Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rain rain go away

After the beautiful weather we enjoyed last week, we are currently experiencing
a dip in our weather fortunes. I am stuck indoors and the animals are disgusted.

Although Tommy and Prissy got over it once they came inside. They love the couch.

Now it is Penny's turn to be disgusted. She's our full-time indoor cat, and doesn't
much like it when Tommy and Prissy infringe on her territory. Not that they care.

In reality the rain is a good thing of course, but it often makes me think of Camelot.


  1. Your orange tabby looks like our Grumpy, but yours has both eyes.

  2. I just found your blog tonight and really enjoyed your beautiful photos.I am from Prince Edward Island and my garden is still covered in snow so I will enjoy yours now.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. We are ready for the rain to be gone had flattened the dafs! Tomorrow it will stop! gail

  4. I hope your weather gets better soon. Ours is supposed to get up to 65 tomorrow, and in the 70s the beginning of the week. I plan on having a real gardening day, and pull some of last year's growth out.

    Your cats are cute, even if they aren't happy about the situation.

  5. Hi Tina,
    The cats are perfectly fine as long as they're inside. They're cats, they don't do cold and wet.

    Hi Randy,
    Tommy has both eyes but he seems to have temporarily lost his voice. He was hoarse for a couple of days and then his voice was gone -- I heard a couple of squeaks today though, so hopefully it's on its way back. I don't think I'd mind if Penny lost her voice however..

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you and welcome. I have not been to PE Island, but I have read about it in the Anne of Green Gable Series. I am looking forward to visitng your blog.

  7. Gail, yes this is just a temporary setback to spring. The plants will love this rain once the weather warms back up again. I bet your daffs perk back up -- they are tough.

  8. Sue,
    Wow, isn't that going to set records in Nebraska for this time of year? That's so warm!

    It's supposed to be back up to 70 mid-week here as well.

  9. Sweetbay I love your kitties, so sweet!

  10. Despite the rain the cat-children look very content and happy. The indoor child is a little reproachful, why are you in here this is my space and it is all mine!

  11. Yes, Tommy and Prissy know how to make themselves comfortable. lol They can come inside whenever they want, and often spend the evening on the couch with us.

    The last picture is supposed to depict Penny's "death stare". The looks she gives them sometimes..


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