Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blooming Friday

The pansies have been asleep all winter but are awakening now. I love the deep purple ones

especially with strawberries. (The "dust" on the pansies is pine pollen.)

I was surprised to learn that foamflower has a sweet
fragrance. Different from woodland phlox but just as delightful.

The spiderworts have begun to bloom. I received this one in a
trade and I love it. The blue stamens eventually turn snow white.

A beautiful spiderwort with an unlovely name: Hairy spiderwort. Unlike my other
spiderworts, this one seems to only bloom in spring, but the spring show is wonderful.

Phlox pilosa, otherwise known as Practically Perfect Pink
Phlox or PPPP, which travelled all the way from Tennessee. Thank you Gail!

And thank you to Katarina at roses and stuff for hosting Blooming Friday.


  1. What beautiful photos! I love spiderwort and guess that I've got the "hairy" variety...lovely blog!

  2. Love the PPPPhlox that's a really pretty one. I'm a fan of Spiderwort too. I've only got 2 and I think they are the same other than different colors but they are among my favorites. Your flowers and pictures of them are lovely!

  3. What a nice combination- pansies and strawberries! And the phlox is stunning.

  4. Feel a touch of envy when I see you strawberry blossoms. Beautiful pansies.

  5. So many beautiful flowers you have already, mutch earlier than here.. Have a nice weekend/Monica

  6. I think the PPPP is exactly that, PPPP


  7. Great pictures and wonderful blog.
    Our garden is located in Canada and I invite you to come north for a visit.
    - Cheers.

  8. Great shots - as usual! I like the white Spiderwort a lot - such nice contrasts.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I wish I could find those small ever bearing strawberries.

    The phlox/foam flower photo is beautiful.

  10. Pansies and strawberries – superb. I agree that the dark purple is awsome, but the ble of the Foamflower is what really gets me going. Have a nice weekend!

  11. my fave is the foamflower... they look like lace... and yes, why did they name that beautiful blue/white flower "spiderwort"?... but the name might not that be attractive, but they're wonderful to look at :)...

    have a sunny weekend!

  12. Everything looks so nice - lots of blooms!

  13. Such an unusual spiderwort. The purple one goes so well witht the yellow columbine her in Austin.

  14. For a moment, I thought I'd hit the wrong name and was at Gail's place--I recognize those Perfectly Pink Phlox! One of these days I'm going to find a way to get a start.

    Your woodland blooms are so lovely; I really like the Spiderwort, too. It really deserves a prettier-sounding name:)And I just scrolled through your GBBD post--so much in bloom! Here in the Midwest spring is just beginning to bloom, so your garden looks like paradise to me. The azaleas are spectacular!

  15. Hi A/SB~~ What a treat to see your blooms...Now I need to get down on the ground and check out the foam flower...When the phlox blooms who can think of anything else! Thank you for the shout out! It's testament to your soil and garden that PPPP is blooming it's first year! I love the unruly spiderwort, it travels some, but I think it's a charming plant! Have a delicious weekend...gail

  16. I love how you describe the pansies as being asleep all winter!

    The spiderwort is lovely too.

  17. Your flowers are coming along nicely! I have several kinds of spiderwort, too. One of them went dormant last year, and I thought it may have died, but it's coming up. Mine aren't ready to bloom yet, though.

    Have fun out there!

  18. I never would have thought the pansies & strawberries would be so pretty together, but they are. Really nice photos for blooming Friday Sweet Bay. Have a good weekend.

  19. You most live down under you have all the flowers I have in the middel of summer/autom.
    I love Phlox.


  20. You and I share the same delight in growing purple colored flowers! The series of photos today and last post are sheer delight for my eyes..because my garden is just waking blossoms yet.

  21. Hi Sweetbay, what a delight the pansies and strawberries are together. I would never have thought of combining the two. I need some tiarella too, I keep looking at it in the nursery, but other plants call for my gardening dollars! Must remedy that. It all looks wonderful.

  22. Thank you everyone for your comments.

    Maria, I live in North America, near the east coast. The phlox is a spring phlox; we have a tall phlox that blooms summer to frost too. The spiderwort is one of the hardest-working plants in the garden, starting in April and blooming until November.

    Naturegirl, purple has always been my favorite color. :)

  23. Pansies are annuals here in Nebraska. I haven't been for a yard walk today, but expect my spiderworts won't be blooming for a few weeks. One went dormant last summer, but is back up now. It is spring!

  24. The dark purple pansies are very pretty together with the Strawberry Flowers. I love the summery scent of pansies. You have an eclectic mix of flowers. Is what you call a spiderwort a Tradescantia?


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