Monday, April 6, 2009

Nursery Run

Last weekend we made a run to Niche Gardens, which has a very nice display garden.
It was still a little early for the full-on spring display, but we were there to shop.

Their garden was a little ahead of us bloom wise, so their
Virginia Bluebells were already open and a vision of loveliness.

I wish this daff had been labelled because it's lovely; the flower is crystalline and very large. I'm not usually a fan of oversize daffodils, but I like this one. Daffs of this coloring often have small blooms.

Another nameless beauty, this perfectly snow white Camellia:

Perhaps we've just been lucky, but I have never seen this Saucer Magnolia spoiled by frost. It's always beautiful when we see it.

One of my favorite natives, Celandine Poppy, along with Ipheon.

In addition to plants, the display garden is filled with pieces for sale by local artists.

We almost never go to Chapel Hill without stopping by the Botanical Garden. The big show is still a couple of weeks away but there was plenty to see both in the Herb Garden and the Mountain section.

The Botanical Garden has a large rosemary collection, most of which have darker blue flowers than the one I have, which is 'Arp'. The name of this beautiful rosemary escapes me now. It's not 'Logee Blue'.

I love their espaliered apple trees.

Ferns emerging in the Mountain section, near the Paul
Green Cabin. Probably the magnificent Southern Wood Fern.

The beautiful pale blue-green foliage of bellwort (Uvularia). We have this growing
in one of our sloughs but I have not yet successfully transplanted it into the garden.

Little Sweet Betsy (Trillium cuneatum). I had not realized that this Trillium has a fragrance much like Calycanthus floridus. I had thought the common name had to do with the flower color. Elizabeth Lawrence had written about these having a wafting lovely fragrance, but she was writing about huge numbers of them. The single flowers are also noticeably fragrant. Sweet!

Little Sweet Betsy and white Virginia bluebells

We also went into Totten Center to see the displayed paintings of Marcy Lansman. Her work is beautiful.
Art at the Garden


  1. A, Your photos of Virginia Bluebell are delightful...they are lovely flowering natives. You are so lucky to be within driving distance of such fabulous gardens and nurseries! I love Niche! I am going to have to plan a trip your way to see the gardens and visit the nursery. I am watching this cold weather move toward us~~get those old sheets out! gail

  2. Wow, that looks like a cool nursery. I would love to spend a few hours there!

  3. My Va Bluebells are just now popping flowers yet. I just bought 3 more yesterday to add to my garden. I love your photos of all the blooms and garden ornaments! Looks like you had a great time!

    PS You are entered in my giveaway 6 times, and I'll post the winner later today;-)

  4. I've not seen Virginia bluebells before.

    I clicked through to Marcy

    You're right, very beautiful.


  5. What great photos. I love the apple trees and the hand blown balls. Niche is an interesting name.

  6. Sweet Bay,

    I know of a place just north of Roanoke VA that the Virginia Bluebells go wild, unbelievable place. The Paw Paws would also be in bloom and Zebra Swallowtails everywhere..

  7. Just a beautiful day all the way around. I agree with Gail-lucky you to live within driving distance of such nice nurseries!

  8. I enjoyed taking the tour with you. I'm itching to get started with more planting but the cold weather isn't being so friendly. The only thing I love more than visiting NC nurseries is visiting our potteries in the Autumn.....and the mountains....and the sea.

  9. How exciting to read about a trip to Niche Gardens. I used to order from them, years ago but haven't gotten a catalog in ages (if they still do mailorder?) It looks like a great nursery and what a fun excursion. I can't wait to do a lot of nursery hopping in just a couple weeks....

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. :) Gail there's lots of beautiful places to visit in NC, although a lot of development has occurred in the last decade..

    Kathleen yes Niche is still mail-order. They send out catalogs in spring and fall and have a website: Niche Gardens

  11. Hi Sweetbay, what a fantastic place. I love the metal art, glass art and of course all the plants too. White VA bluebells? Wonderful. I agree, the southern wood fern is a beauty. The celadine poppies are in full bloom here too, I love them, even though they self sow all over. That is fine by me. :-)

  12. Wonderful series of Spring all the blue.. one of my favorite colors in my garden! Those garden sculptures are fabulous!! The dragon flies caught my attention! Great post!! :)NG

  13. Celandine poppy and trillium: perfectly sublime plants, and wonderful to see them here. :-)


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