope that's what they are.

  16. It is beautiful Sweet Bay but I'm staring at how far along your trees are ~ they look almost totally leafed out. We are still waiting for that littlest bit of green color here. I hope the wood ducks are nesting in your creek.

  17. They are so pretty. And smell good too. Love your woods thanks for taking me for a walk today.

  18. Your shots of the wood and the creek are utterly beautiful. I would love to take a walk there. As for the pictures of the Crabapple - amazing!

  19. I am so glad you took us trekking with you...I loved seeing the crabapple...It's beautiful, the white and pink flowers are perfect for spring and with that touch of brilliant spring blue sky~perfect. Spring is delightful here in nashville, a little warm, but sweet~Thank you for asking. gail

  20. Your crabapple is beautiful! There is a tree that must be a Parsley Hawthorne just by a bridge that crosses the Little River on my trip to work. It's just coming into bloom now and is beautiful cascading over the water. I'd probably never have had a clue what kind of tree it is without you sharing yours with us.


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