Thursday, April 9, 2009

Woodland Phlox has a special place

Gail of Clay and Limestone asked on her blog, "What plant captures your heart each spring?"

The High Priestess of the garden is this fragrant beauty, the first iris to bloom in the garden this year and brought in last night in case of a freeze.

However, there is one who reigns each year before her, the lovely Woodland Phlox, Phlox divaricata.

She has such magical shades of blue and purple and a sweet perfume.

'Clouds of Perfume'

With foamflower

With hummingbird moth on left

'London Grove Blues' with 'Clouds of Perfume' in background.

I look forward to seeing woodland phlox bloom every spring. There are many beautiful garden blues, but phlox seems to me to be in a class by itself. It shows so wonderfully in the clear light of spring.


  1. I went on a walk yesterday to my favorite haunt and simply could NOT believe all the wildflowers. Dog tooth's violet, bloodroot, bluebells, jacob's ladder and woodland phlox! It was scattered here and there. I picked some for its great scent. I loved it!

  2. I love woodland phlox too. Have some from my father, the old fashioned, almost lavendar kind. Maybe I'll look for some hybirds in darker colors this year.

    To me iris are lovelier than orchids;)

  3. Tina our native wildflowers are just wonderful, aren't they? I love the fragrance of Woodland Phlox. I need to spread it around more so that it can waft into the kitchen window as it used to when the house was at its original site.

    Marnie I agree with you about the iris. Can anything beat it for grace and wow factor?

  4. Beautiful shots - blue like a dream!


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